Month: November 2012

Advances In Psychiatry

BRIAN WEISS AND THE WORLD OF PSYCHIATRY – It is possible that the name of the Dr. Brian Weiss is not recognized by many people who have not read their books, or have attended some of their seminaries., although is already famous throughout the world. – The Dr. Weiss has extraordinary credentials. – I receive…

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Florida Street

In addition it has the most complete library of the country. + Avenue 9 of Julio the widest avenue of the world the Avenue of May are crossed by Avenue 9 of the Julio, famous for being widest of the world and to have a central small square in which the most famous monument of…

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This work had as main interest to show and to understand the socialization and social interaction of children. Explaining the process of social development, beyond showing that some activities and factors provide to an improvement in the process of reading and writing. Verifying, through questionnaires and interviews, that as many innate factors as the social…

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