Advances In Psychiatry

BRIAN WEISS AND THE WORLD OF PSYCHIATRY – It is possible that the name of the Dr. Brian Weiss is not recognized by many people who have not read their books, or have attended some of their seminaries., although is already famous throughout the world. – The Dr. Weiss has extraordinary credentials. – I receive the master’s degree by the University of Columbia and course its medicine studies in the University of Yale. She was head of the Department of Psychiatry of the Medicine Faculty of Yale, and at the moment he is president of the Department of Psychiatry of the Hospital Mount Sinai de Miami, Florida.

Also it has written diverse books like Many Lives, Many Teachers, – Bows of Love, – Through Time, – the Manual of the Mesas, -. Many Bodies a Same Soul, – the Messages of the Wise people, – and many but. Their discoveries in the world of Psychiatry have advanced east field of so extraordinary form, that it is very possible is name for the Nobel prize of Science for the next one year. – The psychiatric or mental problems can be so serious or worse than the physical diseases. Many accustom happen unnoticed through many people, who cannot or they do not know to include/understand what she afflicts to them.

– The depression, the anxiety, people with bipolar problems, the same schizophrenia, and many other mental problems, can destroy a person and take them including the suicide. – Until now, the majority of these problems has been dealt by the psychiatrists with medecines. – The Dr. Weiss has saved and helped to of their patients with a new called thousands system " REGRESIONES".