Private Home

Sanitation device in a private house of the local sewerage system is used in the relevant geological and hydrogeological conditions of terrain, with no danger of contamination of soil and aquifers, used for water supply. Local sewer systems may include: septic tanks for mechanical wastewater treatment plant and dumping of sludge, filter wells and pit latrines. Septic tank. In this case, the sewage is built on the so-called principle of soil cleaning sewage. Its essence is that the first effluent from the riser comes in the house-yard line, then a septic tank (well) not less than 2.5 m3, designed for removal of a rainfall twice a year in which the fecal water and lighten through the drainage network goes into the soil.

Septic tank should have a capacity of not less than three times the flow of waste water per day, which provides the duration of their settling in for 3 days and the accumulation of precipitation during the year. Septic tank with capacity of 1 m3 per day. should be in terms of size 1×1, 5 m (or 1.5 m in diameter) and a depth of 2.5 m. Septic located at a distance of 5 to 20 m from the house and the drainage network in such a distance from home to the waste water erode the soil could not under the foundation and not flooded basement or cellar. Drains should be lower catchment areas of drinking water with the flow of groundwater. On loamy soils, septic tank must be located no closer than 20 m from the catchment, drainage network itself – no closer than 30 m, on sandy and loamy soils – no closer than 50 m.

Home Security

What is the gsm alarm system? GSM alarm system – is the base station and connect to her wireless sensors for various applications. Get a visual representation of alarms gsm alarm can be an example Major-gsm. The base station gsm alarm gsm module is built to transmit alarm messages to cell gsm channel and landlines. By gsm alarm can be connected in the right Number of motion sensor, smoke detector, glass break sensor, the sensor leakage of water, gas and other sensors. Offered us a full line of alarm systems equipped with wireless sensors, which makes the alarm gsm completely wireless. GSM alarm system has very simple installation – alarm systems we offer support to work with wireless sensors. This wireless alarm gsm very easy to install and set up even a person not having any knowledge of security systems and wiring. The Internet is the simplest homemade gsm alarm system gsm alarm circuit so your hands can be built literally 'on my knees. " And you can buy the alarm and set it their own hands. Where applicable gsm alarm system? There are many objects, gsm security which can be done through a system gsm alarm system: alarm system gsm car there for car security, gsm alarm system for home used to protect the cottage, gsm alarm system to give help to keep the property in winter vacationers, gsm alarm system for the garage would be a good addition to the car alarm, gsm alarm system to protect the urban apartment Apartments in the absence of hosts, gps gsm alarm system for monitoring movement of vehicles and other types gsm alarm.

Home Theater

On the phenomenon of home theater and write a lot of different ways. But there are always sure to mention the "presence effect" – what distinguishes the "home movies" from just the tv. When this same effect occurs? Some say it's all about volume, enveloping sound: if the sound is broken down into five channels, goes through five speakers – two front, one center, two in the rear (still very desirable subwoofer for the lowest frequencies) – then you have already become "an accomplice" action. But there is another opinion: The picture and sound equal. The most feared dinosaur from "Jurassic Park" on the small screen will still look like a chicken, whatever it may Ryki published and no matter how hard the subwoofer shaking bass air. In general, without a good tv or projector screen can not do.

You can hear a deeper rationale: the effect of presence occurs when the angle between the nose and the edge of the screen exceeds 38 degrees. Then turn on peripheral vision, subliminal receives a signal of danger ("adrenaline went!"), And the viewer is no longer just takes a picture and turn into action. Obviously, the first approach (priority of sound) more democratic. Do not need a plasma tv, even the DVD-player does not need – home theater system can be created on the basis of Rubin and conventional vcr. Buy a receiver and speaker system, the average consumer can be owner of the classroom, sign things, a unique piece of furniture. The lower boundary of the prices home theater – about $ 700, the top is lost in the sky.

Practice shows: one in the history of getting involved with domkino you periodically will feel the need to update and improve the park equipment. Well, for beginners – a home cinema in one box, complete set. Very humane invention: is inexpensive and saves us from the inexperienced you from the torment of choice. This is about how to dress: You can buy a suit once, but you can "collect" it from the trousers and jacket. The second option will cost more, but it is obvious that your suit and sit in this case would be better.

Alternative Energy For Homes And Villas

How good to live in the country! Nature, fresh air, no noise – and the rest of the year. All you can do to your liking – to arrange a garage, put lanterns in the garden, dig a pond – and here it is, complete independence and Independence! But, unfortunately, all thoughts of independence lost with the first power outages, which, with our ground power lines is not uncommon. Especially when it comes to the village, where addressing the consequences of even a small accident could take several days. And if electricity is lost in winter, and you have all the heating is connected to the network? Holidays would be hopelessly corrupt, and you'll have to go to a bustling city with bad mood. But do not worry ahead of time, because we live in the 21st century, the century of new technologies and alternative energy! And today, to be independent from cables and emergency service workers is possible and even necessary. For this purpose, mixed power plants running on solar and wind energy. They do not occupy much space on the site, and are able to maintain a constant flow of electricity throughout day and night.

If you frequently visited countries in Europe, you are probably already familiar with wind generators, which are up almost along every highway. But this production installation of high power, but we're talking about home stations. They can be ordered in one day, the plant can be as independent (for small wind turbines), and the brigade when the unit weighs about a ton. Power of modern wind turbines ranging from 300W (Portable windmills) to 10 000 W (stationary mast about 12 meters). The initial wind speed is about 2 or 3 meters per second at optimum power wind turbine will be released at 8 meters. The energy received station will be stored in batteries, inverted to AC 220V and then fed into the network.

Solar panels are also widely used for household energy, particularly in Mediterranean countries, where many sunny days a year. However, this does not mean that our sun does not allow use of its energy, after all, we have about 100-150 days, we have consistently sunny, and that this figure should be produced to calculate the solar energy. Install solar cells can be on rooftops, as they are not afraid of mechanical influences, or separately on towers or poles. Very easy to install them on the masts of wind generators. For a complete energy house, under our conditions to establish optimal hybrid complex "sun – wind," each of the components of which complements the other. Thus, it is logical that a sunny day, almost no wind, batteries will be recharged but from the solar cells. With the departure of the sun usually rises at an average power of the wind turbine and the work begins. Also, they rotate well at night, when there is movement of air masses under exposure to temperature changes. Thus, even with how long the power lines, you will be provided free and clean energy that will heat, light and comfort to create a your home.