Month: October 2012

Robert Rosenstone

Existed this strong will to finish with the standard American of cinema without content and made to only entertain? excluding in this attribution the director Robert Rosenstone who had the concern in transforming the film into a visual speech. To display mazelas of the humanity in cinema screens already is something used for frequently great…

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World Cities

The Right to the City extends the classic aspect on the improvement of the quality of life of the people centered in the housing and the quarter until enclosing the quality of life to the scale of the city and of its entorno, as a mechanism of protection of the population that lives in the…

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The workmanship of Darcy Ribeiro ' ' Brazil as problema' ' it approaches the reality of the country, as resultant of the Civilization European Occidental person, in the Latin American version, that configured more subservincia of settling that if gave in its historical continuity. It is a case of tropical romanismo, imbudo in blood indian…

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