Dnepropetrovsk Construction

When we walk down the street, we usually look at his feet. Lest he fall. Not to get his foot in a hole or crack in the pavement. In order not to break his head or the other, and for whom the more important parts of the body. In this case we rarely comes to mind look up.

And from there we are facing is no less dangerous. No, the birds are not counted – there's something more serious. I'll admit, not the habit of looking up at the roofs of our houses. My attention was drawn to them, an old friend, known to This master of fireplaces and stoves, Igor Kalashnikov. He just drove me around town and showed our chimneys. And I confess, I fell into a feeling of light, but perceptible shock. If it happens at night when people sleep, they just poison gas.

And not only people but all the animals, up to aquarium fish The man poisoned by carbon monoxide, a green face. Even the mortuary staff can not cope with it. It is unlikely that it would be buried in an open coffin. " And most, perhaps the worst. Dozens of flues and ventilation ducts in urban homes are built of silica brick. Here's the new elite living block in Komsomolskaya – two ventkanala of silica brick. New house on Ispolkomovskoy – In the yard gorgaza! – Same story. "In none of sanitary norms and rules you've read that chimneys or vents may be constructed of silica brick.


When you kill a cow and do not want to have cool flying, you remove the carcass to the tip of the tongue and is buried beneath the animal paddle hits the floor, while still mania. The fact that the response punalea for the expenditure of the house, it's up to salt the meat, but that day can not bathe the body because it may be paralyzed. The leather or stake in the cow yard to be "orie" and then chop or remove a rope, where he was head of the re-facing the kitchen door, this in order never miss the meat at home. When you go night riding is made a cross in the front hooves with the tip of the knife and say the ghosts are made on the side of the road. When you go night boat and the distance is long, it becomes what we call candle to boost the boat and sings to San Telmo and run well enough breeze. For fisheries to be successful, put in a fire guts the animal and the butter until it is burned and San Rafael says: thanks for the fish, because it is the patron of fishermen. The Plainsman see the sun only knows what time it is, and no sun is timed by instinct of nature. The Plainsman know what product gave away the cow, ie whether it is male or female who gave birth, the female is behind the male breast and playing on the side.

Decorative Plants

Long grow in my garden bindweed, or a beautiful day. The seeds of the one-year climbing plant sown in early spring at the edges of the tracks, near the house, household extensions in loosened soil. Over the summer, climb quickly growing, green paintings are produced with numerous blue or blue funnel-shaped flowers. Highly branched stems, in some places completely cover the tracks, sorry then walk on them, trample on the living shoots. Now on bindweed at 40 cm strengthen the lungs lattice frame (size 100×50 cm), made of wooden planks. Shoots grow back cling to them, and then gradually encircle and cover the entire lattice, with the edges tastefully sveshivayas: original blue cloth obtained from the flowers. Grilles can be installed along the tracks as you like. Usually, I planted morning-glory and cloves Chabot turn: a strip of land with 1 m otvozhu under bindweed, then 0.5 m – a carnation, etc.

Blooming pink bindweed between looks very impressive, though it blooms a little later than him. So instead I take occasionally tsinniyu, gillyflower, Iberis (Stennikov) and other annuals. Track at the same time remain free to passage. – Bindweed shoots not grow on the ground. Bindweed is very unpretentious, grows well in any soil in sun and half-shaded positions, free-flowering and fruiting.

Convolvulus flowers are revealed only in clear weather, in front of bad weather shut down and serve as a barometer. Plant watering, if the land is dry and fertilize occasionally mullein. When digging the soil'm doing a little manure. Seeds collected in autumn, ripe boxes themselves do not crack that allows you to fully harvest the seeds. Modest, but elegant bindweed (there are different varieties of Kolerov) can be used as a curb plant in parks, gardens, the device small tapestries, jewelry and balconies. How to grow other wonderful rassteniya You can follow any found on the site

Engineering Equipment

For example, when creating a garden pool its engineering equipment (pumps, water filtration, etc.) can be placed not on the limited area of the roof, where it would interfere with planning and use the attic space. Ventilation shaft – a source of noise and smells – can be designed so as not to impede the progress of the garden. They can not just cover up the plants, but use a As optional equipment, as was done in Tashkent. In disguise, and, possibly, in some add-ins, tools and materials needed for the care of a garden, and tall buildings – machine for washing windows. Certain isolation requires economic zone, especially if you need to ensure that drying clothes, but so that no wind blew the clothes and the entire device would not spoil the appearance and the overall interior of the house. Creates particular difficulties Stay on top of children. Left unattended, they often not only spoil the garden equipment, but that happens very often and throw things down from the roof.

Parents are especially worried that they themselves may roll over through the roof parapets and fencing (fence but, according to the regulations, sufficiently high). There are techniques that reduce the vandalism and the possibility of children getting their injuries unwary games. Thus, the improvement of the garden, Hosted at high altitude, the use of objects which are not fixed permanently. This also applies to small decorative materials such as gravel and crushed stone, going to cover the tracks – they must be securely embedded in concrete.