The House

It is not difficult to understand the reason of a young boy (thirteen years on average) to exteriorizar another day in the bus point (where found me so) waiting delayed bus that would even take me in house, where my son of to thirteen waited me years to come back of the university? certainly with on TV The adolescent, empolgadamente said ' ' if to moor in music of the delinquent irado' '. Continuing in its analysis, it said that ' ' the face is excessively, old! &#039 prepares each one; ' smiles widely with its also very young colleague. This was not enough, concluded that ' ' good it is to be delinquent or prostituta' '. I astonishhed fixes while the boys took the bus of its destinations. Already it had photographed one of these scenes, when in return of the nocturnal Course (of a public university? thanks to God) in the house room, where my son cochilava in the sofa waiting my return. Parecidssima with the scene of any of these violent films, where a protagonist of the well incendeia cars and trucks and weapons, of where the highest flares and ' ' irada music touches to fundo' ' , for ' ' enfeitar' ' still more the drama. I confess that the actor (of the novelstica tram) is exactly convincing and that the scene was until good. I confess that the fire highest and irreverent was made the personage, but consternei. I saddened because the still very immature boys and girls, do not know to discern that scene can be (even) irada, but that the face is of the evil, although to give themselves always and to have well sending an innocent for the chain (that to the end it suggests that will go to start to be me). As if he was not enough, another personage embroma the girls.


Amongst these ratified treating it is the Protocol of Kyoto, that in its normative text in art. 2 express the purpose of ' ' to diminish the emissions of pollutant gases, in order to promote the development sustainable, with practical sustainable of forest handling, forestation and reflorestamento' '. Mention to the thought of Coast becomes Grandson (2003, p.68) in regards to the beginning of the precaution where if it has as ' ' gravity center the aversion to the risk, having to point with respect to the adoption of steps capable to hinder the result lesivo' '. Amongst these steps, MDL would be the Mechanism of Clean Development, foreseeing among others things the carbon credit, as form of control of the emissions of pollutant gases, searching to bring improvements for the climate of the planet. In the quarrels on the inclusion of activities that prevented the deforestation of the primary forests in the scope of the MDL, one noticed two sources: favorable, formed for countries developed and socialist countries that defended the inclusion of ' ' deforestation evitado' ' favorable other, where Brazil if located against the inclusion of these activities, alleging that it would not obtain to stop the deforestation in Amaznia (LAMY; DISSENHA, 2006). It is demonstrated with this, a fragile protection in the Brazilian forests, disclosing males decurrent of ' ' absence of one efficient forest politics and defined for the Amaznia brasileira&#039 well; ' (COAST GRANDSON, 2003, p.60). 4 ADVANCES AND CHALLENGES OF THE PROTOCOL OF KYOTO IN THE BRAZILIAN SCOPE The Protocol of Kyoto, an instrument that aims at improvements for the environment from the reduction of the emissions of the Gases of Efeito Greenhouse (GEE), ' ' of more practical and economic form, defining specific goals for each country, making with that these fulfill the norms imposed, duly warned to be acometidos for measures sancionatrias' ' (GALDINO; WEBER, 2008, p.200).


Introduction the archaeological small farm of ' ' Atalaia' ' it was identified by equips responsible for the archaeological accompaniment in course in projecto of construction of a17? Navy Great/Aiming, Sublano Mount Redondo/Lourial? Lot 4, to PK 10+575. There they had been observed, to the surface of the land, materials of chronology construction Roman (tegulae and imbrices), well as well as fragmentos of pertaining material the dolia, and one weight of sewing press. As measures of minimizao the accomplishment of archaeological soundings was proposal, through half mechanics. Thus, 3 ditches of 4×2 had been opened mts, having itself observed great amount of tegulae, imbrices and dolia, as well as some fragmentos of domestic ceramics of chronology coeva. After it visits to the place for the Technique of the Portuguese Institute of Archaeology? Extension of Pigeon house, Dr Helena Moura, was praised the widening of the sounding ditches; on its result we will lean over in them in proper chapter.

The archaeological works had been of responsibility of the signatory archaeologist, having followed the methodologies proposals for P. Barker and E. Harris. Methodology Had been, initially, carried through 3 soundings of 4×2 mts, opened through half mechanics, located in the areas of bigger dispersion of the materials to the surface of the land (January, 2006). Later, having themselves verified the necessity of the widening of the excavated zone, 8 areas of sounding had been opened more, in a total of 94 mts2, aiming at to join the previously open ditches, of form to get one better reading of the contextual information. One of the sounding ditches (of 15×2 mts) was opened until a expropriation zone, of form to allow to know the area of extension of the small farm. The used methodologies had followed the proposals of P. Barker and E. Harris, having themselves it hollowing carried through through the definition and register of Unidades Estratigrficas (UE), whose correlation allows to read and to interpret some estratigrficas sequncias.

Rural House In Sardinia

In the selection of vacations in Sardinia one is due to be able to find a good balance between the factors characteristic related to the cost of transport, more and more important in the total cost of the vacations, the type of lodging and the location of the establishment. In this contribution we want to speak of the election of rural houses like establishment in which to spend the vacations in Sardinia, a solution which we think that it can create a perfect mixture between genuinidad of vacations, comfort and economy. Taking like example of the instructionses given by Coldiretti, we arrived at the definition than it can become vacations in a rural house trying to move away to us of possible surprises, but explicitly swindles. Strolls outdoors, the flavor of the local kitchen, a total escape, to less maintain the rate of life associated to the haste and the necessity to do everything at all costs, to spend immersed vacations in the local culture and in the cement of the city these are not the main characteristics of the vacations in a rural house in Sardinia. It is certain that there are some things that to add to the idea that was had until recently of the rural house: at present this type of structure more is adapted to the requests of comfort and services of a demanding customer. This it is the reason by which, of way but it frequents, the rural houses have become true thought structures more for the tourist than based on the farm.

Rooms furnished with all the services, common swimming pools, maintained services good, and the list continues. This it is also the reason by which the necessity felt to propose a classification " espigas" (like " estrellas" of the hotel) for the quality of the rural house. In addition one is due to say that the rural houses in Sardinia, generally, are very asked for during in the tourist season of summer, and they set out in the segment of summer tourism – sea, and in the majority of cases one of the characteristics that is offered is the proximity to the sea along with the typical kitchen and the presence of a service of certain quality level.