Month: March 2016


Come on vacation and feel like at home, does it work? Time out again, heading south. Lake Garda – refreshing blue between olive groves and peaks invites you to active holidays. Especially the region on the northern shore of Lake Garda is known for its young audience that comes to climbing, mountain biking and surfing.…

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Aloe Vera

Raw material export, Brazil is a heavyweight, particularly in iron ore, crude oil and agricultural products such as soy, sugar and coffee. The actual value or finishing these goods happens today still more widely abroad or with foreign support. Especially against the background of increasing domestic consumption, form a variety of interesting perspectives, not only…

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Recycle Bin

I put over me if it could really work, one such high amount of money in such a short time to be able to earn. As once again a charge reminders and money payments fluttered in my mailbox, I thought once again of this email and thought to myself that I have really nothing to…

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