Ecofriendly Home

Without a doubt, the current trend is that houses will go transforming gradually in green homes which translates, in addition to respect for the environment, in a considerable saving for the invoices that reach the end of month. Both promotions Asturias and the rest of households, these tips are invaluable aid 1. Choose appliances and appliances with the lowest energy and water consumption. 2 Used electrical appliances in a responsible manner and oversees its maintenance. 3 Correctly discarded household appliances and electrical appliances to not contaminate the environment.

4. Kitchen with efficiency using the smaller Bowl with proper to the base of the flame. 5. Reduces the use of the oven and uses small kitchen appliances. 6 Get the wash with wash in cold and dry the clothes on the Clothesline. 7 Avoid the consumption of air conditioner installing fans.

8 Have a refrigerator with the freezer on the top and keep it always sufficiently filled. Buy flats in Pola de Siero. 9 Unplugging electrical appliances when not in use. 10. Attach an extension cord with multiple sockets where there is more than one plug-in Unit 11. Choose small or medium-sized screen for greater 12 energy saving TVs. Using rechargeable batteries and recycle used batteries 13. It retains the same mobile phone as much as possible 14. It acquires the manufactured MP3 with fewer heavy metals and toxic materials 15. Turn off the computer instead of letting the screen saver to save energy.

Full HD

Introduction to the concept of all resolution are familiar with digital photography. We bought 5 and 10 megapixel cameras, and note with satisfaction that more pixels, larger can make the photo, extending it up to size poster. The same happens with the audiovisual world. For more than 50 years, the world audiovisual legislation has established that the video has a 0.4 megapixel resolution. And just as was the case with the older cameras, the size of the image could not be very large. This was valid for old TVs tube, usually small, that have populated our homes in recent decades. But modern technology has led to the emergence of new and modern LCDs and plasma TVs with a size never seen before. Thus, huge screens 37-inch, 42-inch and up to 47 inches are common in the electronics stores.

But the video, with its modest 0.4 megapixels of resolution, not hold well be displayed on big TVs, as well as a photograph of 1 megapixel not endure well too big enlargement. And here is where comes in the idea of change video system, modernise it and adapt it to the new TVs and dissemination systems. What is high definition? High definition is the modernization of the international system of video. Basically, going to have a resolution or quality of 0.4 megapixels, 2 megapixels. Perhaps it may not seem too increase, bearing in mind that photos cameras arrive at much higher resolutions, but must be taken into account that the video moves 25 images per second. Thus, the size of a video image goes from approximately 800 600 pixels (the current system) to 2,000 x1.000 pixels.

It is the famous Full HD; 1,000 lines of resolution. It should be noted that it has also defined an intermediate system, with a resolution of 1 megapixel. (1400 x 800 pixels, aprox.) Also, new resolutions and higher, up to 4 megapixel image sizes, is already studying although it is unlikely to see the light in the domestic market, since it is necessary to have suitable equipment to enjoy high definition.

Civil Guard

The incident occurred in 2010, when the woman was invited to a birthday party, where took the opportunity for the theft of the jewels. It was already stopped in July this year by the same type of theft in dwellings that worked as a cleaner. The Civil Guard have arrested a neighbor in Cartaya (Huelva) for stealing jewels valued at 880 euros in a House to which she was invited to a birthday, after having been detained by another similar robbery of 6,000 euros in homes where she worked as a cleaner. In a statement, the Civil Guard has informed that the detainee is I.M.C.P., 34 years old, who was already arrested last July after steal jewelry valued at 6,000 euros in several homes that had been hired as a cleaner. The incident that has become to be detained occurred the last day 22 December 2010, when she was invited at the victim’s House to celebrate his birthday.

There, along with other friends, took a careless to subtract from the House a gold bracelet, a slave, and two sets of earrings of gold, with approximate valuation of about 880 euros. Until the owner lend them missing, the detainee the transaction sold them in two shops for the sale of gold, where it was registered. The woman has returned to be detained, but as on other occasions the jewels, not have been recovered since last a short time, these establishments of purchase of gold usually melt parts. In addition, it is imputed by a dozen of these petty theft, which leverages the relationship of trust with victims, or his work as a cleaner, to do with small pieces of gold, which are subsequently sold. The Civil Guard has instructed the relevant proceedings which, in union of the careful, have been put at the disposal of the magistrate of guard of Ayamonte. Source of the news: A woman is arrested after stealing 880 euros in jewels in a House which was invited

State Development

It would be endless to enumerate the number of tangible and intangible activities which in a country are affected by inefficiency in disaster prevention and by virtue, it is convenient to reaffirm that, definitely, physical security from seismic risks, constitutes one of the most prized and necessary public goods. 2-Process research in the methodological development of the research were considered two scenarios, taking into account that messy urban development represents for the inhabitants of Bogota, serious risks to seismic events in particular, those strata lower who live in unsafe conditions by the poor quality of its buildings; Likewise, arose the assumption that urban planning authorities and relief institutions, can anticipate the aftermath by seismic disasters, minimizing or annulling the risk factors in proportion to its social interest and the degree of demand in earthquake-resistant measures. It is convenient to warn that this evaluative research presents characteristics, attributes, dimensions and very peculiar properties because of the importance that has in front of the existing socio-economic planning policies. It was necessary to resort to sources historical, scientific and practical, as well as specialized works and empirical knowledge that the theme author has. The permanent consultation with professionals specialized in seismology, geology, geography, history, engineering and other specialties was determined to find the technical elements that were used directly in the development of research. So was were the following variables:? Loss of human lives? Uses of the soil? Rules of urban planning? Population growth? Commitment of the scientific society? Commitment of civil society? Quality of housing construction? Preparation of relief agencies? Incidence in the socio-economic development of the district Capita? Knowledge of risks by the population of Bogota? Costs of prevention against the aftermath by unpredictability, it was necessary to resort to statistical data to perform qualitative and quantitative analysis related to the research problem and consequently, worked the following indicators:? Loss of lives in high numbers and surprising way? Wounded and maimed with permanent sequelae? Destruction of civil engineering works? Destruction and loss of homes? Absolute poverty in great masses of population for loss of all their possessions? Delay in development plans? Increase of unemployment by closure of industries and commercial sectors? Non-compliance with policies of the State for immediate emergency care? Not planned international contractual commitments? Emergence of new belts of misery? Generation of ineffectiveness of State violence to meet such emergencies.