Month: August 2012


An example evidenced in the quarter of New Discovery is the dispute of the pedestrians with the automobiles of an establishment of laudering of automobiles, that in the days of intense movement find difficulties of to transit for the sidewalk. These problems are recurrent in the called locality, Eye D? water and Eucaliptos. The difficulty…

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Commercial Quarters

With fond by these people, the city was taking forms varied with respect to space distribution of the destined quarters the housing as well as of the typically commercial quarters. As if it knows the first quarters of Christmas were the Ribeira and the High City and were in them that the commerce and the…

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The Heat

When the glass is cold, and the kitchen is warm and humid – the windows instantly mist, that is, there is condensation. The same thing happens with the walls. There are two workarounds: 1. Increase the heat resistance of the walls so that they are not cooled below the dew point (or heat them, which…

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