Month: May 2012

Dnepropetrovsk Construction

When we walk down the street, we usually look at his feet. Lest he fall. Not to get his foot in a hole or crack in the pavement. In order not to break his head or the other, and for whom the more important parts of the body. In this case we rarely comes to…

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Decorative Plants

Long grow in my garden bindweed, or a beautiful day. The seeds of the one-year climbing plant sown in early spring at the edges of the tracks, near the house, household extensions in loosened soil. Over the summer, climb quickly growing, green paintings are produced with numerous blue or blue funnel-shaped flowers. Highly branched stems,…

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Engineering Equipment

For example, when creating a garden pool its engineering equipment (pumps, water filtration, etc.) can be placed not on the limited area of the roof, where it would interfere with planning and use the attic space. Ventilation shaft – a source of noise and smells – can be designed so as not to impede the…

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