Month: April 2012

The Caucasus

At dusk we saw 6.7 dolmens. Some of them were strongly destroyed, and most likely without human intervention. Not all people break! Roots to nearby trees, squeezed them out of the soil and the dolmen collapsed. Preserved as dolmens were like fungi. I remind you that according to official hypothesis, a dolmen – a shrine…

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The Home

Locks are protected against drilling and blocked when you try to knock. The logical question is, can we trust the results obtained in testing laboratories? The most trained and technically equipped laboratories are Kiev – is to trust them. All foreign manufacturers were able to confirm the classes of Ukraine breaking their resistance safes, that…

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Luxurious Accommodation

Almost home comfort or luxurious accommodation in the Northern Capital in recent years the influx of tourists in St. Petersburg has increased significantly. At any time, at any time in the central streets of St. Petersburg can be found tourists from different countries – from neighboring Belarus to the far Canada. All guests arriving in…

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