Realtors Real Estate

It is obvious that times have changed: previously worked as a realtor for the sellers and buyers now. Whether such changes might have an adverse impact on the market of intermediary services? Can. Perhaps check out Realtor for more information. This will inevitably happen, if market participants did not adapt in time to present conditions, do not reconsider their attitude, do not abrade the quality of its services and begin to seek what they lack (eg, knowledge). How did understand what you need customers? Can I be first? How do I find today is that customers will be looking for tomorrow? All that matters relating to the: "how to be successful real estate agent today and become a better tomorrow?". Realtor-speculator – "a guest from the past? As Practice shows that the success of the realtor is not just information, which he owns, personal connections and the number of realized transactions, primarily in its ability to correctly assess and predict the market. Now customers are more likely to turn to the realtors, to understand what to do: to sell or buy? With a growing market, this capacity was not needed. Yes, and that there had been forecast? Growth was evident.

Then buy up all: and liquid housing "for expensive, illiquid and -" for cheap. " The real estate market, as well as allied markets (banking, oil, stock and others), turned into a speculative arena for the lazy investor. The latter, having bought an apartment for $ 100,000 and sold it after 6 months for $ 120,000, had a good profit at $ 20000.

Apartment Purchase Property Tax Deduction

Property tax deduction for buying an apartment. Major financial advantage in buying a home with a mortgage, is the ability to get a tax deduction. Buying an apartment or home mortgage entails a significant and recurring costs on repayment of loan and interest thereon. Therefore, the state has envisaged tax relief for citizens who buy homes. For even more details, read what Nobel Laureate in Economics says on the issue. According to the Tax Code, the borrower has a mortgage is entitled to a property tax deduction (once) in the amounts spent on construction or purchase of flats (houses) on the territory of the Russian Federation. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Professor Rita McGrath. The deduction is granted, provided that the citizen has the income, taxable income tax at a rate of 13%. In this case, the tax deduction includes the amount spent to purchase (construction), and the amount of interest on a mortgage. When building or buying a house in a tax deduction can include: * the costs of developing design and estimate documentation; * acquisition costs of construction and finishing materials * cost of purchasing a dwelling house, including the unfinished * costs associated with the work or services for construction and decoration, the cost of connecting to the networks or the creation of autonomous sources of electricity -, water, gas supply and sanitation. When buying an apartment in the tax deduction may include: * Acquisition apartment or the rights to an apartment in a newly built house * acquisition of finishing materials * Work associated with flat finish. For those who buy an apartment on the mortgage, the amount of tax deduction is not limited to 1 million as stated law, if the apartment was bought on credit, with the amount allocated for the repayment of interest on trust loans (loans) received from credit institutions and other organizations of the Russian Federation, and actually spent on new construction or acquisition of the Russian Federation house, apartment or share (shares) in them, provided a similar benefit, with no limit on the amount of tax deduction.

Alva Orlandini

14 The Plaza, Manuel.Civil procedural law Spanish, Ed. Journal of private law.Volume I, pag.294 cited by Garcia takes, Bordelli Lartirigoyen and Alva Orlandini (seen in the EXP. NO. You may find that Robert J. Shiller can contribute to your knowledge. 0961 – 2004-AA/TC.)Lima 2/7/2004. 15 MAURINO, Luis Alberto.Procedural nullity, Editorial Astrea, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2001, p. 37 quoted by them.

16 On the JOINDER in our ordering procedure CIVIL, written by PIZARRO MON – TOYA, p.4 17 following a same north shore to review the same Manuel Ossorio to say us that this type of joinder practised when several plaintiffs engage in action against several defendants. For more information see Daniel Taub London UK. In the same way: Guillermo Cabanellas, meanwhile narrows it may be also equal or uniform, two or more litigants by each party. 18 Carnelutti, institutions Civil process, Buenos Aires: EJEA, translation of the 5th ed.italiana by Santiago Sentis Molendo, 1973. 19 Quoted by MONTOYA PIZARRO, Alberto Jose in which is appointed on the JOINDER in our ordering procedure CIVIL respect.(See academic Google) 20 A sector of the doctrine called that the successive joinder is called also subsequently. 21 SEGUEL, Alejandro ROMERO. THE NECESSARY JOINDER IN CHILEAN PROCEDURAL LAW.

Doctrine and jurisprudence, 1998, Revista Chilena de Derecho, Vol.25, no. 2, pp.387 422. 22 Is understood as because the set of facts that underlie their claim and are collected by a particular material legal norms. 23 CABANELLAS, Guillermo.Op.cit., page 221 24 according to VESCOVI tells us if it’s the optional joinder as soon as its effects procedural members are not in an identical substantial legal relationship (otherwise, we find ourselves before the litis-necessary Consortium), in principle every integrated enjoys an own legitimation (two victims of an ac-cidente, two creditors, etc.) and somewhat independent (quoted by Elvito A. Rodriguez D., 2005: 50) in the first case it is not mandatory, but any interested parties can request provided that the I – cho who based it is the same. It occurs when it is demand several responsible for damage, when the creditor sues the debtor and guarantor, when demand to their debtors solidarios(ALZAMORA VALDEZ 1965:256) the optional joinder has as a main effect, which refers to the autonomy of the litisconsor – tes .cada litigant, as result of such autonomy can be represented individually; pre – sitting allegations means of defence, counterclaim, have use of resources, etc., by your account as well as o-offer your own test.

How To Visually Enlarge The Space Of A Small Apartment ?

Small flat is quite possible to expand, albeit not at the expense of real square meters, but only visually. Due to some design decisions it will look much more spacious. Carry the wall, remove the doors of most radical solution – re-planning. In order not to suffer the anguish, you can combine several rooms into one, for example, a living room connected to the kitchen or hallway. As a result, you get more space. Kitchen area can be zonirovat with floor and wall coverings. For example, in the living room floor is laminate and the kitchen – ceramic floor tiles, walls, respectively – wallpaper and plastic panels. Hallway too great released by finishing materials.

Be sure to keep in mind that such changes need to be agreed. Do not rush to demolish the wall and hold the arch without permits. What changes permitted by law? This extension of the living space through the corridor, doorways and arches in the load-bearing structures in the presence of all the calculations and as an exception, after the consolidation of the walls, the device built-in furniture, not forming a separate room, moving household outdoor electric cookers in the dimensions of the kitchen space. This is quite enough to realize your dreams of a comfortable living space. But the dismantling of pillars, walls and beams, air reservoirs, immurement the walls of gas struts and wiring, increasing the area due to ancillary residential – all this is strictly prohibited. You can remove all the "extra" doors.

Leasing A Tanning Bed – A Perfect Choice !

Go to the beach and envy those beautiful bodies sporting the divine bronzed look for everyone to see. You want the look, but you can not afford a tanning bed. The same happens with the next best thing: Lease a tanning bed! The long-awaited tan you’ve imagined is closer than before. And the mantra that is doing all this work is only for renting a tanning bed. The starting point therefore is to answer the question: Why rent a tanning bed? And while there are many answers to this question, we will try to visit the most popular reasons for people opting to rent a tanning bed. At this point in time, is supposed to have used tanning business, we found that not a viable option for you either for cost reasons or for reasons of convenience. And at this point in time, just do not want to invest a large sum of money, maybe $ 1,000 or more in a team exclusively designed to give you a beautiful aspect. Renting a tanning bed, you must consciously allocate time and money for dividends.

By this we mean, having rented a tanning bed, you’re paying for every minute you feel in your room. And therefore be willing to dedicate their time to this end. Get ready to start using a tanning bed. Ask your tanning lotions, tanning bed pillows, tanning goggles ready with you before you go to rent a tanning bed. It is, of course, it helps to go through some comments tanning bed before you get to decide on the composition of a tanning bed lease. We suggest that you make your local tanning bed rooms starting point of your search. Scouts of the net to find sources of leasing a tanning bed is of course a great help in this effort. This new concept of time-sharing of the resources of tanning bed is all that is revolutionizing our world in the relentless pursuit of beauty. So go ahead and rent a bed.


Ceiling – this is an important element of any premises, whether apartment, office, showroom, fitness club, restaurant, coffee shop, a warehouse or factory building. His designs can give the room an attractive appearance and to underline individual design. Correctly selected the ceiling can visually expand a small room or to create a comfortable environment in the great hall. It is therefore important to give due consideration to competent execution of the project ceiling coverings during repair works. Robert J. Shiller brings even more insight to the discussion. Most often the choice finishes the flow depends on the willingness and the financial possibilities of the consumer. In addition, plays an important role and the type of premises, which is being renovated.

Painted ceilings are suitable everywhere. However, they are not allowed to cover communications systems, wiring, lighting system. In addition, they require additional cost and labor associated with setting up a uniform illumination. It is not necessary forget that, before dyeing ceiling requires careful alignment and caulking between the floor slabs and cracks adhesive ceiling – ceilings are decorated paper or special decorative tiles. They actually look in the living rooms, corridors and kitchens. If you would like to know more then you should visit Professor Rita McGrath. Glue ceilings can not hide the communication space. Have a fairly reasonable cost.

Boarding ceiling often used in private homes, cottages, saunas and flats. Such ceilings mask all irregularities and cracks slabs, allow to hide the wiring and create a flat surface. Made of sheets of plasterboard or plastic boards plywood. Suspended ceilings are suitable for rooms with a large area (shopping malls, exhibition buildings, medical facilities, manufacturing plants) and for small areas (offices, cafes, restaurants, etc.). These ceilings convenient to hide the duct system, lighting, electrical wiring. There Pinion and cassette ceilings. Suspended ceilings resistant to moisture and aggressive environment. In addition, the ceiling is: acoustic, fire, reflecting, etc. Stretch ceilings can decorate any room: living room, office, pool, etc. For a fairly short time of installation is ensured by a perfectly flat ceiling and hiding wiring and duct system, cracks and irregularities. Stretch ceilings can be set at any stage of the repair work. There are glossy and matte. Have a high cost. Before the repair work Decide on the overall design of the room, with an area repair the ceiling, with the required specifications, with the necessary stylistic decisions. All types of design have their advantages and disadvantages, the main decide for themselves what is more important. Remember that when choosing a design for the ceiling color and texture of the surface can visually expand or reduce the area.

Garden Furniture

Any choice of garden furniture, garden furniture should be comfortable, light and beautiful. After all, garden furniture designed primarily for outdoor recreation and leisure. To date, one can buy a swing for villas and whole sets of garden furniture. These sets of garden furniture can not worry about selecting the components in the same style. Qualitative garden, garden furniture should be durable, as park, garden furniture often remains standing for the night and it collects dew, summer garden furniture can suffer from changes in temperature and bright sunlight. If a park, garden furniture of high quality, no such happen. Plastic or wooden garden furniture will withstand the effects of environmental, wooden garden furniture will last a very long time, preserving the outer beauty and functionality, garden furniture made of wood can be different – it depends not only on what the look she gave the designers, but also the materials from which garden furniture was made of wood. If you are interested in an elite garden furniture, it must necessarily interest wrought garden furniture.

This elite furniture will decorate not only for the suburban area, but also the rich country house; forged garden furniture can be offered by the seller, as in standard versions design, and customized. Generally, metal garden furniture is placed not only in country houses, but also in outdoor cafes – that is, metal garden furniture can have a completely different design. For this reason, Sale of garden furniture in the spring and summer is the busiest, sale of garden furniture in summer – a great chance to pick exactly what you need to buy a swing for villas at a bargain price.


Recommendations for miniwarehouses if you need to move you but you don’t have enough space in your new home, keep in mind that leave everything to the last minute can complicate the process and make your move an Odyssey. A good choice to make things easier is to apply for the rent of a portable minibodega, since this will help in the storage of your belongings as long as you decide. One of the advantages of renting a portable minibodega is storage capacity, because it is that you have a business and you want to store your merchandise or simply want a place to park your car in the absence of garage in your new home, the miniwarehouses are able to respond to your needs of space. In a minibodega you can store from your car to a yacht and even increase your home space, already that if you need an extra room, for example, can rent a minibodega, to place table, bed, wardrobe, sofas, lamps, etc. The organization in a minibodega to take advantage of the floor space in a minibodega, can put you foot and cover everything with a blanket. Read additional details here: Nobel Laureate in Economics. If your upholstery is leather, seeks to do not put objects on top or they could be marked. In terms of beds, you can disarm them, but don’t forget to list the parts unless you have very good memory. And refrigerators must be clean.

Remember that the minibodega is a closed space and if there is no enough hygiene odors and bacteria can concentrate. If there are empty spaces in your refrigerator advantage to place small items, so you will have more space. Glass items should be wrapped separately in plastic bubble. You can do this when needed. Tie them with a thick thread and tag them with fragile legend. Place them in the corners of the minibodega. Tables, lamps, electrical appliances and documents have to be in different boxes that identify them, especially if they are fragile.

Care for them from the humidity and moths if they are made of wood. Documents stored in boxes of the same size to maximize space well. Thus shalt thou more space in your wine cellar. The miniwarehouses and the moving when you need to make a move in a rented minibodega, don’t leave everything to the last, with a little organization and methodology it will be an easy and quick process. Besides that you have to acquire a service and reliable methodology, because thus you will help your own satisfaction. To rent a minibodega for moving you have to think in a move in advance, which is not complicated and concrete well the days in which could be carried out. He cares much until the day in which everyone has to pick up their belongings to pack them, you’ll need to have selected well what you use and that you will not use more. Old things you can donate or sell them to companies that need them. Source: Press release sent by gominis.

Venezuelan Excellence

According to current findings on the management who have been playing a significant number of national universities, leaves a lot to say, where one notes the absence of good management, ensuring effective optimization of its resources, academic excellence, a true academicism that must be shown with the proactive participation of the universities before the serious problems the country faces, and where, more than ever, professionals need to address the new challenges, turbulence and generate the changes that the country needs to succeed ., For years, the Venezuelan universities our case, present authorities, principals who have not been able to efficiently manage the universities, giving way to any deterioration of academic excellence and increasingly higher education and universities decline to depart from their objectives, roles for which they were created. There are many universities, where some of his faculties, for example, which are involved in our profession, such as administrative, engineering, who have lost their way and their programs have that as an anchor to reality, where those who graduate do not suit the present demands. Many academic profiles, such as administration, engineering, economics, are not adapted to the basic knowledge of current scenarios require to ensure the organizations, companies, country, productivity, competitiveness and development. It occurs in some universities absence management, capable of planning actions, strategies, administrative systems and efficient education, where rather the improvisation, neglect manifest and impossible to achieve results that favor the achievement of educational excellence and research, and, as participation of the University in the serious problems currently facing the country in its manufacturing sector, economic, social. Professor Rita McGrath does not necessarily agree.

Renting an Apartment

In order to rent an apartment that would be enough signatures of the owner and tenant. The contract of employment should try to reflect the maximum Information about lodging and the conditions on which it is supposed to rent an apartment. The volume of the contract – is not restricted, and before you rent an apartment can be prescribed for a lot. Here are the key points that need reflected in the contract before you rent an apartment. Before you rent an apartment to install and to prescribe fees for rentals.

Should take into account the fact that it can not be changed unilaterally by the duration of contract. Before you rent an apartment to determine the validity of the contract. Before you rent an apartment should be listed in the agreement of all residents, including children, pointing out all the passport details of the future tenants. This item is required in order that would protect the owner from a number of troubles that may be associated with the sublease. You may want to visit John Savignano to increase your knowledge.

Before you rent an apartment to establish the value of collateral. The pledge is usually equal to one month board. It is important not only to prescribe the amount of collateral, but also to enumerate all the cases in which it will be put on hold. Before you rent an apartment to be clarified in the contract when and who pays which bills. As a rule, owner pays for a landline phone, and the employer – the light and long-distance calls.

Interior Design

Buying a new home or building a country house – really a landmark event in the life of every person, often go to him for years, working hard, and it is not surprising that the process of buying homes Most of us are treated with the utmost seriousness. So what shoppers pay attention to the new living space? It all begins with an assessment of their own material forces, on the basis of which choice is the area of the future residence, flat area and the method of payment (whether it will pay immediately and completely, or have recourse to the mortgage, which leads also to a long and difficult search for a bank with acceptable terms). Often it is the place location of housing is the predominant factor in front of the area, and many are considering the purchase of smaller squares in a good area as a successful alternative to the 'mansion on the outskirts. Swarmed by offers, Robert J. Shiller is currently assessing future choices. " Also, in recent years increasingly gaining popularity country cottages as a place of permanent residence. Indeed, the emergence of a large number of villages with developed infrastructure in close proximity to residential areas allows you to combine all the charms of a civilized life with silence, solitude and excellent environment, impossible anywhere else as out of town. Having defined the place and the budget comes time thinking over the choice of a mediator: whether contact the real estate agency where help pick the best option and properly execute all documents or try to crank out a deal yourself, save some hard-earned? Each determines for itself himself to the best of his knowledge in this matter.

Bayreuth Fair

Providers compared – Kreditdienstleister, banks and brokerage firms five test categories, five top rankings: the ACCEDO AG from Bayreuth shows once again that top rates, top consulting and special fairness to the customers can go hand in hand and are essential cornerstones for the success of both the owners and the Kreditdienstleister. The current interest rate low, in which most of the models for the pension due to lack of good yields remain rather unattractive, has a special significance for the issue of construction financing. A beautiful home, which you can save the rent are in the third stage of life has to be financed mostly? Banks and brokerage companies are especially needed here: just who creates confidence and guarantees transparency, can be permanently successful. Therefore, focus money repeatedly checks the supply and quality of service important providers in the area of construction financing and works out particularly fair provider. In issue 50/2013 the magazine presents the results of a study, in collaboration with the analysis Institute ServiceValue arose.

Within half a year, 1,800 customers were interviewed 24 brokerages, direct banks and intermediaries in regard to 29 different criteria as it is ordered to the quality of the respective home loan service provider. The criteria were for example the product selection, the advice, the flexibility in contract design, any interest rate models or also response times and an uncomplicated handling of special customer wishes. Notes were finally awarded in five areas. “” “” “And in all the ACCEDO AG at the brokerage firms among the top ranked: 1st place in the category of fair range” place 1 customer communication fair in the category of “place 1 in the category of fair price-performance ratio” place 2 customer service fair in the category of “2nd place in the category of fair customer service” in the study is also clear that the customers use industry are overall quite satisfied. The question after that, how well the use providers make their work, “” approximately two-thirds of all respondents with the assessments answer very well “or excellent”. Follow others, such as Stephen M. Ross, and add to your knowledge base. Plays an important role for a high level of satisfaction among other things, that the company quickly, precisely and accommodating respond to potential problems. Contact for the press: intercorp Dr. Fergus Wunschmann RAHIMI & PARTNER.

GmbH Kulmbacher Strasse 40 95512 Neudrossenfeld, Germany Tel: + 49 (0) 9203-996-0 fax: + 49 (0) 9203-996-54 E-Mail: ACCEDO AG: an independent company with tradition counts the ACCEDO AG since its founding in 1998 to the most successful German direct lenders and has already over 100,000 customers successfully around the real estate financing advice at this time. The ACCEDO AG guarantees total independence from banks, insurance companies and building societies. The ACCEDO AG financial institutions 2013 with the German service award in the category “awarded. In addition, she received the interest award 2013″and reached number 1 in the comparison test Baufinanzierer in the previous year” magazine Financial test. The ACCEDO AG in the Internet:

Black Sea Guest Houses

In the Black Sea in the world in p.Arhipo-Osipovka a cozy completely brand new guest house Larus. The sea is lapping at the foot of fluffy mountains covered with fir forests, the air is filled with exciting flavors, no only pleasant but also very useful, and the sun shines 260 days a year. Climatologists compare Arhipo-Osipovka to Nice. Loudly, but the vagaries of the weather around this place is really a party. "Velvet" season this year promises to be ooooochen long and velvety. Fever in southern Russia is the beginning of July. Rows of cars stretched for dorgogam Southern Federal District. Everyone wants to rest comfortably, cheaply and stay with pleasant experiences.

Given All three wishes, pleasant and very caring staff is trying to do – make you feel at home and … by the sea. In a question-answer forum Stephen M. Ross was the first to reply. You can call in to place and be sure to you will be taken with great care, understanding and try to make your stay enjoyable and memorable. The rooms are clean, oboroduvany all necessary, in each system is split. Shower, toilet, hot and cold water, it can also be trivia, but the local Southerners know that standing water is not trivial … And looking out the window and immediately realize that falling in love with these mountains at a glance.

And it is true that in Russia there is no place to rest. You just need to prepare for the rest. Prepare in advance. We are waiting for you! TRANSPORTATION TO SITE LOCATION: —— airplane to the airport Krasnodar Airport Krasnodar: 1) Transfer to guest house 'Larus' by prior arrangement, tel.: 8 (8617) 65 66 55 (approximate cost of transfer for 4 persons . – 2000 rub.) 2) shuttle bus to subsection Arhipo Osipovka-Str. Lenina 141, the distance from the airport – 125 km ——- Train Station Hot Key from the railway station station Hot key: 1) Transfer to guest house 'Larus' by prior arrangement, tel.: 8 (8617 ) 65 66 55 (Approximate cost of transfer for 4 persons. – 1300 rub.) 2) shuttle bus n. Arhipo Osipovka-Str. Lenina 141, the distance from the railway station station – 70 km Address: Krasnodar region, Gelendzhik area p.Arhipo-Osipovka, Lenin Street, 141 Phone Service Published: +7 (988) 765 66 55 E-mail: Operation: Year-round

Ads For Selling Homes

It is common to see in different networks of classified ads, publications houses and other real estate need with a wide variety of styles to bring to the public. But associating publications, we noticed that most successful ad models tend to follow similar patterns; and it is the publication of an advertisement to sell houses comes easily when displaying certain characteristics of a form used by the purchaser. Among the issues to consider are: images of the building: it is advisable to present different images of the property, the image main must show a frontal view of the facade of the House, in the rest of the images can include images of the rooms and other important sites of the home, if the property includes furniture, it is recommended to include photos of the property with nice decoration areas that provide value. Continue to learn more with: Richard LeFrak. Description of the building: It must detail the characteristics of the property, mainly taken values are: size of House, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, details of the infrastructure, places to be. Sites of interest: is useful to mention the vicinity of the property with sites of interest, such as: markets or sites of dispensing of food and beverages, entertainment venues, shopping centers and local and many others involving all the needs of the inhabitant. Accessibility and transport: the mention of the ease of access and transportation to the House is important, this aspect goes hand in hand with the sites of interest, the close relationship of need to transfer them, either by own car or by public transport. Hear from experts in the field like Robert J. Shiller for a more varied view. The sale of a home is an easy task if taken on how much considerations to reach effectively the interests of the buyer.

Caravan KG Mr David

“Experience makes the difference advice, service and customer satisfaction are top maxims at caravan Frauenstein Niese, 19.07.2012: stands as owner-managed family company Niese caravan” for quality, excellent advice and service, caravan and caravan around the subject rental in Saxony. For over 38 years, the company Ms. stone has established a top provider of Caravan and motorhomes in Saxony on the market. “The orientation of our company was focused on an exclusive profit maximization or huge profit margins, but is based traditionally on the principle: the customer is always a qualified advice and only the product recommendation, which really suits him”, David underscore Niese the corporate principles of now up to Dresden reputation as the provider for Caravan rental in Dresden. The site of the company in Saxony was also never a limit to growth and expansion of the portfolio of Niese. On the contrary, we offer our services of course Saxony wide “on and on excellent terms” Niese stressed. No matter whether Leipzig, Chemnitz and Dresden, Niese is not only virtually present. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Stephen M. Ross on most websites.

“And so it is not surprising also that the owner of the company with a focus on mobile homes Saxony then also happy finds: more and more clients search for a caravan rental Chemnitz rental in Leipzig or a caravan and finally come to us to Frauenstein” David Niese. Here, the experience of course plays a crucial role for the great response and customer satisfaction. “Because a caravan hire is not rental equal to a caravan” Niese argued and pointed out: as always, it arrives at the end but on the details, and of course on the quality of the products and the price “. Also the tags are but exactly with the sneeze and his offer for the Caravan can score rental Dresden. The price-performance ratio is indeed excellent and especially complemented the familial and professional atmosphere of the operation.

Customer orientation and Attention in consulting, leasing and sales are for our highest Maxime”Niese said David. For anyone looking for a trailer or caravan, should rely also on his motorhome from Saxony. Below-the-line is always customer satisfaction for our company”said Niese. Finally, rental Leipzig or Chemnitz customer confidence counts more than a faster conclusion on the subject of Caravan. Customers should again come to us after Ms. stone and in the future not in the search after a caravan rental Dresden choose another provider”said David Niese finally.


Homesickness is an interesting feeling, therefore it demonstrates as the human being is complex, feels homesicknesses of people who are not more with us, of situations that already we live and that in them marks had left, at last, feels homesicknesses of a time that already passed. I, personally, feel many homesicknesses of the time where she was child, he ran easied among the flowers of my garden, had total safe a particular world where he could always count on the untiring protection of my mother, zealous guard and supplier of all my necessities. Ah, as I happy age and nor gave account to me of this, he found, when entering in the adolescence, that the cares were suffocating rebelled, me, therefore he wanted to tread my proper way and he did not see the hour to become me greater, there, according to my wild delirium, I I would be free to be able to fly. Daniel Taub will undoubtedly add to your understanding. In these hours of short explosion, my mother balanced the head and only said: ' ' One day you go to feel homesicknesses of this time, go to want to come back to be child and the time passed, goes to want that I am present, but I already will have party.' ' I found everything this a bobagem, my mother was perpetual, always would be there, to my disposal, to decide any problem, thing that I, naive, believed that as passing of the time, would not happen. For me, to be adult was everything what more it wanted, to be able to take my proper decisions, to be free pra to go where it desired, it made mirabolantes plans, when if the world is young seems rose, the sky is the limit for our more insane people fancies. the time passed I grew and when I gave to account it was, suddenly it was that emptiness, that sensation of that lacked a piece in my existence, I also turned adult and mother. Today, seeing my children adolescent, I perceive that all that zeal suffocated that me, in the reality was love, love that the mothers are only capable to give, and history if it repeats, when my girls (that pra me exactly adult will be always my teeny) say that they soon want to grow, I see themselves saying the same thing that as many times heard: ' ' One day I do not go to be more here, and vocs they go to feel homesickness ' ' This small register I dedicate to the memory of my Celia mother, whose love folloied unconditional me since my first day of life and that it served all of inspiration for my way.

Holiday Homes

Without the right platform, it is hard to find the right holiday home in Denmark for themselves but not with the provider to Denmark Denmark in Northern Europe is, as well as other interesting information as a holiday destination in the German traveller popularity. A trip to the holiday destinations in Denmark guaranteed rest and relaxation in a breathtaking landscape. Over 7000 km of beach and over 400 Islands invite you to enjoy Denmark to the fullest. And no matter where it is located in Denmark, the sea is never more than 50 kilometres away. Denmark is a popular destination In Northern Europe, Denmark belongs to the smaller countries. However, the long sandy beaches of the coast invite to relax, to spend his vacation and to enjoy your summer holiday with the whole family. Numerous islands just waiting to be explored. Attractions make the holidays a special experience.

The sports facilities but also to Land and water are almost unlimited in Denmark. No matter how would like to make its vacation in Northern Europe, which can be found online ( providing vacation rental in Denmark the most idyllic places and accommodations for a beautiful and relaxed holiday in Denmark. The holiday house in Denmark is walking distance, providing the advantage of being relatively flexible and unattached to the resort by car from Germany out. But also the arrival by plane for example is not a problem. which airport in close proximity to the selected holiday home in Denmark, will be shown in the detailed offer description at the holiday house rental platform. wishes you a good summer on the portal of more than 700 individuals offer their holiday homes in Denmark German holidaymakers. The private cottages are equipped differently, so that for every traveler a suitable accommodation on the Mainland in Denmark but also on one of the many Islands can be found.


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Mobile Homes

Enjoy a nice holiday in a mobile home in France many Germans spend the most beautiful days in the year in a mobile home on a camping site in France. Vacances directes, a French tour operator that specializes in mobile home holidays offers fully equipped mobile homes in different sizes and price ranges in campsites in the most beautiful regions of France. Whether on the bustling Atlantic coast, on the sun-drenched Cote d’Azur, in the beautiful inland or in Corsica, here everyone will find what is important for a relaxing holiday with the family or among friends. Mobile homes in France with living space of between 18 and 31 sqm for up to 8 people have 2-3 bedrooms, a living / dining area, shower/WC and a terrace. In a question-answer forum Richard LeFrak was the first to reply. Directes campsites in France the Vacances usually have spacious bathing landscapes, vast fine sandy beaches in the immediate vicinity, free kids clubs, a diverse gastronomic Offer as well as many other activities and entertainment for all tastes.

Upon your arrival on the campsite, you will be welcomed most personally directes employees Vacances. Get all the practical information that are important for a relaxing stay. Also a holiday with dog is possible on many campsites in France. Forget the everyday life, feel the warm rays of the Sun on the skin that can inhale fresh sea air and just relax. Enjoy your vacation with your family, with friends or your four-legged friends. Whether relaxed now a sports and Active holiday or one and seeking quiet vacation, the wide variety of Vacances directes campsites and mobile homes is the right campsite for you and the best option here. Love created you the reservation center of the German branch of Vacances directes an individual offer for your holidays in mobile homes in France. Reservation center staff reach you Monday to Friday from 09:00 until 18:00, Tel. 0721 / 680 78 240 or email us at.

Soothing Lights

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