Month: September 2016

Construction Waste

With our city growing more and more beautiful day by day, there is another problem plaguing us – the huge amount of construction waste is a serious impediment to the pace of urban development. As the environmental awareness is deeply rooted in the hearts of people, the simple and illegal dumping of construction waste landfill…

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But to the adentrarnos in the world of the commerce online we notice that one was about a different system, with very potential. we do not make a mistake in them. Currently we work in this way, we are owners of our time and we earn what we want. The LeFrak Organization recognizes the significance…

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Furniture are objects located in local housing and offices, which facilitate our daily serving as support or containers for other objects work. Based on the work for which they are intended they pre-selection in the different rooms of the House, then referring to the furniture of kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, etc. There are plenty…

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