The Internet

But the real turning point, and real understanding of the potential of the business of Internet Marketing came when I learned what I consider the most important factor that makes this possible, and generate pre-qualified traffic. Of course it is very important to have good landing page or Web site (whether they be yours or that redirects to a third party site), however if you do not have a good number of visitors (pre-qualified) to that site, will not happen nothing, plain and simple. The traffic generation is most difficult part of Internet marketing, and is where most fail because many of the courses that exist in the market, give you many tools, prefabricated sites, content, keyword lists, tutorials, etc. but when you go to the real world, you realize you’re getting little or no traffic or you are wasting money trying to get visitors paid traffic sources such as Google AdWords. The Internet marketing is not then a business promotion or a large business Web site designers, of course that these things are important, but what really take your business to the heights, is the traffic that you can take to your landing page.

They are simple math, if you promote a product worth $ 200 USD which converts at a rate of 2 out of 100 visitors, and manage to generate a continuous traffic of 200 visitors a day (which is perfectly achievable), will be generating about $ 800 USD days, but if you’re only getting two visitors a day, I guarantee you will not see a penny, without matter how well designed your site. So if you are one of those who left the challenge of obtaining wealth through Internet Marketing, or just those thinking about starting, bet to learn how to generate traffic, really worth the effort, but remember, be sure to focus your energies on what really matters: the generation of traffic. Do not overlook the other aspects of business, (which are also important) just make sure a good share of your efforts to focus on generating traffic to your landing pages and I assure you that you will see results..

The Global Real Estate Crisis

The eyes are on U.S. for a speedy recovery appears to be that close or not, after the tax credit in the U.S. comes to an end on April 30 without brakes Values fall suddenly. It seems frankly ridiculous in which several media only talk about an increase in home sales in USA which is true but the other side of the story is this: you buy a house for $ 50,000 … yes! and that is the key “sales rise but prices fall,” adding to that a historic record-breaking unemployment as in the era of Reagan, United States several years will worsen and drag to Europe For instance Chicago is a city most important economically speaking in the USA and this is a graph of property values in Chicago which is the average price down without brakes. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Professor Rita McGrath. This could last until 2013 just to stabilize the situation. Robert Speyer will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

After comparing the Americans and Spanish market I can criticize the banking and government which has not been wet or appears extreme measures such as the U.S. government which draws millions of innocent owners and save the banks that are protected by some form of say in the middle who should take the call, which Consite to sell a property for the NO taxado value and the value provided by the payee bank, and thus move the market by creating opportunity, I’ll explain if someone bought a house in 2004 by 450,000 Euros was taxada today at 250,000 Euros, would be sold at that value and the bank will seek the tickling forgiving the remaining money to the landlord. What is the reason why an apartment in Barcelona in 2004 that costs money bought in 2010 for non-payment will be arrested for the simple fact of not being able to sell at a value that is more absurd than the titanic sunken? not fair and the government would have to find the chestnuts in this case charging the banks a difference and that the owner does not damage your future as a consumer, forcing him to seize his home, which really was they who provided the money without any logic as 100% of cattle to pay a mortgage, and I refieron to the libreton and others. Hypothetically this apartment in Barcelona arrested if you sell for the price taxado not due to the bank, where the logic …. I personally only see the punishment to the owner that has nothing to do with this horrible situation. For this reason and others Spain if not controlled and Zapatero takes action begins to control the banks and the banks could end up worse than the Titanic by the selfishness of the banks, although several European countries are in the same situation.


In accordance with the same author, this type of dominant mentality adjusted fully the interests without limits, does not open space for the reality and nor for the understanding of the conditions of production of the knowledge he is to foresee the fatality of the destinations of the collective one to be lead solely for that really they have access to the world of the knowledge. For Cortella (2008) to guarantee the right of the individual to the education it is to assume a very bigger responsibility that to assure to each one the reading possibility, of the writing and the calculation; it is to guarantee to all the full development of its mental functions and the moral acquisitions of the knowledge and values that correspond to the exercise of these functions in the adaptation of the social life. In these hodiernos times, according to Bobbio (1992), that if it constitutes the society of the knowledge, notices that in the distance between rich poor persons and it also increases because of the access to available knowledge and to the new forms of language that need a proper socialization. The declaration and the guarantee of a right become essential, with one strong elitist tradition and that traditionally they reserve only to the privileged layers the access to this corporate property. To declare is to remove of the esquecimento and to proclaim to that they do not know that they continue to be carrying of an important right. Of this the necessary collection of this right results when it is not respected. Brazil recognizes basic education as a right of all since 1934 and in the Constitution of it recognizes it to 1988 as subjective public law. In 1967, basic education (primary) passes of four for eight years obligator. It is obligator, gratuitous and who will not have had access to this stage of the escolaridade can appeal to justice and demand its vacant.

Job Fulfillment

So, which leads to dissatisfaction. It is not" work ". This "reference anxiety" syndrome also explains the growing gap in income distribution. The Time article provides: "… Paradoxically, the dramatic increase in money … that triggers dissatisfaction …" and this is part of the dissatisfaction that people bring to work with them, besides the dissatisfaction that people say that the experience because the work itself. In other words, many are taking their profound feelings of lack and deficiency by blaming their work often blaming their workplace in some way, shape or form. Go to Nobel Laureate in Economics for more information.

Therefore, leading to dissatisfaction. Not "work." Finally, the article by Time Magazine (and many others who talk about these issues) refers to the workplace: "People who love their jobs feel challenged by their work .." Notice, not the reverse. In fact, the "love" work comes first. Love the work you do. So, yes, many people are dissatisfied with their work. The Time magazine article states, people who love their jobs "… find meaning in what they do." Once again people, the reality is that many simply do not and can not find meaning in what they do, but they do, and the issue of $ 10, why? "Why do they do? Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, the article by Time Magazine, said: "…

Everything can be fun if the elements of thread is this. In this context, making a seemingly boring job can be a source of greater fulfillment than once thought possible." The Dalai Lama says, "do nothing. His work and life are the same.