Andalucia – Costa Del Sol!

Travel report about the West of Andalusia. Welcome to the Costa del Sol! This part of Andalusia is for every year millions of tourists\”the coast at their best time spend in the year, their annual holiday. The photo agency Combipix hopes to present you with this stretch of coast for vacation before or wrap-up in words and pictures well with this report. We start our tour description in Malaga. Most tourists reach the Costa Sol del about the airport of Malaga.

The city has also one of the most important ports of Spain via the airport also. So many important cruise trade routes in the Mediterranean starting from this port. The city of Malaga has much for tourists and should be at least a half day of your vacation value. Best you start your day out on the fortress-town of Malaga. From here you have a breathtaking view on the city, the port, the Mediterranean Sea and mountainous hinterland.

The meticulously restored Castle also holds many historical buildings and gives you a good insight into the lives of the people a few hundred years ago. Should you leave the Castle at the foot of the Castle Hill, you come out almost directly to another highlight of the town, the Roman Theatre. This was just more exposed at the time of our trip (summer 2008), and restored. Furthermore Malaga holds a large Cathedral and an Esplanada, where many small traders want to bring their own recovered products to tourists. The pedestrian zone is particularly impressive. (We advise husbands to take women on the leash.) Not too much to impede women’s shopping pleasure, the city fathers of the main pedestrian have to relax sailing that put the entire streets in a beautiful light. We leave Malaga on the Coast Highway and continue in the tourist centre of Torremolinos. \”After directly on the beach and village, a monument of two children playing memories of the bestseller: the children of Torremolinos\” brings back,.