Reviving the Real Estate Market

Madrid, 14/10/2009. A great evils great remedies. This suggests so upset revive real estate market. And it says that, as Manuel Gonzalez, Director General, “these businesses, as well as financial advisors or commercial, would have a new avenue of growth or maintenance if opt for franchise or invest in the franchise is the first dedicated the public auction market of our country. ” A bet on the winning horse CEO explains. “All this group could offer the public, in addition to the traditional sale of real estate, those houses, townhouses, lofts, garages, or land that was auctioned at the courthouse and government and so far, except for closed exclusive world of auctioneers, no one had access, “he says. As the auction EASY.

Com presents itself as the best option for this sector, and for entrepreneurs who want to open or franchise a business, and even for investors who wish to return on your money safely and quickly. “The franchise system provides us the ability to have presence across the country quickly and orderly why we are selecting the best with the highest calling to learn and generate wealth and whose profile is that of an autonomous person, with age between 30 and 40, own car, proactiv @ @ comunicativ with good presence. It is also preferable that has established contacts with investors and has experience in real estate or financial intermediation. ” return give you all the training and legal knowledge will require to carry out their work. is the leading company in Spain that is projected for the purpose of advising the executive in judicial auctions and make accessible and transparent to the public and investors the exclusive and highly profitable environment judicial auctions.

Since 2003 he has been engaged in the market for public auctions of immovable property COURT objectively very positive results. His philosophy of work goes through to collect their fees if the customer comes out ahead.

Generic Products and Real Estate

Therefore, the businessman, is the product we offer, is also a complex grouping of satisfaction, of qualities and attributes. Who are the customers who buy this product? There are many customers. First his own employer, its officers, subordinates, coworkers, and of course the most important, their counterparts in business. And when we buy we do not mean a transaction in which half the money, but a compromise of affection, sympathy, emotional and intellectual intelligence, attitudes, behaviors between men and their fellows who for whatever reason and from one position or another are related. When we speak of "buy" we are speaking in the strictest sense figuratively, when we talk about customers of this product we also figuratively, actually all people who interact professionally with the business executive, who depend on it, or of which it depends, and their possible counterparts that interact professionally with this man. Interact with their qualities, personal attributes, their social skills, emotional intelligence, communication skills, with self-image, with its professional ethics and of course without them having a clear awareness of this, they are also interacting with their life goals, their sense of success and its projection to achieve that success. The classification then offer absolutely part of the interpretation of the theme we are doing from the general doctrinal concepts and marketing and adapting from our perspective to this product. In the doctrine of Marketing the product is classified as: – Generic Product: It is the essence itself, the product can be put on the table of business: steel, chocolate liquor, real estate.