2009 Property Prices

Ended in 2009, all analytical publications and websites of course already published his vision in property prices over the past year. How similar and how different analysts' estimates, (just want to note that the presented data this is not the practice and theory, so if you buy an apartment in theory, is the data for you if you do buy an apartment then refers to the practice), I decided to use the materials of three analytical portal: 1. winner-index.ru, 2.kf-forex.ru, 3. irn.ru. Site irn.ru main outcome in 2009 named it that for this year has been debunked the myth that the Moscow real estate can vary in price only increased. 2009 has proved, real estate can not only grow in value but also fall. On materials on the site of Moscow real estate lost weight this year by an average of 24.1%. For assistance, try visiting Robert Shiller.

This portal is stressed that reducing the price of apartments – is a normal market trend, which did not lead to a collapse in the construction industry or real estate companies. You could even say more, that the fall in property prices to decimate the ranks of slender zazhirevshih construction, real estate and real estate technology companies of which, for lack of competition and constant growth in real estate prices began to look more like "Scoop." Site WinNER-index of real estate has published its vision for the last 2009. The index itself is based on the ratio of supply and prices of these most proposals. Based on the schedule quite clearly you can follow the dynamics of change in the number of proposals apartments on the market. Beginning in March 2009, it is clearly seen stopping the falling prices of flat despite an increase in the number of proposals. Accordingly, the indicator index WinNER repeats the supply curve only apartments with a minus sign.

Can a real estate index WinNER help in predicting the behavior of prices Apartments in the future this issue, but for the past periods of the graphs of the index is very easy to trace the changes that have already happened. But the most interesting for me was the site KALITA-FINANCE, which helps us to look at the market property in terms of the stock market. Each of us is perfect, that there is a relationship between oil prices, the ruble exchange rate against the dollar and property prices (this is especially evident in Moscow). Based on this clever head of the RIC "News" and "Capital Finance" formula invented the automatic pricing, which is just based on these curves, the index was named MARPI (Moscow average realty price index). In the description of situations in the market Property published on Capital Finance is a lot of highly specialized terminology, but if we reject the whole stock exchange husks, then with knowledge of the foundations of technical analysis, information obtained on the basis of the index MARPI can provide very short-term outlook for the future changes in prices for Moscow apartments. Based on the above described. My opinion is: Can we predict the price of real estate for a month or two in advance with 100% guarantee with all of these indices? The answer is certainly not impossible. With the price you want to work at the time of the search, selection and purchase of apartments, professionally and correctly assessing the advantages and disadvantages of options to select, apartments, and it's pure practice and technology that realtors and own professionals.