Home Lighting

Lighted house is always in sight and avoid strangers ego.Svet not have to be strong, but deathly pale and uncomfortable is not worth delat.Produmannaya lighting system can add to the look of the house, creating a pleasant atmosphere for residents and gostey.Dlya planning the lighting system must be considered: the size of the territory, efficiency and service life of lamps and light quality. Incandescent lamps used to illuminate the interior home and they are most deshevy.Volframovy halo is more expensive, but also radiates more sveta.Rtutnye lamps are more efficient than galogenovymi.Ne recommended the use of standard lamps, which give a sharp bluish light, more suitable for light industrial space than adjacent to the house . lamps emit a soft and warm svet.Flyurorestsentnye lamps cost less than mercury, but at least emit svet.Natrievye lamps are the longest, but the light they did not ochen.On resembles a cemetery during a full moon. Do your hands photocell-controlled light switch that turns on or off the lamp when it neobhodimo.Mozhno use a light source with built-in photocell, or connect several lighting devices to a single fotodatchiku.No a disadvantage when the photocell fails, all attached sources Light cease funktsionirovat.V any case, each light source in the house to provide a mechanical switch that is not accounted for in case of need to check that night. Placement of light sources as well important as the choice of their tipa.Suschestvuet three main types of layouts: you can position lights at the house, attach them to walls or under eaves roof, placing them on the ground and on trees, poles or special racks, some sources put on the house, and another part on trees, poles and zemle.Vybor depends on the overall planning doma.Tolko not need to turn the house into the territory of the runway, but only to scare uninvited gostya.Lampu with vstrennym photocell own hands to establish prosto.Dlya that you want to extend a new cable from the lamp and switch to the junction box and the box itself connected to the mains.

The Home

The limited resources at their disposal they have put at my disposal and my brother for us to study. But I do not care. God willing next year I can be myself, who take them, if only for a few days at sea, to begin to give back everything you have given me, but of course is that I can never get to compensate them. – "Remember that if you get the residence is very small salary – Ruth told him a " And but you'll get in even more difficult because you need quite lucky to get a guard pays .- "Why not spend it on nothing. I shall reserve to meet this dream of mine, "she replied firmly total Gladys – I'm thinking too long. I did not mind the sacrifice that has to do to do it. When the two returned from holiday decided to start studying.

The exam was really difficult, and the third and sometimes only up to a quarter of which were presented, they succeeded. They met at the home of Ruth because Isaac was on duty and could stay up all hours of the morning studying, thing always preferred to do. The three preferred to study at night. They felt that paid much better than when dawn. When there was not an hour that they were the three devoted to the study, Ruth stood up from his chair with a sudden and unexpected move that shocked a little by the other two. "Do not take it anymore! – Said almost screaming.

The Baroque

The bright interior doors will not detract from the look of this detail, but rather a harmonious fit and become a beautiful and unobtrusive background. Thus, internal doors white colors are universal, and thus can be used successfully for the establishment of any interior room. Doors of natural and dark colors look very nice interior doors of various colors of rocks timber. Oak, mahogany, ash, beech, etc. have a beautiful rich deep color and figure, characteristic of the products made from natural wood.

Doors of natural colors Wood looks great in elegant interiors. Especially good they look in a classic interior. But the interior doors of this type is perfectly fitting and other types of interior design: country, modern and even abstraction. This is possible thanks to a rich color palette to fit a variety of shades, good harmony with the basic interior trim. Typically, designers are advised to select material interior doors, combined with the color of the other wooden furniture, installed in the room. But often at the expense of modeling different color contrasts can be very original and fresh effect in the interior. Interior doors that have a dark color, are ideally suited to the beautiful and luxurious interior of the Baroque style. Recall that the Baroque – a trend in the European architecture of the end of 16-18 centuries, characterized by: – grandiosity, pomp and dynamics – pathetic excitement – the intensity of feelings – the combination of real and illusory – the strong contrasts in scale and rhythms, materials and textures, light and shadow.

Dark with rich shades of interior doors perfectly complement the interiors of this style. The designation of such doors should be a lot of attention paid to combining them with other elements of the interior, choose the appropriate hardware and design. Doors this type you can use in other styles. It all depends on your imagination and taste. In conclusion, we note that the modern approach to design space provides the openness, the desire to experiment, gives space fantasy. Interior doors of different colors and shades allow you to create unique interiors or are harmonious background, may be performed in strict classical style and in a unique abstract – it all depends on your preferences. You can order the interior doors of various styles. And if you have any questions, happy to answer them.