The Caucasus

At dusk we saw 6.7 dolmens. Some of them were strongly destroyed, and most likely without human intervention. Not all people break! Roots to nearby trees, squeezed them out of the soil and the dolmen collapsed. Preserved as dolmens were like fungi. I remind you that according to official hypothesis, a dolmen – a shrine to the noble members of the genus, the scene of religious rites. So looking at these is not the bird houses, not like mushrooms, this version seems complete nonsense. Well, is it conceivable that respected human head noble family after his death and the subsequent honors and then pushed here in a stone kennel? And in this case left no inscriptions or image? So yes, even the homeless do not bury! Of course, in other areas of the Caucasus is more spacious dolmens and theoretically they could serve as tombs. But then we need to assume the same in their form structure have different destinations.

But it is unlikely After all, can not be that some people in the hive beekeeping, and other live there yourself! As you know, crazy people have no shortage. For example, in the region of in the summer of dolmens going on complete madness, people pray to all sorts of gods, meditate, fall into a trance and so on. Some even engaged in a dolmen sex to conceive a child, pressed against the back seat of stone slabs in order to cure hemorrhoids. All this I knew, however, leaving, too, could not restrain himself and held his hand (right-hand only true!) On a single of dolmens.

The Home

Locks are protected against drilling and blocked when you try to knock. The logical question is, can we trust the results obtained in testing laboratories? The most trained and technically equipped laboratories are Kiev – is to trust them. All foreign manufacturers were able to confirm the classes of Ukraine breaking their resistance safes, that turn is a confirmation of highly qualified test laboratories and Kiev stringency DSTU 4012.1-2001. As the number of units of resistance Vr is determined resistance to cracking. This conventional numerical value is calculated by multiplying the "time test" to "rate instrument," which characterizes technical "performance" tool to the resulting number is added to the sum of "basic values" which indicate the problems associated with the preparation and delivery tool. There are 10 classes of burglary, are assigned to in accordance with the time needed for full or partial access to the contents safe. The most popular in the home are safe Class I, II, III, IV and V.

Characteristics are the lowest safe Class I, therefore, are recommended in protected areas. Class II allows you to keep safe in a room with no protection, but if his attachment to the floor. Class III safes for storing important values, and the heavy model classes IV and V with a layer of concrete used in banks. Each instrument, which is used in case of burglary safes, attributed to a specific factor of resistance. At a gas torch it is 7.5, with an electric drill – 5, while conventional chisel – not more than 5. Thus, the protection of the safe in terms of a net time for which it can be hacked, multiplied by a factor of a particular instrument. Net time – a period when work is done open. Therefore, real-time breaking a lot more test: crackers have to do everything as quiet as possible so as not to attract attention.

Luxurious Accommodation

Almost home comfort or luxurious accommodation in the Northern Capital in recent years the influx of tourists in St. Petersburg has increased significantly. At any time, at any time in the central streets of St. Petersburg can be found tourists from different countries – from neighboring Belarus to the far Canada. All guests arriving in St. Petersburg, think where they would stop. Now there's an alternative, like big hotels and apartments – mini-hotels. But, as statistics show, even the tourists who are not aware of such a comfortable version of tourist accommodation, which allows a good save, and leaves only positive impressions.

What is a mini-hotels? The answer is simple: a mini-hotels – a relatively young but rapidly growing form of hospitality. They have several advantages, which will be described in this article. What is a mini-hotels? Mini-Hotel – is a small hotel with a number of rooms from 5 do30. Rooms are generally double, with a possible option for single accommodation. There are also three or four persons. The room has all the amenities for a comfortable stay: shower, toilet, necessary furniture, telephone, TV and Internet access. The mini-hotel of a higher category of rooms have air conditioning, refrigerator and mini bar.

Most often, there is a communal kitchen, where preparing breakfast. Also in the mini-hotel provides a set of different additional paid services – from washing and ironing machines to order and meeting at the airport or train station. Where are the mini-hotels? Mini-hotels St. Petersburg, mainly located in the historic city in the former communal apartments.