Month: September 2019

New Center

How you can turn a bathroom with a natural stone sinks into a spa oasis. In the last few years, you can follow that the bathroom has more and more become the focal point of the apartment or the House. A schnodes bathroom, in which one only in the short term will reside, definitely belongs…

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Poltergeists Rented Apartments

Kiev. City Centre. Long-term historical buildings, whose walls are remembered each and everyone who lived there, visited, sad and happy, loved and hated, and lived happily or not. Apartments in these buildings have imbibed the spirit of all of the time that they're there, people, events, situations. Renting a flat in the center of Kiev…

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Who regularly want to rent an apartment, needed a high-performance calendar. In addition, it must be not always an expensive solution. A layout plan at Excel is often sufficient. It is important that there are no overlaps at the individual assignments and the temporal sequences between the individual postings be adhered to exactly. Will made…

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