Recently a man listened to a documentary regarding the prophecies of the Maya. I wonder do you think the world is coming to an end in December of 2012, as the Maya predicted? To which I replied! NOT remember the words the teacher when he said, but the end of the day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, but only my father. Best friend thinks that the Maya drunk in their futile and barbarous sacrifices were unable to distinguish clearly between good and evil. For assistance, try visiting Nobel Laureate in Economics. Reasons for acting with mediocrity and ignorance. And if we have to refute this kind of barbaric made great discoveries they deserve some sort of merit. We say that the ancient Greeks were much wiser.

And one more than the Greeks will judge them. Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo 2007 Distinguished scientists, intellectuals, thinkers, theologians, mathematicians, biologists, chemists, physicists, writers, philosophers, historians, astronomers, sociologists and politicians. Les images constitutes a thought. From a scientific way, intellectual and spiritual. In order that through the understanding of a few truths revealed by God to men to become wise. But I will make a warning. If after reading it, they want to analyze and understand the treaty. They are in good time invited to participate in the powerful eloquence that no longer flow into this trial. This requires clever thinking. Who is not, it is desirable to remove and try to learn those things that bring you closer to that status. Let’s get down to business.

Small Businesses

When everyone thought that social networks were already established, not to be behind Google launches its Buzz service to again revolutionize the market. It has the advantage of being integrated with Gmail, which means that it has a large potential audience of millions of people. If we take what we can improve radically our business. All who are very assiduous social networks will not have any problem in using Buzz that integrates Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare growing service functions. But there are some details that make it unique to Google Buzz and why you can not miss the opportunity to use it. (1) Collect the Feedback of customers: as Twitter, Buzz allows you to leave a message for our fans who subscribe to our updates. But there are some differences with regard to the messages. Perhaps check out Robert Speyer for more information.

Messages can be more than 140 characters including photos and links, while all messages are grouped together with the original message. Another important feature of the service also allows us to reply to messages in a manner direct either via mail or Google Talk. (2) Collaborate with others: for those who use gmail to communicate with other people, Google Buzz allows to create us a community with our contacts. If we follow people can clikear where it says Buzz so let’s see your updates. We can comment or follow them through chats or messages. (3) Collaboration: Buzz can be used to convey a message to all our followers and select groups of them. If ustede already had armed groups in Gmail you can use them to Buzz also.

If they have no vested groups they won’t have Poblem to create new. Post a message private in Google Buzz has the same mechanism that publish a public one, only have the group that you want to seleecionar this available to see and then automatically people of that group will be able to comment on. (4) Marketing: Is very premature to say if Buzz is going to have an impact on the so-called brick-and-mortar business, mas alla that buzz has a structure similar to business business as Yelp or Foursquare. Gratify our customers to click on Buzz can be a way to make marketing of mouth to mouth toward our business. (5) Sharing content: In the same way as Twitter and Facebook, Buzz offers us the possibility of sharing content. We can use this tool to share our blog articles, special agreements or interesting links related to our niche market. MAS alla that Google Buzz has been beneficial for some businesses, in reality was created thinking not specifically for businesses. Google Buzz will be viable for businesses when Google starts to build and offer a specific business application. MAS alla that google is already working on the creation of a specific application for business, we have to begin to familiarize us with the Google Buzz features and enhance the relations with our contacts.


Besides, most of these pumps for normal operation require their installation below the level of the supply pipe or tank of any technological equipment. Which complicates the installation of the latter. These deficiencies in to some extent deprived of centrifugal pumps, related to the type of blade. They are easy on your device and can be easily disassembled for washing and cleaning. Working bodies of them (blades or wheels) are directly connected to the shaft high-speed motors, which leads to their compactness, low weight and relatively small cost. (Not to be confused with Robert J. Shiller!). Supply of centrifugal pumps is controlled by changing the resistance of devices through which pumped liquid, or throttling valves (faucets, valves). A centrifugal pump has a casing which is made in the form of a cylinder lid.

In the interior of the body cavity through a hole passes shaft, which planted the blade. Lid sealed by a rubber ring and the clamping screws. It is located along the axis of the shaft suction port. Tangential to the cylinder housing mounted discharge tube. When rotating shaft in the pump chamber fluid is discarded blade to the periphery of the chamber and the centrifugal force created pressure for the withdrawal of his discharge pipe and transportation by pipeline. In the central part of the chamber formed by a vacuum pump, and there comes a new portion of liquid.

Fluid flow is not interrupted. Return fluid from the cavity of the pumping cavity of the suction between the body and the blade is prevented by the minimum possible gap between them. The supplied from the electric motor to the impeller pump energy is expended on overcoming the hydraulic resistance within the pump and increase the flow of liquid. Normal centrifugal pump can not operate as a self-priming. This property it acquires as a result of air separator, nozzles and cranked up the suction pipe. Permissible deviation from the vertical suction port of the pump as a self-priming should not exceed 20 degrees. Running such a pump as follows. Impeller pump, filled up the upper level air intake of liquids (milk) forms in the chamber air-liquid mixture and pushes it through a nozzle into air purge. Liquid was freed in air purge of air is returned to the chamber. This process continues until until you create the necessary suction to lift the liquid through the suction pipe and filling the working chamber, after which the pump is operating as centrifugal. In the following restarting the process renewed through the remainder of his working chamber fluid.

Avoiding Crushing Professional Enthusiasm

So many theories, so many techniques, many processes and considerations for our projects to make true works of art functionality and web marketing, and incredibly many customers with our bank to develop ultra practical thought and without any strategic ambition. Any web developer, whether designer, programmer or marketing strategist, we regard every web project more than a new business, we see a unique opportunity to capture the best of our initiative, creativity and experience it, and yet in many Sometimes all that we see as professional enthusiasm is crushed by harsh realities to overcome. (054) 545-1969

Before continuing, I want to clarify that what follows is written in a very particular situation in the region (Central Area) where even adjust our fees to offer “low prices” rather than adjust it to ensure the best product. THE REALITIES THAT hurts if customer does not care, because I For many clients (companies or individuals) a website or “pages” as they they call it, is nothing more than a “digital brochure” can be attracted by “a miracle” large numbers of visits in a short time, able to convert those visitors into buyers who are dying to buy your products and call them to order a million dollars. John Savignan recognizes the significance of this. More naive, impossible! But that way of thinking is not alarming, after all is supposed that they are not experts and that’s why we hire, the real problem arises from clinging to your comfort and practical way to see this dynamic web, turning reluctant to give importance to our approach, indications and suggestions. .


– To transform your traditional business online business, etc. Etc. 2 .- Second, you have to create a website for your business. – Buy your domain (. COM) I recommend – Buy your stay, for better sales for this I recommend the one I use. SUPER GOOD (no domain and hosting FREE) – Designing a Web page .- many people here suffer a bit because they can not use any design program, I too well the truth and I have my websites, I'll explain how.

– You can hire a Web designer, but you will probably be very expensive and time-consuming. – Another option is to buy pre-designed pages, you should cost between $ 20 and $ 60 each one, and is cheaper and faster than a designer. – I give you an option on my website I give you 20 pages for buying art autoresponder 9.99 U.S. a super pack to start your business right now. Check it out, write, and help you NOW. Professor Rita McGrath is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

(I'll explain later how vital it is to have an autoresponder). – Optimize and automate the page to which position and sell .- is very important for good search engine positioning. – I give you some tips: Always use the meta tags keywords, content and titles with the exact details of what they sell or offer. Images that do not weigh much, so that your pages are fast to open. It has 8 seconds to capture the attention of customers. Your website must have an autoresponder Act .- What? It is a program that is installed on your server, on your page in order to "subscribe" to people who come to your page.

Mini Games

The popularity of mini games in Russia is growing every year more intense and more intense, and according to available statistics, the demand far exceeds supply. This can be explained by the availability of such games that have yet the name of the office, and addictive. Indeed, by the beauty and complexity of the mini games are far superior conventional flash games – Solitaire and Klondike, and installation requires no special additional resources and volume were not great. One of the genres, the most widespread are the mini-games business, or business simulations, whose name speaks for itself. On the domestic spaces of the Internet sites rather that offer business games download for free in virtually unlimited quantities.

We all want to have the opportunity to try their hand at such a delicate matter, as the device of their own business. The first appeared mini game business has some primitivism is not just graphics, but also the complexity of assigned tasks. All you need to do to the player, it is basically wait on table, running from table to table, fulfilling the whims of customers, or grow a variety of cereals and vegetables on their farms and sell mature products on the market. However, in the process of evolution is not so much technical ability and imagination of developers as due to increasing demands and needs of players who have craved all the more difficult tasks, mini-games have turned into real business benefits for future tycoons of railways, construction sites kings, tycoons, oil sheiks and oligarchs of real estate. A detailed and well thought-out mini-games designed business able to capture the player many hours of gameplay. This genre is not the target audience itself. And the fans relaxing games of the genre, “three-in-line” and arcade “shooter” with pleasure paved highway through the thick forest, erected in the slums of mighty skyscrapers, supermarkets open with only one purpose – to round off their bank account to an incredible number of zeros and conquer the world, becoming the monopoly of the market.

Business Depot

At this time, continues to rage global financial crisis that will undoubtedly impact on all spheres of life. Especially difficult has representatives of small and medium businesses. This also applies to leading countries of the world economy. It is only natural that young emerging powers transferred to the crisis more difficult as the foundation of their market is not as strong and stable. Bizzi & Partners has similar goals. Therefore, for the Russian small businesses are now far not the easiest time.

And the farther from the center of the capital is the businessman, the harder he found all the conditions for their business projects. Imagine the head of a young company, which urgently needed rental stock in Smolensk, for instance. In this regard, it will need to review the options available and make the right choice. Consider, briefly, the basic criteria of good industrial and warehouse premises. It is important that the room was of high quality and cold-resistant materials because they do not forget about the harsh Russian winters. And made of sandwich panels warehouses in Smolensk (or any other city in Central part of Russia) will be an excellent storage place for your goods or for manufacturing.

It is worth paying attention to the date of the erection of the building. Indeed, over time performance is much worse, and it makes the building less stable against the cold and destruction. Be sure to verify that the complex has all amenities, namely, water, heating and electricity. Location also has a great importance. If we turn to our hypothetical young entrepreneur, the rental store for him in the Smolensk region could be a bad option because of transport problems (think about one of the main troubles of Russia – the roads) and increased time costs. Ideal – a warehouse in Smolensk, in the industrial area. We have listed the important criteria. But as for him to find the right facility for you? Considerable help in this will Internet, because many landlords and sellers of real estate place their ads there. We already mentioned the businessman would have to go to a search engine, for example, Yandex and type in the search bar "for sale warehouse Smolensk region (or alternatively – Smolensk). " Outstanding results can easily view, compare prices and description. Photographs, if, of course, there also may be of great help. Thus, even in the most difficult times, a smart and enterprising people will make the right choice by applying to it a bit more effort. But the dividends in the end did not take long and will bring him lots of positive emotions for their achievements by the results.

Russian Law

Entered the land of the present Shanghai), when buying property foreigners, as well as the Chinese have to pay tax on the transfer document ownership, the stamp tax on the contract and payment of public utilities fund. By law, the tax rate on this document is 3-5%. Should noted that the specific rate in this framework determined by governments of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities of China, taking into account the actual circumstances of particular areas. As a seller, and buyer of real estate have to pay more and the stamp tax, a specific rate and amount of which shall be established in accordance with the list of stamp taxes and tariffs.

For example, in Beijing, the tax rate on the transfer document the legal status of 3% of property value and the rate of stamp tax – 0.05% of its value. Also, you need to pay a fee to fund public housing and other related fees. However, one should bear in mind that accordance with the immortal ideas of Marx-Engels-Lenin-Stalin-Mao, private property in China does not exist. Therefore, the apartment is bought by 50 years, and the plot – 70. What will happen at the end of this term, nobody knows. Response to this issue will be known only after the promulgation of the Law of the prc on Property Act. ” Russian Law is no obstacle Living in small towns is extremely cheap. Take, for example, a border with Russia, small by Chinese standards 117000th heylutszyansky town of Heihe (literally – the Black River).