Month: January 2011

Atlantic Ocean Climate

The Atlantic Ocean is the second largest planet in the ocean. It covers approximately one fifth of the earth's surface. The name Atlantic Ocean came from Greek mythology, which means "Sea of Atlas." The Atlantic Ocean is the second in the Pacific in size. With its adjacent seas it occupies an area of about 41.1…

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Hot Air Balloons

Continue along the tracks of our forefathers, or better 230 years now since we're flying high through the air. The first balloonist our world was the Frenchman Pilatre de Rozier and the Guards officer d'Arlandes and already in 1783. The invention of the balloon, however, goes back to the brothers Joseph Michel and Jacques Etienne…

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The move away, thousands and thousands of miles. As a result, they formed their own customs, skills, knowledge and even a kind of feeling. That changed their experiences regarding each of the climates in each area of land that was inhabited by primitive man. a We had already expressed earlier, that survival instinct drove her…

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