45 Euro Prepaid Card Start Credit

Up to 45 Euro starting balance to the prepaid card by Blau.de of the prepaid discount Blau.de offering new customers currently up to 45 Euro starting balance, while the prepaid card is only 9.90 euros. For this, Prepaidy.de and the other a transportable bonus of 30,00 euro for those new customers who want to take an existing phone number to Blau.de portal are basic to a cooperation between Blau.de and the prepaid. Blau.de has reduced the purchase price for the mobile phone prepaid card by 19.90 euro 9,90 euro about a month ago. In the trade, this prepaid card includes 5,00 euro starting balance, to order them, however, about the Blau.de homepage, so already 10,00 euro starting credit there. Due to a cooperation between Blau.de and the comparison portal Prepaidy.de get new customers when ordering through blau.prepaidy.de even 15,00 euro starting credit, the purchase price of 9.90 euro for the SIMcard it remains the same. Gives up to 18.05 the prepaid cards however again more 30.00 euro (!) discounter Starting balance as driving bonus.

Many mobile phone users, who like to a reasonable Discounters would change, would it but like to keep their mobile friends known phone number. To this must be, released first provider of old mobile what it charged a fee of EUR 25.00. To avoid this cost the interested new clients, Blau.de introduced the bonus of portability and sets even on high 30,00 euro to compensate for costs and expenses for the new customers in any case. You should now so not necessarily only because take their existing telephone number when switching to Blau.de, thereby to obtain a higher starting credit, because the costs in any case with the old provider. Who plays with the idea of discounters to change and to keep the telephone number but to a cheap prepaid, which can use very well the current offer free of charge to make the transition and to take with maybe even still some extra credits. Unless the order of the new SIM card through blau.prepaidy.de, obtained when taking the phone number at the price of 9.90 euros total 45,00 euro call credit, so 35,00 euro more than it paid for the Starter Kit at all.