Aena Euros

/The concession will be to 20 years more five deferrable ones. The contest will begin the 30 of July and the airports will be in the hands of the concessionaires for the spring of 2012. The Cabinet also approves the privatization of 49% of Aena. Aena Airports has determined the initial amount for the licitation of the main airports of Spain. 3.700 million Euros will be the initial payment for Madrid-Barajas whereas Barcelona-The Prat supposes 1,600 million. The concession will be to 20 years more five deferrable ones and those amounts could be improved by the bidders. The contest, that will begin the 30 of July and will finalize in November, will bid on 90.05% of the capital of the airports, so the Cabinet has approved today the creation of two concessionary societies. 9.95% rest will remain into the hands of Aena, as well as the property of all the assets and liabilities of the airports.

The Cabinet has approved in addition a second agreement in which he authorizes to Aena to sell until a 49% of his capital. The terms, prices and percentage of these positionings will depend on the conditions of the market. The minister of Promotion and spokesman of the Government White Jose, is outstanding the importance of the aerial sector for the tourism in Spain and added that this privatization looks for to obtain a greater competitiveness and efficiency. Target has announced that will look for an independent auditor that it fixes the price. Characteristics of the licitation the concessionaire will have right to operate the assets and their income will come from the tariffs and airport returns by the management of the services and spaces, besides the income coming from the commercial and real estate activity. The awardees will be in charge of the operation and maintenance of the airports and will have to present/display a plan of investments to guarantee the quality level of the service. to be fulfilled the terms, the companies awardees will completely be made position of the airports in the spring of 2012 after a period of transition of three months.

The companies will have to pay in addition an annual canon equivalent to 20% of the invoicing, with a minimum for You would lower of 150 million Euros and for Barcelona of 80. Madrid-Barajas invoiced about 1,050 millone s of Euros by the airport and commercial services. Barcelona-The Prat near 550. Source of the news: Fixed Aena in 3.700 million Euros the price to manage Barajas and in 1.600 for the Prat