The move away, thousands and thousands of miles. As a result, they formed their own customs, skills, knowledge and even a kind of feeling. That changed their experiences regarding each of the climates in each area of land that was inhabited by primitive man. a We had already expressed earlier, that survival instinct drove her to flee or similar jobs to yours. This was one of the reasons for gradually developing the hierarchy in each of the herds.

As climates, environmental conditions and other factors many primitive man formed differently or adaptation was sometimes slow or fast depending on the types of herd existing. It gave birth to various forms of command. And by degrees, was born on direct ownership and sometimes indirect. What happened was a small gap between leaders and followers. Distance profits grew quickly for some and disadvantages others. a Who were followers? The greatest need had to walk in large groups, stronger and better organized. Those who saw his fellow dominion and control and maybe the figure of a superior animal and venerable.

Jose Orlando Melo Naranjoa a 2 we must not forget that primitive man was tied to his nature. And when he could not express through you, all I did was cleverly imitate the sounds of water, earth and heaven, and of course, animals. Since the latter were his greatest influence. As the behavior of living things was that most impacts. In this way mechanical memory stored in an unlimited number of sounds, even imitating the sound of wild beasts that attack.

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