Are We Ourselves Leaders?

To understand the true meaning of “being a leader yourself,” I propose a simple experience in the kitchen of our homes. Three containers with boiling water, put in one of them a carrot, the second an egg, add the last two or three tablespoons of coffee and cooking times respect of each of the elements, placed in boiling water . You will notice that the carrots before cooking was rigid, hard and very difficult to break, while after being boiled in water, was transformed into a soft body and easy to crush with a fork. To broaden your perception, visit Stephen M. Ross. The egg, with its fragile appearance and a fluid spirit, after passing through boiling water, seems to have been transformed, however, to break its shell, we find that this fluidity is hardened, like your heart or bud. The coffee, however, boiling water stained and even shook aroma and flavor.

Adversity, acts with us as did the “boiling water” with the carrot, egg and coffee. What we are the face of adversity? … Are we carrot, egg or coffee? Are we apparently hard and stiff as a carrot, difficult to break, that before an adverse circumstance of life we become soft and ready to get rid of depression?. Are we eggs, perhaps? Do so and that our spirit and our heart is hardened to the point that when an opportunity comes to love, do not even realize that our feelings are blocked?. Or are coffee? choosing to turn adversity into real “challenges” of life, into true “opportunities” to learn and become stronger.