This is a scratch, usually leads during installation to the formation of cracks, and then to a broken wire in the terminal. If you cleans insulation with a knife, make it so that the knife touched veins at an angle (as in ochinke pencil). But it's best to use a special tool for cleaning. There are many designs of such machines. The most common are arranged like the mites, but have a semi-circular cutting edges of the sample under different diameters of the veins. The most complex are arranged so that compression of handles first special sponges occupy space on the wire stripper, and then cutting edges with a groove cut through the isolation of the desired size, without touching the wires, and Finally, these cutting edges move away from the sponge, removing slotted piece of insulation. After stripping all lived them attached to the terminals. Modern cable manufacturers used to living color isolation.

For example, a three-core wire insulation can be blue, black and yellow-green color. Accepted for phase wire to use the blue vein to zero – a black and grounding – a yellow-green. It is important that all house from the switch board to the final electrical marking was the same. Attaching the ends of the cable cores to the terminals of socket (if the outlet without earth – phase and zero if the grounding – phase zero and the ground), it gently inserted into the mounting box, previously having put inside the loop wires and fixed.


Pandas generally good flight and transferred successfully through a period of adaptation in a specially built for them a huge three-storey house, aviary. A housewarming pandas were treated to their favorite treat – sliced apple and shoots of young bamboo. Animals spend a month in quarantine and will be brought to zoo visitors 25 January – New Year's Eve on the lunar calendar. It is expected that they will attract there annually to 6 million tourists. Rare tropical fish washed ashore the North Sea normally inhabit the warm waters of the sunfish was found on the North Sea coast in the Netherlands last week. Fish-moon length 1,2 meter found near Dutch town of Katwijk local fisherman, clam. The huge fish was still alive when it was found on the shore. However, when the place came to office finds help animals, rare fish was already dead.

In December these tropical fish come into the temperate latitudes, but very rarely in the North Sea. Experts believe that the resulting sunfish hit the ocean storm, and was submitted to the Dutch coast by sea currents. Larvae and juveniles of this species swim like normal fish, but adult sunfish – a bad swimmer, not able to overcome the strong current, so most likely discovered the fish, the moon near Katwijk and skidded over so far from the usual habitat of this fish. Ten most important events of 2008 in the field of ecology as a rule, at the end of the calendar year, many news agencies remember important annual event, and publish their own versions of key events for the year.

Types of Wooden Doors

Wooden door has many advantages: strong, not rust like metal and not so heavy. This door can be decorated, upholster. Wooden doors can be supplied as the entrance and in the rooms. Making the renovation, you can pick one kind of wood and make every door the same house, it will give the interior styling. Design options wooden door set – it can be either solid or inlaid, with the insertion of glass or plastic. Wooden door pretty nice and comfortable, the tree can and paint, and varnish, and inflict on him the picture, and even leave without treatment. This will depend on where you install it. At the entrance it should be a door from the dense woods, such as an oak – oak is very durable, its color is beautiful – pale brown.

Oak does not require special handling. He does not need painting or polishing, it can withstand all onslaughts of nature. And if his sheathe soft material, oilcloth fabric on the foam-based or just imitation leather (if possible, can sheathe the door, even the skin), then this door will become a real decoration of the house. If you are as a so-called shell choose polished aspen or pine reechki 3-4 cm wide, and will beat them diagonally from the center – "a Christmas tree, a door with his views will fascinate anyone who knocks at her. Most modern wooden doors have standard designs. In order to evaluate the quality of wooden doors, you must correctly evaluate its components.