Atlas East

The design of the layout, with a natural path, is consistent with the purest tradition and philosophy UK offers wide streets and hidden surprises to be found near the green, as impenetrable and dense bush greens of the track is particularly slow and long strokes are very demanding. The wind is also a real challenge in this field, situated quite near the sea. One of the favorite holes by golfers is the hole number 15, a magnificent par 5 and crossed by two streams which last part of the route ascends to a blind green. Royal Golf de Fez architect Cabell B. Robinson designed this 18 hole approximately 17 miles from Fez, in the midst of a stunning olive grove and a spectacular view of the peaks of the Atlas East.

His long streets wind among the olive trees and natural features undulate along the relief. The architect wanted to fully satisfy the golfers who visit this tour featuring ponds, trees, greens and bunkers of different shapes giants (ahay a up to 1. 200 Mo!). The route is characterized by well placed bunkers crowded and are a myriad of traps. In addition, the track undulates in numerous outstanding, mostly in the 18th hole, probably the most difficult part of the path. Also, the water hazards are numerous and demanding, especially on the green at hole 3, flanked on both sides by water, and the dropping zones on holes 1, 3, 5, 9, 17 and 18 and make travel a true gem.


It is not about developing hundreds of measures, but to undertake a couple of them with pragmatism. Personally I am convinced that the crisis is not real estate, but financial. No money in the credit markets, and therefore, no consumption. It is funded through savings or by borrowing. Shining both by their absence, there are no potential buyers, so that even reached the stage of pricing. It is a fallacy to say that the properties are over valued by 10%, 40% or 100%. A real effects have no market price. Some say that there is no credit because the banks themselves lack resources.

Not entirely true, or at least crave the claim was incomplete. Banks as we know them today, or at least those who intend to refer, are mere financial intermediaries. Focus on active more typical: the granting of mortgages. Such action is not in itself the final activity. It involves a really productive phase, since after these mortgages must be placed on third parties who actually provide the ultimate resources. We must therefore distinguish between the Commercial Bank of Investment, which returns her the money he has temporarily advance, and recognizes its net interest income. The real investors, buyers end of the liabilities of commercial banks, the generic name of "banking on the spare." Who, in a scenario like the present, are less likely to invest and everyone expects the asset price falls. Nobody can buy something worth less tomorrow. This means the immediate immersion in the theory of "self-fulfilling prophecy", coined by sociologist Robert Merton, which in origin is not nothing but a false definition of the situation (the asset price will fall), which raises a behavior new (left to pay), which becomes false true original budget (eventually prices fall).

Mortgage Lending

Unfortunately at the present time rather than just to save a large enough amount to meet all their desires, needs and requirements. Professor Rita McGrath will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Buy a vacation home, new home, an apartment for the middle class is definitely a challenge. That's why most people resort to the choice of services to various financial institutions, precisely for obtaining different types of lending: consumer, mortgage, etc. Only in this way could to carry out long-held dream: to buy a car, go on a journey to transform your home and much more. Mortgage lending by any other credit varies its dynamism.

Due to the growth of wanting to taking this loan there is a change in the conditions of issue, another reason may be lifting up and down the banking system, unstable operation, the change of legislation. Almost every day began to appear any innovations in which 'unshod' people get confused. In order to clarify all the conditions voprosovi rules to help people to come a mortgage broker. His main duty – help in obtaining a loan for his the customer and finding the best option for him credit. Mortgage broker helps the person to choose the right direction in a continuous stream of suggestions: car loans, buying real estate through a mortgage obtaining consumer credit, credit for small and large businesses. In addition the officer for a short time gathers all the required documentation and provides advice to its competent coverage. When registration of credit occur their organizational complexity, with whom the mortgage broker must cope in the short term. The main function of a mortgage broker is to represent the interests of the client with the best the best hand for the bank's credit committee, which decides eligibility for credit. After the final phase of this adviser can offer help in finding suitable real estate, car or anything otherwise specified in the contract.

Pannon Cargo MGSS

The vast majority of currently operates on the Danube fleet built 60-80s are not appropriate for several reasons significantly increased current requirements for safety of navigation and transportation. Virtually stopped the construction of new ships in all the Danube countries due to lack of ship-owners can afford it. Western European countries (Germany, Holland, Belgium), relatively stable politically and economically, through a variety of special exemptions, credits, state investments are sufficiently intense to build a new fleet of shipbuilding and shipyards, with the equipment, power plants equipped with it in its factories. This two-pronged approach considerably reduces the cost of ships and postroechnuyu further significantly reduces the costs associated with their use. Today, with the greatly increased cost of maintaining the vehicle fleet, there was a decrease in freight rates and volumes of traffic, so the return on newly built ships to operate on the Danube their costs is inadequate, since very long time, and further complicated by the instability of the situation surrounding the events in Yugoslavia. In this regard, the concept deserves attention of the general renovation of vessels, undertaken by transport concern "Mayer-group" (Germany, Regensburg), which now includes former Court of shipping Bavarian Lloyd (Germany), DDSG (Austria) and private joint ventures Pannon Cargo MGSS, Pan Car Schiffe (Hungary), Slov Cargo (Slovakia). The idea of such a recovery vessel has long been known, and is currently operated on the Danube cargo ships from the Rhine, past the modernization of more than a dozen years ago. Its essence is that the housing of the old ship, barge docks section or the stern of another vessel with the superstructure and engine room somewhat smaller in width, increased capacity of power plant, more comfortable living conditions.

Installed 2500 Kone Elevators In Buildings

If there is a niche market that KONE, a leading manufacturer of vertical transport, has broken the record, that is the rehabilitation and installation of elevators in buildings that lacked them. And that, as Francis explains Pardeiro, director of major accounts and new works by KONE Spain, up and down in an elevator is not something everyone can do. Nobel Laureate in Economics understands that this is vital information. “There are many buildings because of their age do not have an elevator. Boris Kuzinez may find it difficult to be quoted properly. However this is no longer a problem because no matter how they are built apartment blocks find the best solution for people who inhabit them can provide vertical transportation, “he adds. Against this background cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Oviedo and Valencia increasing demand plus the installation of elevators in buildings that do not. Not only because that is gained in safety, but also for accessibility. “Hiring the installation of an elevator brings many advantages to them as visitors. Especially older people, the that are loaded with shopping carts, shopping bags, suitcases .., families with children, people with difficulty in movement.

Having lift improves quality of life and the value of their home, “added Monica Martin, director of marketing for the company. As shown in a lift one of these lifts installed by KONE 2500 is located in the block of flats in the Council of Trent Street 324, Barcelona. There the challenge was to implement a four-storey building an elevator to all families with children who lived there. Said and done. “Before there were many problems KONE: stairs in heavy traffic, noisy and dangerous.