Agustin Gomez Arcs

To these last ones the generic name of red occurred them, word that pronounced by a rich one, was printed in the face of the poor man like escupitajo, like so that one marked in her the one signs new as contagious disease as the plague, the rage, the leprosy. Red, implacable word, without the smaller charity. It was a word, rickety, disqualified, a word without love, by far hatred ” Agustn Go’mez Arcs. The VOICE GAGED BY the FRANCOISM In the beginnings of the Sixties of the past century appears in our country works of new dramatists (almost all of them coincident, in his first works, neorealistic, whose more evident characteristic is a critical attitude, fustigadora a line and of denunciation in front of the Spanish society), is when the Spanish theater seems more open to a possible renovation since it finished war brought about by the military rebellion of general Franco. Nevertheless, the administrative prohibitions of the censorship and pressures, together with the consequent inhibition of the industralists, prevented that renovation in that promising neorealistic or social-realistic line. The majority of the authors was led silence or to release only works smaller or texts very mutilated, almost all took refuge in the book and some, even, left the dramatic writing or chose by I exile. Of these last ones, in a postlorquiana and animated tendency of a powerful critical sense, is Agustn Go’mez Arcs, whose first opening General Elections, took place in 1960, and which soon, it would be forced to leave Spain, to exile itself in France, where it prevailed totally. Its work has been translated to many languages, whereas in our country the boycott to the same has stayed, until the point that now it must to us arrive translated..