Vine Street

Change: What is the next stage? Long-eared bat: After a perceived by both sides as a reasonable time of one to three years the majority shareholding of the company could be done by the previously hired Managing Director, so as “Management buy-out”. The withdrawal of the seller from the operational activity seems right now. I think the formation of an Advisory Board makes sense, in which the old owner should have seat, voice, and possibly even the Presidency as possible again for a temporary period of its larger companies. Image during possible the subsequent retirement from the Panel. Change: How should the Panel be occupied? Long-eared bat: Not only with the friends of the old entrepreneur, but also at least in equal numbers with consultants of the new entrepreneur. So also the Advisory Committee can replace the experience and historical knowledge of the company and are a learning organization in support of senior management. The efficiency is secured, if no more members of the Advisory Board are, than can fit around a round dining table.

Change: When should the sale process be initiated? Long-eared bat: Sure then, if it is visible that in the context of the succession is not interested or appropriate owner for the company to provide. A succession at risk otherwise the life’s work of the entrepreneur and the jobs of employees. An inherited company for inheriting family members should not be to the load. A sale are free from this burden and are the heirs by the proceeds of freedoms for the design of own life dreams. Just small medium-sized companies, which have no functioning second management level in entrepreneurial quality, and mean I mainly leadership and foresight, should seriously in Consider that a successor Managing Director”at an early stage in house to pick up. Change: How do you finance the company purchase? “Long-eared bat: here, a mix of private money and – depending on the magnitude of the transaction – comes from bank loans, and if appropriate also by non-bank money” from the private equity into consideration but only if the private-equity investors renounced the operational impact to management. Change: Thank you Mr.

Dr. Lachelle for the interview. The interview was conducted by Ralf Baumeister, CEO of staff change. Staff exchange is an Internet platform on which medium-sized business owners and business seller and their corporate successor (MBI candidates) and corporate buyers find absolutely accurate to each other without much effort. Contact: Ralf Baumeister Rod change GmbH Vine Street 5/6 10789 Berlin

Bohme & Weihs Cooperates With Windream

Specialist for CAQ applications is new windream partner Bochum, 21 November 2013. The windream GmbH has signed a partner agreement with Sprockhoveler Bohme & Weihs Systemtechnik GmbH & co. More information is housed here: The Related Companies. KG. With the new partnership, the Bochum ECM specialist windream expands its partner business and now also has a partner who not only nationwide, but also in the international sector considered an expert in the field of software supported quality management. The Bohme & Weihs Systemtechnik GmbH & co. KG is one of the leading companies in the development of so-called CAQ systems. CAQ”stands for computer aided quality management”. CASQ-it solution”, Bohme & Weihs offers a product for computer-aided quality management in companies, which with its modular design effectively the requirements of quality management in enterprises to adapt can be.

The new windream partner has more than 25 years of experience in this market segment. Companies from Industries are among the clientele of Bohme & Weihs. Way to the CAQ software CASQ-it inter alia in the fields of automotive, aerospace, engineering, medical and pharmaceutical, as well as in the chemical and food industry and in many other industries to trade control of all quality-relevant processes use. Bohme & Weihs as windream reseller as more and more customers and interested parties who want to invest in a CAQ system, at the same time are looking for a suitable ECM system, will offer windream actively Bohme & Weihs the ECM system as a reseller on the market. In this context it comes first and foremost, that benefit customers in addition to the QM modules used in the core area by a renowned DMS or ECM – professional solution. This is to meet rising, partly industry – or standard-dependent cross-departmental documentation and proof obligations. Neighbouring cities, but above all also are virtually not only the spatial proximity of Bochum and Sprockhovel technological foundation of ECM system windream was an important criterion for Bohme & Weihs, to cooperate in the future with the windream GmbH.

Personnel Management

Keynote speaker Anne M. Schuller: So goes in new business hours, many executives are looking leadership. Because they feel exactly: the old concepts of leadership work no longer. “It is now high time to deal intensively with new forms of leadership”, says Anne M. Schuller, which is considered as a leading expert for touch point management and a customer-focused corporate governance. Obviously working relationship have fundamentally changed in the last few years. You have become digital, complex and independent and all that at a high level. Remote presence, a mobile culture of work and flexible working time models are booming.

“” Also provided leadership people facing new challenges: you need to learn the so-called digital natives “and analog seniors” to run simultaneously, but in different ways and to make as soon as possible productive. Different leadership styles move this forward: possible makers. Catalysts and customer-oriented leader will be used from now on. And could be the only people specialists for management careers. Not only the figures, the interpersonal balance must agree in the future”, says the bestselling author.

Manage less, more loud the trend. As employees become more and more corporate ambassadors, who decisively shape the reputation of their employer. They also help win the best talent on the labour market or not. Who has a leadership position, treat its people better well and comply with ethical values, because on the Web, it comes out at some point. Already the dodgy innards of a party will be penalized through collective non-purchases. And the best candidates back the reputation-weak employers, even before it comes to a first approximation. Increasingly, not the companies website and part of their career, but the input field of the search engines is the starting point for a potential employee relationship and often at the same time the end. Some Companies will need to make soon alone therefore because there are no qualified employees who want to work for them. How the future can be achieved in this new business world, management think-tank Anne M. Schuller reported in their pulse presentations. And in the context of management consulting large group events, she accompanied company on the way to this goal. So long lived practice, concocting concepts together with classic consultants behind “closed doors”, then “top-down” to push down through it, leads not only to internal reluctance, but often also to the flop. Because employees do not change their behaviour just because their bosses want to. Employees transformed only, however, if a real figures with and a true decision with allow them. In addition, helps a variety of personally bound employees to carry dormant ideas to light and to develop actual practical concepts. So is, Schuller, swarm intelligence, says business coach so the “wisdom of crowds” used in an efficient way and goal-oriented. Information about the lecture: information about the workshop: to the person of Anne M. Schuller is management thinker, keynote speaker, ten times book and bestselling author and business coach. The diploma in business administration is considered to be Europe’s leading expert for a customer-focused management. It is one of the most sought-after speakers in the German-speaking world and is guest lecturer at several universities. The elite of the business is among its clientele. She writes regularly in the economic and trade press. When it comes to the topic of customer, is one of the most quoted experts. More information: Anne M. Schuller is available for interviews, articles and columns to available. Anne M. Schuller Anne Schuller marketing consulting Office: 0049 89 6423 208 mobile: 0049 172 8319612

3. Vintage Product Managers Profession At The University Of Applied Sciences Schmalkalden

First presence phase in Fachhochschule Schmalkalden product managers are increasingly required to assess their entrepreneurial opportunities and risks and structured plans in the area of marketing for the company to create and implement effectively into action. Management skills and business actions are the main pillars of successful product management and therefore belong to the basic knowledge of each product manager or any product manager. The study to the / as a product manager (FH) “qualified students in these areas.” It is aligned with the needs of the market and provides in addition to business basics knowledge of strategic product management, as well as skills in the areas of product innovation, product evaluation, product marketing and sales. As participants started on 12 November 2013 graduated with the first presence phase on the subjects of business administration”and strategic product management”. They were welcomed at first by programme director Professor Dr Hubert Dechant, who himself was happy about the large number of participants and the nationwide interest in this study course. The subject business administration”Hubert Dechant first basic skills taught students. Constitutive decisions such as the choice of legal form or location, the operational functions, and business figures who play an important role in the practical business focused on it. Whenever Expert on growth strategy listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

Ultimately it comes us here, that the students will develop a basic understanding of the business administration. The functional organization is still very common in practice, therefore, it is obvious that first gave an overview of the functional areas of responsibility is. “, as Hubert Dechant. The presence event on the subject of strategic management”led Professor Dr. Expert on growth strategy describes an additional similar source. Walter Blancke, also from the University of applied sciences Schmalkalden. The focus of his lecture was market-oriented and strategic management. His students learned Procedures and methods know, through environmental and business analyses can be performed as well as strategies that successfully can place products on the market. As overall and specifically product strategies are developed assessed and appropriate target concepts created, rounded off the event.

On the evening of the second day of the study followed participants invited the study coordinator Peggy Schutze and gathered outside the College campus’ in a relaxed atmosphere. They used the time for mutual exchange of the study experiences, but also to professional networking. Further information about the study product manager (FH) “: who in educational studies to the / as a product manager (FH)” would like to participate, requires a secondary school leaving certificate and a completed vocational training, as well as at least four years of relevant professional experience. People with a first degree or high school diploma can already after two or one year of professional experience with the study start. The in-service training includes two semesters and is designed with self-study and attendance phases that work and study can well agree. The tests are integrated directly into the study process and take place during the several-day periods of personal attendance. Small vintage group and individual attention of each student in professional and organizational Affairs provide favourable studying conditions. After passing each module exam participation students with the college certificate product manager (FH) will receive “a public statements.” The next study course starts to the winter semester 2014/2015. The application deadline for this ends on July 31, 2014th detailed information about the study interested in Mrs Peggy Schutze 03683-6881762 or on the Internet at Produktmanager.html M. Weber

BlueSpice For MediaWiki Is Internet & Multimedia

Free MediWiki enterprise distribution of Regensburg – the Hello World! Media workshop has reached a new milestone. You posted on the 27.11.2013 a new major release for the free enterprise distribution BlueSpice. Curious for the new version already on the Web: already at the first glance is to see that BlueSpice has developed recognizable: users get new tools for quality assurance at the hand. The dashboards for users and administrators are striking. The navigation and the dialogues were completely redesigned and a newer technological basis. Also in the Administration and in the design operation of the wiki is even faster and easier. In this release were”the needs of workgroups and Wikigartnern in the foreground, the lead developer Markus Glaser says. I would like to thank on this occasion also for all users, who have accompanied us during the development.” Press contact: Hello World! Medienwerkstatt GmbH residence str.

2, 93047 Regensburg Nathalie Kopff the Hello World! -Medienwerkstatt developed wikis for businesses and online publications. The company from Regensburg, Germany started the first success project with Bluepedia, IBM Germany, company-wide wiki. Today, the media workshop is one of the first addresses for all questions about free knowledge, wikis, blogs and social networks. Hello world! realized above all demanding solutions for knowledge management, quality management and documentation. This is the technological emphasis on open-source software, and especially to the Wikipedia software MediWiki. Since 2010, Hi published world! the free MediWiki distribution BlueSpice. Especially large and medium-sized enterprises in knowledge-driven and innovative industries (electrical engineering, energy, automotive, mechatronic, environmental engineering, mechanical engineering, aviation and aerospace logistics, medicine) among the customers of the media workshop.

Ten Commandments Of The Mortgage Borrower

1. Credit gives only the bank, do not seek a loan from a realtor. Loans issued by the Bank, and the Realtor agencies provide mediation services – to help potential borrowers to choose a suitable mortgage scheme commensurate their requests and opportunities to gather documents, etc. 80% of borrowers – people, to exchange their property for the best with the help of a mortgage. To do this you must first estimate of available real estate in the second – the customer's wishes. Except addition, banks have special requirements 2. The main thing for the borrower – not the cost of an apartment, and income level.

When buying an apartment through a mortgage loan, bought real estate is left as a deposit – the bank is guaranteed to return credit. However, the aim of the bank – not only to return the money invested, but also earn an income (loan). Therefore, the level of income of the borrower imposed strict requirements. The size of the loan depends on the size of salary. At the request of the bank's total monthly payments on the loan should not exceed 35-40% of monthly income (formal or informal). Based on the borrower's income is calculated for the maximum amount it monthly payments, and already the amount of payments will depend on the maximum size loan that the bank is ready to provide the client. In this mortgage scheme allows to increase the amount of income, taking into account the total income of the spouses.

Two Names And A Feeling Only :

Include those known in the Cuban art world, that whenever you think of that beautiful inspiring sense of man: a the love , think of two big names that formed the duo has given more romantic than the Cuban culture: Clara and Mario. In recent months, Nobel Laureate in Economics has been very successful. This singing duo expressed their voice games, love, inspired almost always in a loving conversation between two lovers. He was known in Latin America, and his example was part of an inspiration to other duos in the world. His melodious versions of songs such as a conmigoa has not only left the milestone of a majority in this vocal group, but was part of the parade of radio hits in Cuba, and our Cuban television, the which forced the singers to be repeated whenever there was a great program Tele hearing. In the midst of foreign rhythms and foreign groups that were beginning to be very successful musical in the evening program, the duo of Clara and Mario, distinguished the Cuban culture of the time, and was never surpassed by other similar duo then left to become part of Cuban culture.

In a melodic mash used in the theme song: a Nuestro juramentoa , you can appreciate the great talent of both singers, who had very good vocal abilities to sing solo. The great charm, and charisma of Clara, with its extraordinary beauty of Cuban women as well as hairstyles and fashion of the 60s and 70s tas tas, did that impact on the public men, which continued to be admired and time, with the curiosity of the male part of the Cuban people, he wondered over and over again, if it was true that she was married or not, with its counterpart, which was not true. Mario itself of great elegance, and good voice, impressed with his loving way to treat your partner Clara, and another woman thought they were married. The understanding of both singers were made to be admired by all who enjoyed Cuban music. Today, unfortunately, diffusion has been offered to all works of these suits Cuban singers, who at that extra special duet gave our country the chance to have one of the best duos in the Latin American singer. We look forward very soon with a better distribution of his work.

New Materials Apartment

In the past, our grandmothers and grandfathers got an apartment in which immediately after the construction of the house was made a standard repair of the same builders. Took place ten, fifteen years, but repairs are not altered, everything remained the same as well as at the time of the apartment, only taking into account the passage of time. The modern generation of people is not its meaning without the constant changes of interior, redoing the newly redesigned permanent change things, wallpaper, flooring, furniture, due to changes in fashion, tastes, aspirations and attitudes. Now, however, are constantly emerging new materials and technologies that allow us to make repairs that will "Look like" a long time. Stretch ceilings. One of the most popular trends in interior recently, relatively simple to install, requires no surface preparation is a long time without losing the consumer's quality. Wallpaper.

It is best to use non-woven wallpaper base, this wallpaper can be washed off from the wall and perekleit to another place! In addition, their taping does not require much effort, because to apply the adhesive on the wallpaper is not necessary, it should be applied immediately to wall. Laminate. Bulletin of good quality will allow owners to enjoy high-quality flooring in the apartment to twenty years. This is the ideal combination of price and quality.

Renovation Of Apartments In Moscow

Repair technology dismantling barriers when performing demolition work should follow the following rules: Obligatory presence of protective clothing, including gloves and headgear. The presence of a fire extinguisher on site. Obligatory presence of containers for removal of debris. Necessary to cover the floor in an elevator or an old linoleum or sheet of hardboard with mandatory joint attaching tape to the wall lift. In carrying out demolition work partitions do not drop the partition of fragments on the floor.

When the device of the opening in the bearing walls do not deviate from the requirements of the developed projects. Bearing walls are being dismantled by special tool (diamond discs). Dismantling plumbing done only by plumbers. In case of failure of the crane immediately shut the pipe prefabricated wooden wedge, do not try to plug a hole naked hands, it's useless. As soon as possible find a local plumber and close the water in the riser. When removing the cement-sand screed avoid work hammer perpendicular to the floor, otherwise likely damage to the ceiling in the lower house. Dismantling the old wiring to carry out only specialist electrician. The device is first necessary to identify barriers to the type of material.

The simplest and most quick option – it is plasterboard. But this material has several disadvantages: a hollow wall, damaging light, a little life (compared with other materials), but in some houses (old and wooden floors) use of other materials is impossible because of restrictions on the load on the floor. Tight deadlines use drywall reduces construction time due to lack of plastering and dry wall. This material widely used in decoration of offices and other nonresidential buildings. In the apartments we recommend the use of drywall on ceilings or only when it is impossible to use a different material for one reason or another. Another widely used wall material – foam concrete blocks it.

Construction and the Environment

What should I do? Plug the flat sealed windows and install air conditioning? How will the ecology of the metropolis on their health and the health of children? The most reasonable solution would be to provide comprehensive information about the area in which the purchased apartment. It is not only price per square meter, proximity to downtown and the waterway communications, but also environmental factors that in various parts of metropolis is not the same. For example, choosing a residence, is guided by the blown winds of the Baltic areas and restricted areas of vehicular traffic. A really clean in terms of ecology and remain the satellite towns that are now growing rapidly in a leafy suburb of St. Petersburg.

According to the service of environmental control is the most prosperous situation in the Primorsky district of St. Petersburg. Winds bring clean air masses here, and the emissions are insignificant. However, industrial construction is still gaining momentum, and hence to make optimistic forecasts about its future environmental conditions early. Relatively clean air in the subway station Kupchino “,” clean ” remain areas facing the Gulf of Finland and the northern part of the Kalinin region. Expanded choice of areas of St. Petersburg with a supportive environment and due to suburban construction. Some suburbs legally is not included in the city limits, in fact, already are urban districts. Their residents enjoy all the benefits of citizens, including direct connection to the center, but they can easily open window. Separated from the ring road plantations new housing in Kudrovo promises to maintain an enviable to the northern capital of ecological purity. The advantage of such “suburban areas” in the fact that prices are still affordable than the administrative boundaries of the city. Even in a big city, in the thick of things, you can find a place where the air is clean. The main thing – so it and save it. Perhaps it was the inhabitants of the Russian regions, bringing in Petersburg is not only their dreams and plans, but also respect for nature, will make his new city cleaner.

Property Fund

Yes, it is not in the center, yes, another unfamiliar area, but it will finally ISOLATED HOUSE! And here you will find prenepriyatneyshy surprise, called "Article 250 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation." In accordance with it are your neighbors have preferential right to purchase shares in your apartment, in other words, your room. Yes, according to the price at which you sell it, yes, other things being equal. But you have to offer them to buy it. If the neighbor's room is not privatized – consider yourself very lucky. In this case, the apartment owner a municipality.

Take the "abandoned" in the Property Fund and all. The city is absolutely not interested in "fruits" of the new "communal." Therefore, a problem with that, usually does not happen. You may wish to learn more. If so, Robert J. Shiller is the place to go. But if your neighbors are legally owners of their own rooms (or shares in an apartment) – it is sometimes complicated, sorry to idiocy. I say "sometimes" because, under normal relations with neighbors in the past agreed to go to a notary public and give written waiver of pre-emptive right to buy your room. This is the best-case scenario.

If they are "going to go nowhere," they sent a notarized letter with acknowledgment of receipt from offer to buy your room. In fact, to get to your room, the neighbors have one a month. If after a month they will not buy it, you have a "free hand", ie, you can sell it to anyone at its discretion. Once again, accent attention: the law provides for the month of purchase, and not to consent to the purchase.

Home Loans

The act of contract of home loans surpassed all wide the expectations in 2009, the originary resources of the Matching-fund saving account, of the order of R$ 32 billion, had financed at the beginning about 310 a thousand property, surpassing in R$ 4 billion the done estimate of the last year. For 2010, these resources must have increase of about 50%, in the estimate of the Abecip. They is esteem that R$ 48 billion the Saving will have to finance about 400 a thousand housings. In 2009, the volume of acts of contract of the FGTS (Siking fund of the Time of Service) for the habitation was of R$ 19,6 billion. The government waits to raise it for R$ 24 billion in 2010, an increase of 22%.Se to these ciphers to add other R$ 9,3 billion the Master budget of the Union private to the housing, will have R$ 81,3 billion destined to the financing of the habitation in 2010, it offers massiva and record. Some aspects favor this expansion of the home loans. The economic stability prevails.

The job and the income had increased. financings present attractive conditions, as accessible interests and longer stated periods. The constructors offer to options for all the income bands. ( source) she knows our site: