Let's start with what we consider range of issues that the designer decides. Interior design requires the solution of a three-pronged problem: the creation of beautiful, comfortable and functional environment. This means that, for example, tap in the bathroom not only must be original and fashionable, but before he can be without falling into the tub, reach, and besides, it must flow from the water (that is, somewhere must be concealed pipes). Thus, the designer should * solve the problems that are associated with organization of space in favor of comfort, good taste and convenience * all the wishes of the customer to process a correctly built interior, see it in color, shape and materials, * offer a choice list of materials the same properties and characteristics, but different in price, which implies a perfect knowledge of the market; * recommend these or other materials, it is suitable for your housing, identify the most successful combination thereof; * Develop style apartments and rooms in general, its components * define colors as the entire apartment, and a separate room * take care of providing all necessary components of the new face of housing; * consider and submit customers several options for placement of furniture and equipment, items of furniture; * compile Architecture – Building plan showing all the dismantled walls, partitions and light erected, to the plan scheme electrical and plumbing installations, as well as necessary podvodok and connections; If you started a redesign with a change of structural elements of housing, you will need appropriate licensing documentation. The designer should be familiar with recent legislation in the field of construction, according to this it has to offer you the option to be approved. First, all the ideas the designer implements the paper, ie in the design project. A good design project – a pledge of future successful repair. It takes into account absolutely everything: from general plans to the arrangement of furniture and lighting.

Even the number of for bathroom and kitchen will be designed, not to mention other finishing materials. There are 3 types of design-project. First – base. It includes: floor plans, before and after reconstruction, types and scan vnetrenney wall surface; ceiling and floor plans based on their covers: recommendations for lighting equipment, the selection of doors, decorative materials and sanitary location. The second type of design project completed technical details: plans and sections ceiling and floor; setup electricians and location of outlets and switches, as well as selection of plumbing and lighting. It offers advice on the design of windows and designed interior decorative items. The entire plan is given in the future. And, Finally, the third project is extremely detailed, even indicated the place of all things, regardless of whether they have in stock or to buy.