Atlantic Ocean Climate

The Atlantic Ocean is the second largest planet in the ocean. It covers approximately one fifth of the earth's surface. The name Atlantic Ocean came from Greek mythology, which means "Sea of Atlas." The Atlantic Ocean is the second in the Pacific in size. With its adjacent seas it occupies an area of about 41.1 million miles square. The land that flows into the Atlantic is approxcimately four times that of either the Pacific or Indian Oceans a. He has a volume of about 354.7 million km or.

3332 m is the average depth of the Atlantic coean. The greater depth in the Puerto Rico Trench is 8605 m. Because of its large area of Atlantic Ocean Climate varies greatly from place to place. The climate of the adjacent land areas is directly influenced by surface water temperatures and water currents and winds that blow across the ocean. Because the ocean can hold heat so well, maritime climates are always moderate and free of extreme seasonal variations. Climatic zones vary with latitude, the warmer climate zones extend across the Atlantic over Ecuador. The coldest areas are in the higher latitudes, with the coldest regions corresponding to the areas covered by sea ice.

Ocean currents contribute to climatic control by moving the warm and cold waters to other regions. Adjacent land areas affected by winds that are cooled or warmed when blowing over these currents. Feel free to reprint this article as long as you keep the following caption and author biography in contact with all hyperlinks. Ryan Fyfe is the owner and operator What is a great web directory and information center for information on all kinds of subjects.

Hot Air Balloons

Continue along the tracks of our forefathers, or better 230 years now since we're flying high through the air. The first balloonist our world was the Frenchman Pilatre de Rozier and the Guards officer d'Arlandes and already in 1783. The invention of the balloon, however, goes back to the brothers Joseph Michel and Jacques Etienne Montgolfier. The volume of a sport hot air balloons is now about 3,000 cubic meters, for the commercial transport guests are also used balloons with a volume of between 4,000 m and 9,000 m. The average height in a balloon ride is between 150 m above ground and flight level 100, that is 3000 m above sea level.

In crossing the Alps often reaches heights up to 6000 meters. But beware: this to the passengers enough oxygen bottles should be taken, because from 3000 m, an additional supply of oxygen needed. Who has not dreamed them up and fly away? The sky to be so close that everything is under a more important lost, leaving only small picturesque points left! A dream come true, so free and unencumbered by the icy air to move. to have a view into the wide blue sweep distance. Can anything be more beautiful than a balloon ride? A heavenly feeling rises up in us when the hot air balloon glides us along mountain ranges such as the Bavarian Alps along, we float through the air and enjoy magnificent views of our infinite nature. Stefanie Sprang written on behalf of Bavaria Ballooning GmbH


The move away, thousands and thousands of miles. As a result, they formed their own customs, skills, knowledge and even a kind of feeling. That changed their experiences regarding each of the climates in each area of land that was inhabited by primitive man. a We had already expressed earlier, that survival instinct drove her to flee or similar jobs to yours. This was one of the reasons for gradually developing the hierarchy in each of the herds.

As climates, environmental conditions and other factors many primitive man formed differently or adaptation was sometimes slow or fast depending on the types of herd existing. It gave birth to various forms of command. And by degrees, was born on direct ownership and sometimes indirect. What happened was a small gap between leaders and followers. Distance profits grew quickly for some and disadvantages others. a Who were followers? The greatest need had to walk in large groups, stronger and better organized. Those who saw his fellow dominion and control and maybe the figure of a superior animal and venerable.

Jose Orlando Melo Naranjoa a 2 we must not forget that primitive man was tied to his nature. And when he could not express through you, all I did was cleverly imitate the sounds of water, earth and heaven, and of course, animals. Since the latter were his greatest influence. As the behavior of living things was that most impacts. In this way mechanical memory stored in an unlimited number of sounds, even imitating the sound of wild beasts that attack.

Pekingese Dogs

The blood ran from the foot to the head and had splashed the slats, the robe, beard and hair of the victim. Something in particular caught his attention and then her anguish was greater, shut the gate quickly and made an effort to convince himself that it was not true what he had seen at the last minute: The only drops of blood dotted the bloodless face of crucified, not only stained his white robe, not just filtered through his beard and hair, but … splashed the floor of the room. Is the floor of the room? No. It was not true because the blood, the painting, the dead man and everything else was fiction, a product of the creativity of an artist and he, Ovidio Manuel Gonzalez Church, her 58 years, I was very grown up believing to walk pods. He walked hurriedly down the stairs by the reception which would fall to find out the furniture and belongings.

When he had gone one meters felt a moan behind him. "A whimper? No. Maybe it was an animal. The third floor housed a couple and their child had seen a Pekinese dog in the morning. Yes, that was, there was to worry about. He continued his way, but again heard a plaintive wail from her throat, no! The soul of someone who suffers. Now if he was sure. It was the barking of a Pekingese or the cry of another animal. Was the cry of a human being off the edge of death.