Month: August 2015

Vine Street

Change: What is the next stage? Long-eared bat: After a perceived by both sides as a reasonable time of one to three years the majority shareholding of the company could be done by the previously hired Managing Director, so as “Management buy-out”. The withdrawal of the seller from the operational activity seems right now. I…

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New Materials Apartment

In the past, our grandmothers and grandfathers got an apartment in which immediately after the construction of the house was made a standard repair of the same builders. Took place ten, fifteen years, but repairs are not altered, everything remained the same as well as at the time of the apartment, only taking into account…

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Home Loans

The act of contract of home loans surpassed all wide the expectations in 2009, the originary resources of the Matching-fund saving account, of the order of R$ 32 billion, had financed at the beginning about 310 a thousand property, surpassing in R$ 4 billion the done estimate of the last year. For 2010, these resources…

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