Quality Housing

Housing Huntkey model torch H102 is equipped with power supply 460W. Powerful psu is equipped with a low-speed 120 mm fan, which is good affects both the cooling and noise reduction at the system unit. The power supply itself is sufficient compact, has in its arsenal, PCI-E power connector for video and one power connector for sata devices. In our opinion a good choice to build a computer of any class. As for super-computers (there is a possibility additional installation of 12 cm and 8 cm fans) and for the fiscal pet. The main advantages – it's quality materials, Excellent build, powerful psu and elegant design, the shortcomings can be attributed only the presence of only one power connector for sata devices. More of buildings Hutkey you can find on the manufacturer's website or by visiting computer online store.

Housing torch H102 pleased build quality housing and quality materials. All panels and the front and sides fit tightly, without gaps, the material of the walls is pleasant to the touch, and looks worthy of the manufacturer's logo on the side wall. General design of the case can be considered very successful, everything from the power button and side inserts, to the glossy front panel look like a harmonious creation. The entire line of buildings Hutkey presented in the online store of Donetsk. The main parameters of the body torch H102 presented at the manufacturer's web site: Design, inspired by the Olympic torch; Superior handling chassis, compact design for home use; Case Type: micro atx / ATXTsveta: black-red / Silver / green / : USB2.0 2port/HD AudioMaterial: 0.8mm SECCVentilyatory: Front 120mm (not included) / Rear 90mm (not included) Dimensions: 460mm (W) 180mm (W) 410mm (B) Bays: 5.25 " 4, 3.25 "expansion 7Sloty: 7 steel casing torch H102-quality, all the sharp details in body rounded, and the angles covered with plastic overlays, so that the possibility of injury during assembly is minimal. Optical drive is hidden behind the front panel, which is fairly easy to remove and is also easily set back, so that when you install the drive hitches did not happen, the front panel sits tightly and neatly. Hinged cover on the front panel when carriage drive offers easy and not very noisy problems when combining the buttons on the panel and the drive does not arise.

Noe Tata Chief

It was not very high, but the funny thing was that it was considered a more indigenous. If skin was almost white Creoles and the particulars of its eyes were the color of the sky. Some of his children took out the eye color. He was my Tata Noah, my grandfather, chief of communities and Mollepata Mollebamba. Always working, whether in their fields that they had intended the villagers, as well as at home around your machine to make ice cream with fruit. It was what I liked best, the frozen fruit, so diverse and delicious in my few years of life. Her favorite children was my Grandfather, his eldest son followed the tradition of their ancestors and married his first cousin and had my father.

Which was also his favorite, as I was when I was born too. I had my Mamacona Herlinda how she had cried when I was born bleeding in the eye. It was several days into the hills to make their ceremony to their ancestors and to ask Apus heal me of what I had at birth. He did not come in a month and had to return as my great grandmother, I arrive emaciated by fasting for his dear and beloved grandson, but happy because the coca leaf had indicated it was a sign. The beginning of the era of the condor, a legacy that we only know the elect of panakas that was transmitted from generation to generation as a duty. As I remember my grandfather in the largest room of the house, with your ice cream maker, was brought to her by my ayita, who was also my friend's play, although he was older, I remember your name or nickname: Yume it means in culli, he who keeps the sacred.

Successful Christmas PR: Useful Tips For The Feast Day To Convince

In 3 steps, the holiday shopping season with relevant online press releases boost according to a current study 41.2 million did alone completed people alone 2012 throughout Germany () their purchases on the Web. Even more, it applies to enterprises located in the Christmas business to secure the pole position. Online press releases are an ideal communication tool, to get more attention and a higher range. The webinar “Successful Christmas PR – convince potential customers with useful tips for the holiday” the PR-gateway Academy insight based on illustrative examples of practice in the correct choice, providing relevant and useful content, as well as the direct targeting for Christmas. Stimulate the holiday shopping season with relevant online press releases in 3 steps step 1: the matching Christmas themes find the theme is the be-all and end-all of online press release and decides significantly about the success of the content. Christmas large search campaigns are not necessary, since the gang before the door often enough to gather valuable impressions.

There was the cold weather that requires warmer clothing. The snow, which invites you to snowball fights and sledding adventures. The laborious free scratching of the windscreen of the car before driving to the Office. Or the enticing fragrance of delicious baked goods at the local Christmas market. Also the usual suspects, such as Nicholas, the days of advent or Christmas Eve as suitable topics for online press releases.

A comprehensive programme is the collected knowledge on, which focused heavily on the Christmas feast and content based on the challenges and issues of the target groups. Step 2: With relevant and useful content convince provide relevant and useful information for increased attention for the target groups. In the context of a sophisticated content marketing strategy can take up the interests and questions of potential customers and process in various online press releases.

UNESCO World Heritage

Students of the Faculty present your designs to design the University of Wismar. Students of the Faculty of design of the University of Wismar develop in a multidisciplinary project design concepts for the of the Hanseatic City of Wismar planned UNESCO World Heritage site visitor centre Wismar. This should be integrated in the building in the Lubschenstrasse 23 / 23a. Inhabitants and professionals, as well as tourists from home and abroad can find out here in the future the world heritage site of the historic old towns of Wismar and Stralsund as well as the history of the Hanseatic League in a permanent exhibition about the UNESCO. The building itself is a part of this story. Art-historical finds, paintings on walls and beamed ceilings, original architectural details, traces of past tags and a wallpaper manufactured in 1823 in Paris Show already changing style and fashion trends under different ownership. Greenberg Traurig gathered all the information. Around 20 of the Bachelor and master students from the fields of study have architecture, architectural lighting design, interior design and communication design and media with possible solutions for the planned exhibition deals since the beginning of the winter semester in September 2011 in 5 groups.

Their individual concepts for lighting design, architecture and communication will be presented on Wednesday, January 25, 2012 in the Faculty of design of the University of Wismar (Philipp Muller-Strasse 14, House 7a, 3rd floor, room 1418) from 15:00. The professors Matthias Ludwig, Michael Rohde, Henning Saet and Bettina Menzel initiated the interdisciplinary project and work since then with the cooperation partners, represented by Mr. Norbert Huschner (World Heritage representative of the Hanseatic City of Wismar) and Mr. Thomas Sunday (DSK Deutsche urban and real estate development company mbH & Co.KG), successfully together. Historical or very modern? To continue the project in the upcoming semesters and accompany the implementation of individual concept ideas is being considered. Movies, books, models, or even floor plans could also arise for the concrete exhibition in the future. A look at the previous concepts of the Students reveals that there are many possibilities. The historical reconstruction of the building faces, for example, of a completely modern presentation, taking into account the protection of the historic buildings.

The mindsets are both diverse and international. The topic UNESCO world heritage as well as the participating students themselves, which come from the United States, Armenia, Indonesia and Serbia. Professor Matthias Ludwig, since 2001 Professor for design and architecture simulation at the Faculty welcomes design the University of Wismar, the cooperation with the Hanseatic City of Wismar a very successful cooperation and task for interdisciplinary work with the students and colleagues. From the planning to the implementation can the development process be followed very practical.” Faculty Advisor for public relations. Faculty of design of the University of Wismar. Silke Holtmann M.A..

Managing Director

METHOD real estate online rate DR. BARZEL real estate owners or prospective buyers are increasingly looking for services with reliable brand promise. A current evaluation of the service of IMMOBILIENWERT24 revealed that user about the word mark often find real estate valuation Dr. Barzel method, as on other twists. “” Were previously predominantly keywords like real estate”review”or Calculator”, which led to visit the website of the service for online real estate valuation, it is now the brand Dr. Barzel method. Another level this development is supported in particular by the higher awareness of the method of Dr. Barzel real estate valuation.

The recent relaunch of the logo in the cloud world”another level has achieved the look and feel of the brand. Also enter the user of the method Dr Barzel.de website more often to the online real estate valuation. Ranking the twists it twists such as real estate price calculator, follow in the ranking list date of real estate valuation, real estate prices or real estate prices. The keyword real estate valuation “lead depending on the weather conditions” to the search engines about half a million hits. The service IMMOBILIENWERT24 not generated the most real estate reviews about it but. Good Convention rate the good Convention rate method Dr. Barzel leading brand the Managing Director of the rating service Dr. Martin Barzel on reliable performance promise of its brand back.

The online real estate appraisal expert explains, good brands to offer support and guidance in everyday life and values. This is important particularly for services or products that consumers have to do only rarely. Reliable performance promises are properties of good brand quality and performance, perfection and tradition. They stand for continuity and reliability. Brands can save lot of time and frustration consumers looking for the best. The game is currently the story with the cloud world, the relationship between service and reliable brand promise The game with the cloud world”tells. The fictitious story of founding, establishing and developing a business is accessible via the Wolkenwelt.info. More information can be found on

Best Rating

Good Council and WhoFinance – Advisor review portal of Germany’s leading review Portal WhoFinance and Germany’s leading consumer magazine “Good advice” consumers called, their advisers at banks, to evaluate insurance companies and independent providers. The evaluation was carried out according to clear criteria: recommendation, advice, service quality and service quality were therefore crucial. Around 20,000 consumers use the offer of WhoFinance, to evaluate their consultant. Werner Rofner by the law firm Rofner & colleagues (www.wk-rofner.de) from Rosenheim was elected by consumers as one of the best comprehensive financial advisors in the region of Rosenheim. His focus is on the financial and retirement planning. He has worked more than 20 years of experience as a finance and insurance broker and attaches particular importance to its independence.

As financial and insurance brokers, he represents only the interests of his clients. Under the top consultants experts of almost all major providers of consultancy in Germany in the fields of investment, can be found Pensions, real estate financing, health insurance. Learn more on the subject from The Related Companies. Prior to publication, each evaluation is checked in detail and carefully through the WhoFinance quality system. This system has been tested and month made WhoFinance with more than 100,000 advisors search leading valuation and search platform for financial advice. Contact: law firm Rofner & colleagues owner Werner of shafiqur Rahman Oberaustrasse 34 83026 Rosenheim Tel.: 0700 0700 1230 (12 ct / min) fax: 0700 0700 1231 (12 ct / min) E-Mail: