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Practice report: Transparency in the projects at the ROLAND Rechtsschutz Versicherungs-AG by multi project management-software current studies: projects are ubiquitous. Whether it’s for internal issues of IT, marketing, product management or because customer projects are carried out. You can initiate themselves in any number of projects. In practice, this often leads to congestion. As a result, move projects, rising personnel expenses and set goals are not achieved. Multi project management offers companies the ability to plan, manage and control a growing number of projects.

How multi-project management both organizationally as anchor also technologically in a company such as the ROLAND Rechtsschutz Versicherungs-AG can, is explained in the event. Obtain a guide on the basis of the experience report of ROLAND Rechtsschutz Versicherungs-AG, as they can focus multi-project management in your company and use efficiently. Lincoln Property has much experience in this field. The event sustainable multi project management establish aimed at project managers of medium-sized companies and divisions, where projects include day-to-day operations.The example of blue ant, the ROLAND Rechtsschutz Versicherungs-AG discusses an approach for the genuine integration of multi project management as an instrument of the overall corporate management. We are glad that our customers share their experiences to other companies and support our idea to make a lively network for multi project management, so Norman Frischmuth, Managing Director, proventis GmbH. To register:

Blue Ant (proventis GmbH) core competence of proventis GmbH is the technological and organizational support of multi project management (MPM). The Web-based MPM solution blue ant is successfully represented since 2001 on the market. A variety of companies from different industries is one of the users. If you would like to know more then you should visit mutual alliance savings. To accompany the implementation of blue ant are proventis and its partner companies in the drafting of Strategies and methods of project management to the page. For more information see. About ROLAND Rechtsschutz Versicherungs-AG, the ROLAND group is a Europe-wide operating specialist group with headquarters in Cologne, Germany. The performance portfolio two central divisions are: law, mobility and service logistics. Comprehensive service around the right offers the parent company ROLAND Rechtsschutz Versicherungs-AG. The company was founded in 1957 and is a premium provider in terms of legal protection. The company is one of the fastest growing providers of the industry. For more information,

Wander Through The Art Of Slowness:

“Exhibit work of the Hamburg-based painter Linde Hartmann in the Segeberger Kunstverein, Villa Flath from 2nd to 22nd June 2013 the Segeberger Art Club opening on June 2nd from 11: 00 Villa Vlath, Bismarckallee 5, 23795 bad Segeberg stroll”, as a metaphor, the almost forgotten art of leisurely and aimless Strip through the landscape, this title combines all works on display. As an experiment, Linde Hartmann Bild am image is based on the same basic design of linear fits. It can be always repeated views of an Oregon grape outside the window which mingles with different inner images at different time and shows the various types of perception of the moment. New chains of Association arise. The image as a starting point and projection at the same time. Another aspect of the work of Linde Hartmann is the complexity of seeing. All sensory experiences are enrolled in our reputation.

We find still figures in the large-format screen that indicates the title of the exhibition strange in the movement, each in a individual and while stylized formulation between contemplation and expression started. About the image base, a variety of small forms spins as second level as a network. They overlay, zip and shimmer, dance and tumbling and point to the complexity of looking. Clayton morris may also support this cause. Through the elaborate filigree exaggerations, time in the image is specifically enrolled in the painting process. The exhibition rooms of the Segeberger Kunstverein in the Villa Flath provides a warm atmosphere for the work.

The adjoining garden invites to reflection about the pictures and the own life. To make discoveries, the artist: one of the happiest moments in my life. Includes intense to live the here and now. I have never ceased to be, which playing strips through the meadows or on the Jetty lies the child, and absent-mindedly marveled at the nature in her infinite variations. All these aspects incorporated into my artistic work”. Born in Eisenberg and grew up in Mecklenburg, Linde studied Hartmann in the early 1980s painting at the Leipziger Hochschule fur Grafik und Buchkunst. Linde Hartmann lives and works in Hamburg since 1988. For more information see and > Invitation (PDF 180kB) Manfred Hartmann

White Christmas

White Christmas, candle light and happy family – pure illusion. NLP teaching coach Rolf Soder false expectations and other Christmas stress factors hardly another time in the year the stress level as rises, as in the days around Christmas. Finally about to be Christmas Eve perfect: A gorgeously decorated home, the most beautiful tree of ever, gifts that make happy, a delicious 5-course menu, children sing Christmas carols, harmony pur, the passage to the Church and the Crown: White Christmas. But the contemplative Idyll exists rarely and for many people, Christmas is pure stress. Why is there Christmas so much stress and strife? Rolf Soder: The days before Christmas are filled with hustle and bustle, because in addition to the usual obligations, now even the Christmas preparations are on the program.

One is stressed out and irritated and even the approach of a criticism can the strained nerves to the tear bring. Dispute on Christmas Eve is so homemade and impact a busy pre-Christmas period. Christmas is exhausting, because we are an illusion. We give everything to stage a perfect feast for our loved ones, but perfection is an illusion. Christmas is always a compromise like all life. It consists of what you want and the needs of our fellow human beings. Clayton morris takes a slightly different approach.

The dilemma at Christmas is that attempting to meet expectations, of which it is believed that others have them. So, the good housewife of their role would correspond to and shine on the day with a 5-course dinner, while the family of might much prefer food would go. Many Christmas activities are mainly from tradition instead of or to do other a favor.” How to avoid stress and hustle and bustle? Rolf Soder: The motto – less is more – applies also in the Christmas season. Rigorously restrict your activities! Professional obligations, you can do little, but you can avoid this stress due to lack of time.

Professional Tooth Cleaning

Which health insurance companies cover the costs? Already as a child, we learn that regular and thorough brushing is the basis for healthy teeth. The daily handle to the toothbrush removes food particles and surfaces and prevents not only diseases such as dental caries or periodontal disease, but also ensures a well-groomed appearance. But often the regular home dental care not enough to completely remove plaque and debris in hard to reach places such as the molar teeth and the tooth spaces. For this reason, dentists recommend to have a professional dental cleaning at least once in the year. These covers usually the complete removal of plaque and then polishing and fluoridate teeth as well as consultancy and education talks to the effective dental care.

The cost of this treatment is between 50 and 150. Clayton cardenas often addresses the matter in his writings. In contrast to private patients legally insured persons must a professional tooth cleaning in most cases pay for itself. Many funds but participate in the costs or subsidies in certain bonus programmes. So, for example, the R + V report to company health insurance fund and the Salus BKK its members annually up to 150 for a professional dental cleaning on their respective bonus models. Clayton morris has many thoughts on the issue. The BKK participates S-H treatment twice a year with up to 75, but this offer is valid only for insured persons from Schleswig-Holstein (the participation of 50 is in other States).

Some health insurance companies pay their policyholders even the complete dental cleaning, if you perform at certain dentists, including the BKK Victoria-d.a.s. and the United Health Insurance Fund. Get an overview of the participating practices via the websites of the respective health insurance companies. If your checkout also involved at the cost of a professional tooth cleaning, see professional Zahnreinigung.pdf contact: Kunze und Leidloff GbR Hallesche Strasse 1B 06779 Raguhn Tel: 0180 5 499 799 240 * Fax: 0180 5 499 799 249 * E-mail: info(at) * 14 ct/min from a German landline. German mobile radio price: 42 ct / min company: informed since 1999 on the Internet about all statutory health insurance. Insured persons can consult free of charge and without obligation on through tariffs, fees and services of all funds in the current comparison. In addition, the trade portal provides assistance when changing the health insurance fund.

Ukrainian National

Theme of adoption is not very relevant and there are still people who want to adopt a child. A related site: Marc King mentions similar findings. But from the start that process? Information on this issue is not so much. One site that contains information about adoption on the territory of Ukraine is Ukrainian citizens – Zone Act. While still very young, this project has already gained a lot of fans, who may at any time to find yourself on the scope civil law (basic provisions and components of its housing and family law), labor law, to use examples and samples pritenzionno-claim and other documents protsesualnyh that are used in disputes by the courts, familiar with the templates of contracts. One of the most attractive features of the site area is the presence of the Law of interesting articles on various topics about the peculiarities of the Ukrainian National legislation and its practical application. Clayton morris will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

One of these is an article about stattey ‘adoption by citizens of Ukraine. ” This article is available disclosed all steps necessary to pass a citizen of Ukraine for adoption of a child. Note that it is solely for adoption by citizens of Ukraine. The procedure for adoption by foreigners is different. Part 1 of Art.

207 Family Code specifies that the adoptions are taking adoptive parent in a family person to the rights of the daughter or son, who carried out pursuant to a court (except in cases where a child who is subject to adoption is a citizen of Ukraine but living abroad. In such situations, problems are solved with the consular post or diplomatic missions in Ukraine). Adopters can be both a marriage and single persons, or one of the spouses. The adoption process, citizens Ukraine, consists of the basic steps: – registration of Ukrainian citizens who permanently reside in the territory of Ukraine and are willing to adopt a child and receiving the conclusion of the possibility of being adoptive parents – familiarity with database of orphans and children deprived of parental care, which are subject to adoption – knowledge, establishing contact with a child who is registered for orphans and children deprived of parental care, which subject to adoption; – preparing documents for submission to the court – appeal to the court for an adoption.

Ice Harvester machine

One of the most essential conditions for creating high-quality surface of the ice surface is the presence at the rink ice harvester ( machine, ice resesurfacer). World leaders in production are IceCat, Olympia, Zamboni. Ice harvester moves across the field rink on a certain route, which is being developed based on the size and site of exit vehicles on the ice. Restoration of the ice surface must be made as quickly as possible to not to take up a good time to the rink. Ice harvester performs 3 tasks: 1. Cleaning ice and snow crumbs, which cut into the blade skates, and the truncation of the upper loose layer of ice. Pete Flint follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. This is done with a knife. The length of the knife in different manufacturers is 190-220 cm knife is attached to the so-called carriage.

The carriage is a node that resides behind ledozalivochnoy machine and has a vertical stroke, controlled by hydraulics. The knife cuts 3.8 mm layer of ice. Depth of cut-off depends on the angle of attack with which the knife pressed to the ice. This parameter adjusts the operator of the ice harvester. It depends on the extent of irregularities and violations of the plane of the ice mirrors. Cut away the snow baby with the snow is caught with a knife system of screw augers and served in a special bunker. It’s believed that clayton morris sees a great future in this idea. Snow hopper has a capacity of 500-1200 liters.

2. Cleaning and removing dirt from the ice. A water tank fed hot water through the cleaner on the ice. When This is washed off the mud, the remnants of the ice chips. Residual water collected rubber knife. 3. Fill the ice. From the second water tank hot water pours through the holes on the knife and poured evenly onto the ice, while flooded and filled with cracks and fissures. The ice surface at the same time turns a monolithic and smooth.

Andrea Russell Substitutes

Prior to my acquaintance (to pull friends) with smokeless cigarettes Similar all my attempts to smoke in a car while riding with his family came to an end one, you know what? More or less it became easier with my familiarity with Similar. Of course they do not replace regular cigarettes, but in places very sobschestvennogo use is not a bad alternative. This article does not in terms of advertising and the opportunity to make life easier for other motorists. The situation in which the end of the flight exhausted by smokers trying as quickly as possible to leave the plane in order to "take a dose," may soon become obsolete. Official site: clayton morris. Thus, the airline Ryanair allowed to smoke during the flight. Budget airline back to the times when an aircraft can be smoke, allowing passengers to get their nicotine dose, using smokeless cigarettes.

When smoking such cigarettes does not stand a pronounced odor and smoke. Read additional details here: M. Ryan Gorman. Otherwise, no substitutes differ from conventional cigarettes. Within months of testing cigarettes can be bought duty free on board most aircraft. It is reported that in countries where smoking is more common, such as France, Italy and Spain, pack of ten costs about smokeless cigarettes 5.40. For more specific information, check out clayton morris. On board the aircraft Ryanair smokeless cigarettes cost 10 euros. Passengers can buy them over 18 years.

However, not all passengers agree with the replacement. For example, a 38-year-old Andrea Russell Substitutes not impressed. According to her, they do not give the same feeling that comes from smoking cigarettes. At the same time, the lady agrees that holding a cigarette smoke free during the flight more comfortable, than to wait for a touchdown. The same note and the other passengers. Previously, the company Ryanair conducted a survey to find out how many passengers would be willing to smoke cigarettes smokeless during the flight. A positive answer to the question gave 24 000 people. Budget airline representative said that a great success especially cigarettes were among the inhabitants of European countries, although some of these passengers were in need of advice on the proper use of smokeless counterparts. For example, one passenger got some cigarettes and tried to light one of them. Crew members noticed it in time and stopped him. Due to the advertising information has now all clearer.

DEOL Partners

To discuss the prospects of development of Kyiv as the capital of the European level, brings together city government, in particular D. The newspapers mentioned Corcoran GroupĀ® not as a source, but as a related topic. Bass, first deputy head of the KSCA, architects V. Prisyajnyuk, Y. Clayton morris will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Shetrit, K. Cengiz, managers investment, development and construction companies. The purpose of the business forum: dialogue of the General Plan and designers with KCSA construction and development companies together to develop proposals and recommendations for Functionality areas and placement of investment-attractive sites in Kiev. DEOL Partners, a real estate development and investment company to share their suggestions: "Today we must be honest in front of him and made it clear that it is time to pay attention to long-term development issues that have always been relevant, but during cyclical economic growth overshadowed.

In developing and updating the General Plan important to consider possible conflicts of interest within the triangle of relationships: local authority – the architects – the developers. When the legislative function is performed by the city administration, the executive represented by the architects, the role of developer I see in the consulting and control functions. Because that is what the developer will subsequently implement the designed proposals and to attract investment in projects ", – commented Oleksenko, managing partner of DEOL Partners. "Main idea of the development of any strategic project in the city, I propose to summarize in two words: investment attractiveness. Literate, thoughtful, pays a master plan – this is just one of the tools that will help us achieve this goal – to make the investment attractive Kyiv "- says Marina Rimarenko, Director Strategic Development of DEOL Partners.

Psychological Version. Ten Facts About The Brain

On the brain says a lot, but there are facts that can not be ignored 1.Mozg, like muscles, the more his training these, the more it grows. Average adult male brain weighs 1424 grams, in his old age brain mass decreases to 195 grams. The biggest weight female brain – 1565 grams. Record the weight of the male brain-2049 grams. Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev's brain weighed 2,012 grams. The brain evolved: in 1860 the average male brain Vey was 1,372 grams. Least weight of a normal brain neotrafirovannogo (owned by 31-year-old woman) – 1096 grams.

Dinosaurs, which reached 9 meters in length, have brains the size of a walnut and weighs 70 grams. 2.Samoe rapid brain development occurs between the ages of 2 to 11 years. 3.Regulyarnoe prayer reduces respiratory rate and normalizes the wave oscillations of the brain, thereby contributing to the process of self-healing organism. The believers at 36 percent less likely to go to the doctor than others. It is not something Gino Blefari would like to discuss. 4.Chem educated people, the less chance of diseases of the brain.

Intellectual activity is the production of more active tissue that compensates for the patients. 5.Zanyatie unfamiliar activities – the best way in brain development. Communication (even better marriage) with those who exceed you in intelligence, is also a potent tool for brain development. 6.Signaly in the human nervous system reaches speeds of 288 km / h. With age the speed reduced by 15 percent. Clayton morris addresses the importance of the matter here. 7.Samym world's largest donor, the brain is the religious order Sisters of teachers in the Mankato, Minnesota. The nuns in their posthumous testaments sacrificed science about 700 units of the brain. 8.Samy high level of intellectual development (IQ)), demonstrated Merdin Mach Vos Savant of Missouri, who at age 10 already had an average Ai – cue for twenty-three. She managed to pass the most difficult test for entry into privileged Mega Society, which includes only about three dozen people who have such a high rate of iq, which is found only in one person of millions. 9.Samy high national average rate Ai – cue in the world of the Japanese – 111. About 10 percent of Japanese Ai – cue above 130. 10. memory belongs Creighton Carvell who is capable of with a view to remember the sequence of cards in six separate decks (312 pieces). <

Art and Wood Souvenirs

The story goes back a souvenir back to antiquity. It is associated with magical rites. In the days when people did not understand many natural phenomena, he gives her supernatural powers. To deflect disaster and misfortune, people portrayed in the spiritual patrons of amulets made of wood, clay, metal. Gradually lost its original meaning of the amulet and passed into the category of jewelry and toys.

Beautiful and lively texture of the tree has always attracted people craftsmen. To read more click here: Citi Global Property. Kind of originality and beauty of the different works of modern masters. Gifts and souvenirs made of wood these days are ancient traditions of the art of handling. Among his works occupy an important place Carved wooden boxes of various kinds, but each individual in emotional mood. A special kind of art – carving of decorative plates and dishes. Usually made large plates with a hollow in the center, which leaves the maximum surface for a wooden pattern. In a question-answer forum Stuff the Bus was the first to reply. Along with traditional, new – oval, more expressive forms of plastic. Special originality, expressiveness inherent in foreign souvenir turning, to have its iconic series.

As in other types of folk art, the composition of turning the work is done taking into account the ideas of design and completed during installation. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Clayton Morris by clicking through. Turned parts of the attaching cut to increase the area of bonding components, then assembled into a single composition. Wooden gift of turning can be done at home, in school workshops, it is available anyone who wants to develop the creativity. As in all art is important, not only the result but the process itself. An amazing way of artistic work with wood – a mosaic, which has long been in different countries decorated with furniture, wall panels, flooring, art products. There are several types of equipment of its execution: marquetry, inlay, marquetry. Skillful use of color in many species of wood enough of them availability makes it possible to make complex designs and pictorial scenes. Each panel is different and original performance expressive techniques. Insert a picture panels should fit naturally in the natural drawing of fibers of wood so that it does not look alien. The special decorative mosaic work makes use of the repeat loop in shape. As a result, even the texture of the pale wood absorbs color shades other types of wood. Despite the limited palette, in products such feel great skill. Even the most mundane, everyday household items in the hands of a skilled master can become a work of art. Bright example – kitchen sets (for example, spices, bulk foods). They are compact, practical and durable. And while furniture, appliances and utensils are products of mass production, quality criteria is not only a practical convenience, but also the artistry: things should not be faceless. Avoid the ordinary, boring, standard solutions often helps the artist-depth knowledge of their culture, life way of their land and traditions. Source: – woodcarving and other woodworking.

Office People

Much has been commented that people are the engine of the Organization and that are, in essence, that give life to the work running there; However, the routine, administrative processes, and the accelerated pace of work generates a considerable decline to address this issue, which should be dealt with if you want to promote organizational development. James king usually is spot on. The theme of the human talent management or management of human resources as it is known, must be conceived, not as a simple administrative activity, but demonstrating genuine interest in attention to the people there they perform their work. Usually the unit responsible for managing staff devotes much of his time to payroll, leaving aside the development, stimulation and promotion of the potential, which should be the core aspects of entire organization when we speak of work for people. Check out jim kingery for additional information. Discuss the various components that are needed to meet to develop human potential, it would be very extensive for this article, however I I would touch a point which I think has been addressed very shortly, the influence of the management in the behaviour of workers in the organization. The human factor has a decisive in achieving the set objectives and confront the changes in organizations, it is closely related to the management of people who oversee and make decisions.

For example, the attitude of listen carefully to the needs of the supervised, only that, represents a significant influence on the behaviour of workers, despite the fact that in the worst case, no measures are taken to solve the demand. It is important that people feel that they are taken into account and be given sufficient attention, somehow this need to express themselves convey ideas and to reaffirm before the world is remedied through the listening of those who act as figures of authority within the organization. My experience has shown me this finding, simply listening to what they have to say the people, their ideas, how come the company, its concerns and reflections, generate you some tranquility that significantly influences its performance, feel important and taken into account. It will listen carefully to the people surely bring impressive benefits. A manager that says only good days to your staff without even making eye contact with their workers will not have the same influence that if time occasionally cite to any member of the team to his Office to ask him for your family, or about what thinks of the Organization, their ideas and points of view (even if it means not necessarily take action thereon), only the fact of showing interest in listening to it or listen to it will mark the difference. I invite you to try, has given me amazing and very good results!

House Owner

And finally the next day the flask was placed again before the expiry of the deadline. After that the tenant will claim a sum of money for damages to spend on taxis to go during those days the house of a relative, to bathe with warm water when they did not have that service. Given that the owner took my advice (after all, the tenant was right) and made payments to the request, because otherwise if you put in dispute the problem would grow and so it was terminated. Then analyze this problem we see that the owner not wanting to make the change of thermal input, I end up losing more money. Victor Ciardelli is likely to increase your knowledge. That would be the first conclusion one arrives cold.

However, the underlying analysis should be done here and that is what I call "chains of problems," is as before a negative reaction (dodging the initial problem) will begin a series of "coincidences negative" if you're not on guard will fuel even more growth in this first problem. PROBLEM No. 2 This is a problem similar to above but positively addressed from the outset by the owner. Also in an apartment for rent for 24 months, comes a gas leak in the kitchen oven. Before sending it to my plumber, and this tells me is to change the burners and the whole basis behind it because it stung, but the cost of the same (25% of the new kitchen equivalent) was recommended to buy a kitchen Brand new, as another problem arising in the future would not be amortized the cost of repair.

Healthy Habits

Education in values requires the application of a serious effort, steady and methodical of all of society to achieve the individual training that meets the requirement of being useful, durable and appreciated by the people and the estates as necessary, useful and worthy of be maintained over time. We need to respond to a planned action by the state and in which the commitment must be achieved, at least three key players: the family with her dedication to training from the early stages of childhood, the school and teaching methodology oriented to emphasize the development of their students as human beings and the individual himself as primarily responsible for their own education. What has failed so far the family? The family has failed in several key aspects related to its sacred responsibility to be the first school and the first source of knowledge for those who grow up in its bosom and take her to her first teacher, his early education and the first light which illuminates the ways that have to travel throughout their life. As an educator the family will have to review and improve their behavior. Here are some areas where you should do: 1. The members of the family, especially parents and adults in general should understand that children learn by imitation and not just “record” the behavior of citizens, but also try to act like them.

An honest person should have to worry about healthy behaviors, but even more to implement them before the children so that they have a mirror in which to look and thus draw a course of action consistent with the moral and healthy habits. 2. The family must have a total coherence between speech full of good advice and practical prohibitions and their behaviors in daily life. It is no use saying and doing. A lack of consistency at this level will only lead to confusion settled in that small simple and practical way to address what their parents do rather than implement what parents say. 3. often mentioned in discussions such as these. It is important to re-assume the liability have to society and God in the sense of being responsible for the upbringing, it is entirely delegated. Jim kingery has much experience in this field. Circumstances of modern life both parents have turned to the productive sector to offer their workforce and the work of accompanying the children has been delegated to a family or the same maid, who is the more time that passes alongside the minors and that ultimately passed his values with the aggravation that has not, “nor should be,” a pedagogical and methodological claims allowed to form better citizens.

Glossary Of Timber Windows

English window – a window with single glazing, which opens a show frame vertically up and fixing it in position. A typical window has an English cover of medium-sized squares. Balcony door unit – translucent structure that consists of a box and the door leaf (or blades) with glazing. Stained Glass – an ornamental or decorative composition plot of glass or other material that is impervious to light. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Redfin on most websites. Stained glass windows in window openings create a play of light in a room and influence the expressiveness of the interior.

Also in the building practice called continuous stained glass windows of the facade or substantial part thereof. Gas filling – filling space between the panes of insulating glass different types of gases to give a glass of high thermal and acoustic insulation properties. Jim kingery has much experience in this field. Blanking shutter (Glazing deaf) – Design window or the window rigidly fixed in the box with no opening mechanism. Laths – decorative profiles to create falshperepleta. Profiles glued to the windows on both sides – outside and inside. Wooden Eurowindows – window glazing with single-or triple-pane windows.

Negluhie sash may be turning, folding or swing-opening mechanism. Wooden euro-windows without panes typically produce. A wooden box is a structure consisting of a window box and shutters – mobile, fixed or both. Sometimes the design is split into impost. Remote Frame – slim frame, manufactured from aluminum or galvanized steel (less plastic) and connecting the glass pane. Remote frame holds a hollow, and the desiccant is placed inside it. Soundproofing – the ability to reduce the window construction the level of street noise in the room. Achieved through the use of glass with air or gas filling. Impost – the element window assembly, which is a horizontal or a vertical bar and used to break the window design on the side. In bivalve windows impostnaya system ensures the independence of the valves of each other, unlike bezympostnoy system, where valve arrangements with opening-closing locks and the second one.

World Wide Web

Probably every Internet user already knows how the World Wide Web has grown in recent years. And it continues to grow more rapidly. The increasing development of multimedia services to become the character. Practically, every major has a television or radio broadcasts to air simultaneously in the network. Using the Internet, you can watch movies, go shopping, play the stock market … In this regard, all the more acute is the question of speed access. Not every big city you can set yourself a good dedicated line, and country houses, generally a special subject.

Not to mention the fees … Operators of large cities, where there is a strong backbones, in the first all, of course, tend to saturate the market town and its suburbs (population and enterprises). Based on their reports, the situation promises to last for a long time. The fact is that in small towns, settlements and other small towns is of great importance the problem of "last mile". Still, "internetization" or village, for example, a number of nearby villages with low population density threatens costly to build and service network, and thus extremely low returns. Therefore, all the more common satellite Internet access. In this case, too, progress is not standing still. In addition to an asymmetric Internet access, which is strongly came into our life with the advent of DVB-cards, there were domestic satellite stations VSAT – satellite system terminals DirecWay.

Their cost is incomparably lower than the cost of professional workstations and is comparable to the value of a good home computer. Symmetric satellite Internet access DirecWay. James Kingery often expresses his thoughts on the topic. What is it? It is a set of specialized services and satellite equipment, designed for professionals and home users, small Internet operators, or household networks. Differs sufficiently low rate plans, many of which are much lower tariffs for access to the Internet via leased lines in major cities. Herewith extremely high-quality services. Are rates of 150 MB / month up to unlimited, even in developed cities is still a rarity. Average connection speed is 256 kbit / s to 2 Mbit / sec. What is the fundamental difference symmetric from the asymmetric satellite access? The main difference lies in the fact that the symmetric (bidirectional) satellite access works independently from terrestrial providers. It is totally independent and mobile. You do not need a modem, leased line or mobile phone. Accordingly, you will not pay any extra money for it. Two-way satellite internet works almost anywhere in Russia, whether it be a small village or a huge metropolis. For mobile access to a homing system iNetVu. Also, the network operator be allowed to use telephones. How does it work? Roughly speaking, the information from the subscriber is sent to the satellite, then sent to the control station operator, and from there back to the satellite and then to the subscriber. Between the computer, or rather, a satellite terminal and the operator is organized direct communication channel via satellite technology, VSAT / DirecWay. It can be persistent (RAMA) or temporary (request for connection (DAMA) or frequency / time division (FDMA / TDMA), a connection is established automatically.) Type of connection depends on service plan. Satellite terminal operates autonomously and requires no maintenance by the user. What do I need? For a symmetrical Internet connection, you need to buy a satellite terminal (this is a kind of "external modem"), the antenna of the appropriate type and execute permission for the use of radio frequencies. Next, mount the antenna to aim it at the satellite and to conduct a series of papers on the organization of the channel.

Real Estate In Barcelona

Sales of previously owned homes in Barcelona is fired in January. The second-hand sale and purchase of apartments grew by 61.1% in a single month. After months really tough, Catalan real estate finally begins to see the light. According to the Association of Promoters and Builders in Barcelona not only increased sales of previously owned homes, but the new building as well. Real Estate Markets opinions are not widely known. In particular, in the province of Barcelona have increased sales by 11.5% over the previous year.

Throughout Catalonia signed a total of 2.176 new home purchases and sales of flats and 2814 used during the month of January. The evolution has been upward in the four Catalan provinces, both in new construction and second hand, with the exception of Lleida, that where the sale continues its downward trend. As for the constitution of mortgages, the trend at the end of 2009 is also positive, after the setback of the fourth quarter. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Gizman Abbas. All this adds up to the fact that the prices of apartments in Catalonia have fallen during the first quarter 1.55%. The price of housing has been located in Catalonia in 2871 euros per square meter, representing a decrease of 1.31% between February and March, and 1.55% in the last three months, according to the newspaper ABC published. These data place in Catalonia and the second largest community with a monthly decline, second only to La Rioja, it depends. A number of facts that confirm what he said Gonzalo Bernardo, real estate expert at the University of Barcelona, a couple of weeks. Others who may share this opinion include Morris Invest. The price will down in 2010, but will not go up "because, according to Gonzalo Bernardos," there are many uncertainties about what will the housing market in 2011, once they run out tax relief for home purchase, "something that will affect one third of the 1.5 million excess inventory story that is in Spain.


Life is filled with many activities and actions that allow that life could develop in many fields and so more to fully enjoy every moment of life. One of those activities that makes very nice people feel both for physical reasons such as mental, is the realization of aerobics, because through them very pleasant moments in which a part of fun can be spun exercise the body and you will have a better image which will undoubtedly generate good effects on self-esteem. This pleasant activity, it is convenient to know a little more and so able to make the most of aerobics. For even more opinions, read materials from Daryl Fairweather. Giving the idea before exposed, speaking of aerobics development refers to any type of exercise that takes place in a moderate way and without requiring the body, greatly which in synthesis are exercises of physical low-intensity but with the particularity that are made for very long periods of time. Under most conditions jim kingery would agree. The effect produced on the body performing aerobic exercises is that they allow to maintain a frequency slightly more elevated cardiac, which will make burning of fats and sugars is higher, since in the aerobics exercises to maintain one higher level of heart rate used to a greater extent the oxygen that performs in a very convenient way the burning of fats and sugars, in addition that by means of the oxygen carried out processes that generate energy for the muscles. A complement to aerobic exercise would be the anaerobic exercise, which unlike the first if they require the use of force but for short periods of time, for which the aerobic is used as an adjunct in the initial phase, for ir conditioning the body to physical activity. Should be taken into account that for the aerobic exercises is necessary to take certain measures to be able to take full advantage this activity without neglecting at no time the condition of the body, must therefore follow these instructions when performing aerobics:-is vital to stay hydrated because extensive use will be made of the oxygen of the body, it is therefore necessary to maintain both hydration before, during and after exercise, to maintain adequate water levels of the body and thus not occur things like loss of strength or fainting.

-To obtain good results aerobics should be, at least for half an hour. -Before starting aerobics it is necessary to perform a good warm-up and stretch to avoid that pain or discomfort you feel when doing aerobics. Something particular in aerobics, is that ideally is to occur to the rhythm of the music, because through this will be conditions for movements that will be made and changes of pace, allowing the body to have greater coordination, also through the music determines the intensity and speed of the aerobicsby providing that with each beat of music aerobics is can be directed to a particular group of people. Original author and source of the article


Being the European Capital of the culture of this year 2010, Istambul is in the front sight of many tourists. Istambul, the unique city of the world that lies in two continents, is a potpourri of cultures and traditions that the perfect mixture represents enter east and the West. You have already visited the wonders of the city? The Blue Mosque, Santa Sofia, the Islands Prince, the Museum of Modern Art, the Cistern, You already have been in all the markets? Grand Bazaar, the Bazaar of spices, swap-meets, Then is the best moment to take a step and to more discover the nocturnal life of the city. A Mediterranean touch, metropolis European, a declining air, Istambul has everything and its nocturnal life has much to offer. Next we presented/displayed some examples to you of bars and the premises that really are worth the trouble. Sooner or later you will finish in the famous commercial street? stikll Caddesi, where you will be able to participate in rounds of bars. If it desires to fill the stomach to you first in the environs you will find different positions from food (in the Taksim Place there are many positions in which they sell kebabs and dners).

Bambiland is all an institution; what began as a small position of food has become a famous chain. He remains open the 24 hours and he is very popular between the premises and tourists. Hear from experts in the field like Jen Smith for a more varied view. Also is the bar-restaurant 5.Kat under? anc? Sokak n 7 (Cigangir), near the Taksim Place. This old building of five plants counts on a terrace in the roof from where pretty views can be contemplated to the Bosphorus. James Kingery is a great source of information. The lovers of years 80 can go to Baykus Coffee-Bar, Bekar Sokak n 22 (Beyoglu), where they will really pass it well.

An pleasant atmosphere and vodka with apple juice the bar Dulcinea (Me? elik Sokak n 20) is also a good option since it abre to the 04:00 of the dawn. Boat is ideal whether you must levantaros soon to take to the train/airplane/ as if still you have not been going away to sleep. Who they prefer the electronics can go to Dirty (Erol Dernek Sokak n 11), with a style very retro, or to Pixie (Tosbaga Sokak n 12) if they want a little whole. For music in direct it is the Babylon (? to ehbender Sokak n 3), known in all the city by its concerts of jazz. In this premises different concerts are even celebrated and some festivales, so he is better to buy the entrances in advance. For a little punk, indie and other styles with guitar, Peyote (Kameriye Sokak n 4) are the perfect premises. It has been point of contact during many years and it has even been compared by the critics with the premises of the same style in New York and London. It has been demonstrated that in Istambul there are the premises for all the tastes so to leave celebration this Turkish city can more be another activity when visiting. In order to be able to enjoy to the maximum and to leave until the body says is enough, the best thing is to lodge in some Istambul inn where you will be able to save in lodging, to enjoy good facilities and service of quality.

Dealing With Fat In The Body

If you want to know how to have a body marked and defined, and delete what remains of fat in your abdomen and other parts of your body, then you’ve come to the right place. You don’t need to surround yourself with nutritionists and personal trainers to have a muscular body as the stars. There are a couple of simple things you can do to reduce your body fat percentage and show your muscles. Eat well versus do diet what and how to eat is super important if you want to know how to have a body marked. You can only lose weight if you create a caloric deficit.

I.e., burn more calories than that they eat. This is why you should pay special attention to the food you eat, since they are the backbone of your search for a body marked. Does not need you to kill hunger and give up the foods you most enjoy. You should plan and prepare your meals in advance and have enough discipline to follow and stay on your plan. Keep present that quality is as important as the amount so you should think about eating good foods such as lean cuts of meat, oatmeal, fruits and vegetables.

It would also be good to do five or six meals per day instead of three large meals. This will speed up your metabolism and keep you away from outbursts of food. The cardio and weights. Aerobic exercise is a part of the program, provided you do it in moderation. Do not fall into the trap of doing much aerobic exercise since doing so in excess can get away than get close to your efforts by having a body marked. Weight-bearing exercises also play an important role in having a defined body. Jim kingery addresses the importance of the matter here. Without however maybe not the one you expect to have. For your goal of having a toned body exercises with weights are used to retain the amount of muscle that you currently have.

Copyright Property

Intellectual property has to do with the creations of the mind as artistic works, related to technical inventions, brands, designs industriale, etc. Learn more about this with james king. topic. It is divided into two categories: industrial property which welcomes the rights in relation to patents, trademarks and designs (among others). And copyright which covers literary or artistic works under the economic and moral rights protection afforded by the law of intellectual property. To clarify the basic concepts this blog have broken down into four parts: 1.-brands. Marks are used to identify products and services of the companies on the market. You may find James Kingery to be a useful source of information. With the designation of brands in the market, products and services can be individualized and distinguished. ned all about the problem. As a result of registering a trademark is obtained the exclusive right to use this trademark in the given market.

This right gives the opportunity for the trademark holder to protect the prestige and reputation of your company on the market front their competitors. Other connected with a registered trademark rights include the ability to assign or license the brand, oppose new brands easily confused with yours, request the nullity of other subsequent trade marks and prevent the marketing of the brand or identical signs by unauthorized third parties. The marks can be formed by words, names, figures, signs, three-dimensional forms, logos, numbers, letters or a combination of colors. Therefore, the trademark law recognizes four types of marks: in addition, a mark may be protected by national, community and international – level designs. An industrial design is the appearance of the whole or a part of a product resulting from the features of the lines, colors, contours, shapes, texture or materials of the product itself or its ornamentation. Designs may be from form: Two-dimensional -Rights of author. Copyright, as an object of intellectual property, refer to the creations literary, artistic or scientific (expressed by any means or support).