Buying Land to Combat a Crisis

Buy land it no longer produces (Mark Twain) "a serious decline in land prices can not be, by definition, since it is a liquid product – commented founder AN'Zagorodny Petersburg 'Alexei Mironov A Because the land is not a short-term attachment, are long-term investment for people who now want to preserve their savings. After stabilizing the economy land assets start rising again in value. Experts forecasting price cuts are geared to the real estate market in general, not considering that it is divided into several sectors, each of which has its own statistics. In this averaged form, of course, can see the decline in prices. But currently sector land market has a stable position, since supply is limited by administrative and legislative formation of our country. " This view is supported by many companies that staking on the ground, hoping not only to save their money, but also increase them. "The world after the crisis will never be the same place irreversible qualitative change in the device market, including market Real Estate. There will be some rearrangement of forces in favor of developers, who still adhere to a more conservative line of action and did not conduct an aggressive investment policy by attracting a large the number of credits.

And in this case to talk about destabilization of the real estate market and the more the crisis is no reason. " Undoubtedly, this option is beneficial to large companies and the oligarchs who have the opportunity to invest in the land of considerable amount. And how do other people who want to preserve their "blood"? We found that this "life-saving straw" can take advantage of anyone whose savings will be enough to buy at least one hundred square meters of land. For individuals there are two ways of investing money in the ground. Option One: just buy land and leave it as is, or a little to invest and take of communication.

A year later, the land is guaranteed to rise in price, and the owner will receive a considerable profits. It is much safer than putting money in the bank: first, there is no risk that a couple of months, the bank simply cease to exist – the earth will not go anywhere. Secondly, if the bank you get from your deposit is not more than 7-8%, then land in the same time may increase in price by 30-50%. The benefit is unquestionable. Option Two: a few buyers can come together and buy land in several hectares. After conducting communications that land line up and sold "at retail" is 2-3 times more expensive. If a responsible approach to the question, "burn" the ground is impossible. " Thus, it remains only to choose the right place and navigate the real market prices. Of course, it's best to bring the matter to a specialist, but there are general guidelines that you can use when buying. If you are planning to eventually sell his land for housing, we must advance assess its aesthetics. After all, your future buyer decides where he will live, which means that 90% of them will manage emotions.

Bathroom Design

Dry the statistics tell us that less than a third of Russians use the bathroom furniture. And only a third of them have established specially made furniture – the rest of the usual cost tables and a makeshift lockers. But bathroom – not a small part of our everyday life. The organization's small but so important, the space requires a professional approach. Usability, functionality, compactness location numerous items in the bathroom largely depends on the furniture. Domestic bathrooms do not differ spaciousness, while foreign manufacturers are working on a grand scale, and basically create dimensional pieces of furniture are not for our model apartment. It turns out, need to choose the best of the domestic producers of specialized furniture for bathrooms. Firm "Aquaton" represents the widest range of bathroom furniture – tables with sinks, tall and narrow boxes, pencil boxes, mounted cabinets, including corner, mirrors and mirror cabinets.

Without exception, all mirrors are equipped with lights and switches, and some models also feature a special rosette of waterproof performance – in the bathroom can be safely and comfortably enjoy a hair dryer or electric razor. Each of the shelves is adjustable, the boxes are put forward easily and without any stress due to the special roller guides. Many models are equipped with laundry basket, which is always at hand and at the same time, hidden from prying eyes. "Aquaton only works with Western manufacturers of sanitary ware and materials, the name of any of the providers – already a sign of distinction, and yet even tested materials undergo revision in the shop: dsp receives a special water-resistant coating of melamine and polyurethane primer and top coat – a special enamel, resistant to abrasion, impact and household chemicals.

Yucatan Peninsula

We all know that depends on much the location that you choose to purchase a property. There is no other better place in the world where you can find a better location for the price and now that people are begins to realize it, this is not only a great place to retire, but also a very good investment. Anyway there are lot of people who have to worry, what if I can not understand the native language of Mexico? Avoid the inconvenience, that adapt to a foreign country is now easier than ever. Some people even say that it is completely unnecessary to learn the language. Our world has become more connected due to international business seeking to expand its clientele which is very easy to communicate. It is not very difficult to pass it without the language since there are many translators in any part. Don’t forget that the Yucatan Peninsula is a great point of tourism in the world so you will find a great variety of people and will have the opportunity to learn about different cultures.

Unlike live in the United States, $ 1,500 a month in Mexico, will become a very comfortable lifestyle and you can even have the lifestyle prospero and luxurious that always wanted to. There is nothing that is more luxurious than a cruise and no better way to navigate to your private retreat complex. There are many travel agencies which will say that Mexico is the fashionable place and the cruise is the best way to get here, not to mention the delicious Yucatecan cuisine unmatched in the world. This ingenious mixture between food Mexican and European is delicious with a touch of French influence and the tropical surroundings only assure us how cool that is. Where most get a fresh fish that in the restaurants on the coast. These delicious dishes range from a pollo pibil a sopa de lima.


We all are aware of the current economic plight of our country, is certain that it has habit times worse, since then than Yes, but we were accustomed to a standard of living and a series of certain benefits which are being suppressed because of the readjustment needs economic and the measures taken by the Government. There are many cities that have built new flats, or semi-construidos and they can not give out, nobody buys them, banks do not offer credits and pay all the money at once is something that very little lucky can do, therefore we see lots of posters that quote: for sale flats Valencia, for example, or sell apartment Madrid in recent years, the prices of rents have soared making that most interested acquire own housing rent it, since the money was not a problem, banks lent it easily to all kinds of people that met a few ridiculous requirements next to the current. When the economic situation is so complicated like the present, it is always easier be rented that mortgaged owner.

For example, if work is lost, would comply with the payment of the mortgage payment probably be difficult or impossible in the majority of cases, and if the subsidy runs out, could be the point of having to sell the home at a price that, in the best cases, cover the outstanding amount of the mortgage. The advantages of living in rent in a similar situation are several, no obligation, rather than bail in most of the contracts, which could leave the floor and save part of the rent moving to one more economic to either save the entire occupying the House of a family member. Therefore, when we see these ads above flats Valencia so attractive, we need for a minute and think a number of things like for example, if we really have the capacity to deal with the payment of the mortgage on the floor, or rather, we must fix our gaze on other posters of the type of rental flats Valencia and opt to rent a house in place negotiate a mortgage with the Bank. Logically, opting for one or another election will depend on stability, savings and situation of each person or couple or family employment.