Advances In Psychiatry

BRIAN WEISS AND THE WORLD OF PSYCHIATRY – It is possible that the name of the Dr. Brian Weiss is not recognized by many people who have not read their books, or have attended some of their seminaries., although is already famous throughout the world. – The Dr. Weiss has extraordinary credentials. – I receive the master’s degree by the University of Columbia and course its medicine studies in the University of Yale. She was head of the Department of Psychiatry of the Medicine Faculty of Yale, and at the moment he is president of the Department of Psychiatry of the Hospital Mount Sinai de Miami, Florida.

Also it has written diverse books like Many Lives, Many Teachers, – Bows of Love, – Through Time, – the Manual of the Mesas, -. Many Bodies a Same Soul, – the Messages of the Wise people, – and many but. Their discoveries in the world of Psychiatry have advanced east field of so extraordinary form, that it is very possible is name for the Nobel prize of Science for the next one year. – The psychiatric or mental problems can be so serious or worse than the physical diseases. Many accustom happen unnoticed through many people, who cannot or they do not know to include/understand what she afflicts to them.

– The depression, the anxiety, people with bipolar problems, the same schizophrenia, and many other mental problems, can destroy a person and take them including the suicide. – Until now, the majority of these problems has been dealt by the psychiatrists with medecines. – The Dr. Weiss has saved and helped to of their patients with a new called thousands system " REGRESIONES".

Florida Street

In addition it has the most complete library of the country. + Avenue 9 of Julio the widest avenue of the world the Avenue of May are crossed by Avenue 9 of the Julio, famous for being widest of the world and to have a central small square in which the most famous monument of the city is elevated, the Obelisk. This monument is a tribute to the fourth centenary of the foundation of Buenos Aires and it is in the place where the Argentine flag fluttered for the first time. The Obelisk measures 67.5 meters and weight around 170 tons and its small square also is crossed by the Avenue Currents. For that it comes to Buenos Aires is an obligatory photo. + the Avenue Current Much activity This extensive avenue that is born in the river (in the Avenue Eduardo Log) and arrives until Chacarita.

To few Current meters of Av. and Log, we will be with the Luna Park Stage, cradles of the majors musical important boxsticos spectacles and shows. In the passage that goes from Alem towards the Obelisk we will be able to emphasize the theaters Operates, Great Rex and Maipo. In addition in the environs there is a great number of theaters to under or independent. This zone never to duer to me, is most active, its marquees illuminate everything, their streets are an ideal stroll by day and at night.

In Currents to the 600 the intersection with the Florida Street takes place, a pedestrian one to which we will talk about more ahead. Across of the 9 of Julio, on Av. Current ones there will be more theaters between those than we will find to the Complex the Place, where different theater or musical spectacles appear. In these pictures we will be able to visit bookstores where we will be able to acquire new books and to find used in good state difficult to obtain.

India Water

The variable precipitations, the sprinkled pastures of high trees, and the Earth characterizes bioma warmed up of savannah. Bioma of more abundant savannah can be in the plains of Africa, Florida, Brazil, Australia and India. Biomas of savannah is a land mixture of the prairies and the forests, but it has unique characteristics. The temperature in the Savannah varies little from one season to another one, the temperature is in warm average of 68 F (20 C) throughout the year. Rains, nevertheless, vary drastically. The impermeability of the hard ground produces temporary pools that are fed on the water of the ground. In the months droughts, the drought seizes of the land, and the water sources evaporate. Therefore, the animal and the plants have adapted to survive these exaggerated conditions.

Some birds migrate to more humid zones, whereas some rodents enter a latency under earth. The trees of the savannah have little biological diversity. The trees of Acacia predominate in the savannahs, which are squashed the covers because the herbivores like the giraffes, prick the lowest branches. Other African mammals use the trees for the shade and the water. The elephants, the zebras, the buffalos, the ostriches, the hyenas, the wild boars, the hippopotami, gacelas and the leopards are member famous of this ecology. Bioma of tropical savannah is in a flow state. The elephants can create pastures outside the forests by the trampling of trees. Original author and source of the article


This work had as main interest to show and to understand the socialization and social interaction of children. Explaining the process of social development, beyond showing that some activities and factors provide to an improvement in the process of reading and writing. Verifying, through questionnaires and interviews, that as many innate factors as the social ones intervene with the learning, beyond concluding that the social interactions affect the development of the reading and the writing. The work was carried through in the Samaritano Hidding place of the Aconchego Complex, in the city of Frank. This institution is an alternative of provisory housing that it aims at to offer residential characteristics to propitiate the chance to participate of the life of the community by means of the use of good and available resources.

The Hidding place takes care of to 54 children and adolescents, who had been moved away judicially from the convivncia of the parents. It was used for spoon given to questionnaires and interviews. Word-key: socialization; reading; writing. ABSTRACT Socialization of children, reading and writing with respect you social interaction and learning. This work had main interest you the social show and understand interaction and socialization of children. Social Explaining the process of development, and show that adds activities and factors provide an improvement in the process of reading and writing. Checking through questionnaires and interviews, that both innate factors such the social one intervenes with learning, in addition you conclude that social interactions affect the development of reading and writing.