Federate Spain

Thousands of young Spaniards, superbly qualified, are marching to Argentina because here they don’t find jobs commensurate with their preparation. Thus, as he does not want the thing, we carry and a half century of traffic from one to the other side of the Atlantic. In the 19th century was emigration overseas, as it was then, said gallegos and other countrymen looking for something to put in the mouth. Those verses of the great Rosalia de Castro gathered: with malenconia / look for or sea / I than noutras terras / ten looking bread. After the civil war, emigration was more selective, though equally forcible, of intellectuals affected the Republic: Perez de Ayala, Sanchez Albornoz, Miguel de Molina, Eduardo Zamacois and dozens more. Then the road was done in reverse: Argentines who were fleeing their country after the bloody military coup of 1976 and the subsequent brutal suppression of Jorge R.

Videla and his objevtive. Later, a massive new getaway: this time from the subsequent misery to the financial playard that she sank the Argentine middle class. Now, what you see, are our young people who seek to again make the Americas in late imitation of their great-grandparents. Isn’t that history will repeat, but he ridicules, as said Carlos Marx, and sorry for the appointment. The truth is that if one walks through the care Buenos Aires district of Belgrano, in the gardens of La Recoleta or by the bustling Florida Street one believed found in Madrid, this is the similarity of the landscape and of the citizens. In addition, with so many comings and goings, who don’t have a cousin, albeit distant, in the homeland of Borges and Cortazar? Therefore I propose that, while Spain will crumble slowly but inevitably see, if not, the result election in Catalonia, with the election of Joan Laporta included, what remains of our country will federate with Argentina, where insurance will find more receptivity to the idea that in the Basque nationalist Joseba Egibar, who ranting up against the Spanish national football team. On the other hand, Portugal the autonomy that fewer problems causes us, as always ironizes my brilliant friend Javier Paniagua, rector of UNED Valencia presented a failed bid jointly with Spain for the World Cup in 2018. So, with travelling companions who we want as Portuguese and Argentines, would maybe have better collective future that with some interior enemies willing to destroy our coexistence as soon as minimum opportunity of doing so are given the most.

Beloved Balcony

Do not you think that your apartment might be a little more, you would like to have a little additional useful living space. But where can I get it, if most people are limited by concrete walls of his apartment and have no opportunity to expand the area of his home. Balcony – that's untapped reserves, the development of which may allow you to implement even the most unusual ideas, and ideas. Just imagine: a cozy nook with a table and chairs, and be comfortable sofa or chair, plus the opportunity to contemplate the landscape outside the window can make the balcony a favorite place for friendly means of time drinking tea. And all this is your balcony! For most people, he represents a storehouse of necessary and not very good, and sometimes long-forgotten things that were deferred in any case, it is wrong. From the balcony should do something like rest rooms, most importantly it to warm, to be enjoy this cozy place all year round. This unusual decision surprise your guests and become your favorite place in the apartment, enjoying the same success with your loved ones. Just imagine as convenient and comfortable..

The Inner Core

The first concern of investors should be risk factor, according to has been able to reap success by changing the tried and true traditional strategies of selling real estate. The inner core XX real listings receives property fibers from: (()—-> afferent projection from the cerebral cortex) from other thalamic nuclei, particularly the hypothalamus and ventrolateral Functions: Subgroup Synapses in the orbital gyrus real commercial half midline nuclei with the hypothalamus in this way serves as homes for sale a center of correlation regulating visceral activities at ((anterior thalamic peduncle / anterior thalamic radiation )——-> are bidirectional) is connected realestate to the frontal lobe cortical real residential anatomical basis for the function human emotional experience pleasant and unpleasant real sale stimuli reaching the ventrolateral nucleus are filtered and mixed in the inner core and the frontal cortex. The hyperactivity of this system causes severe depression and melancholia, properties in some brain diseases rebels there has real buying been some therapeutic success with anterior thalamic peduncle leucotomy.The patient is house for sale not cured, but its unpleasantness and a reluctant becomes more cheerful and accommodating, making it easier to treat. Function is unknown nucleus medianoPared Internal: Side wall of the third ventricle property management inferior wall: realtor Above real agent the hypothalamic realtors sulcus of Monro Anterior wall: Limit foramen posterior inner wall opposite the ependyma cover opposite thalamus, real property separated by the Terver ventricle and connected by the interthalamic adherence varies in size, realty sometimes lack upper edge of the inner edge occurs on the stalk of the epiphysis above reflects the ependyma and choroid plexus hang him



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Real Estate Investments

Today a lot of people seeking to invest in various businesses or private property (houses, apartments, cottages, etc.) in order to obtain additional income, or any other benefits as well as for preserve its own resources against the backdrop of economic uncertainty. At the same time investment as possible in the primary and the secondary market. But investments in real estate depends on many factors, which determine the attractiveness of an object. Here, first of all, you have to say about the peculiarities of the region, its climate, political and economic situation. In modern time, investment in real estate (investment in real estate, commercial real estate, investment ) allow us to benefit or profit by four main methods: – use in the exploitation of real estate – income of the resale sites property – the income at the time of your property – passive income with a stable increase in property prices. Invest money you can not just private property.

While housing is the most stable way real estate investments. And all because of their own homes can be leased, while receiving profits, and sell for a nice profit, thanks to the constant rise in prices. It is worth noting that the bulk of the population countries with investments in real estate to solve their housing problems. Moreover, as investment funds often a mortgage. Along with housing very popular land and income- property. In this case, the land is quite a risky investment objects. Since its market value is not very stable and depends on many important factors, including legal and environmental factors. Income-generating real estate is on the verge of a stable high-income and unplanned risk. In this case, the money invested in real estate development commercial type, for a long time paying off, though object itself is expensive. Naturally, the development of investment projects of any plan are held in several stages. But in any case, the effectiveness and benefits of investing depends on the attractiveness of the object to funding, whether it's residential real estate, land or commercial property types.

Green Apple

Something that characterizes a night of hard work or fun, is the appearance of bags under the eyes known as dark circles. You are unsightly bags are formed due to an alteration of the skin colour that is located under the eyes which give an appearance of tiredness and exhaustion. Although dark circles tend to disappear by itself alone with time, there are simple forms of significantly accelerating the process. Tips to remove dark circles carrot: this vegetable is an excellent ally against dark circles. Just mix two tablespoons of vegetable oil and the zest of a carrot. Apply this mixture on your eyes for 30 minutes and then wash with plenty of water.

Chamomile: Chamomile is known for its various properties, what few know is that helps eliminate dark circles. For this purpose prepare a Chamomile tea, let it cool and store in the freezer for 10 minutes. Soak a cotton swab in tea and rub circles with it, leaving the liquid dries. The bear panda look dark circles. Thee not. Apple: I bet you not you know Apple, besides being an excellent ally when losing weight, helps the bags under the eyes disappear. Cut a Green Apple into chunks and cook in milk until a fine paste is formed.

Apply this paste on the eyes when it is cold and leave it there for 20 minutes. Mint: apart from being an excellent plant to prepare tea, it is excellent also against dark circles. Blend some leaves of mint with very little water (just so that forms a paste), mix with a drop of olive oil and apply on dark circles for 20 minutes.