Atlas East

The design of the layout, with a natural path, is consistent with the purest tradition and philosophy UK offers wide streets and hidden surprises to be found near the green, as impenetrable and dense bush greens of the track is particularly slow and long strokes are very demanding. The wind is also a real challenge in this field, situated quite near the sea. One of the favorite holes by golfers is the hole number 15, a magnificent par 5 and crossed by two streams which last part of the route ascends to a blind green. Royal Golf de Fez architect Cabell B. Robinson designed this 18 hole approximately 17 miles from Fez, in the midst of a stunning olive grove and a spectacular view of the peaks of the Atlas East.

His long streets wind among the olive trees and natural features undulate along the relief. The architect wanted to fully satisfy the golfers who visit this tour featuring ponds, trees, greens and bunkers of different shapes giants (ahay a up to 1. 200 Mo!). The route is characterized by well placed bunkers crowded and are a myriad of traps. In addition, the track undulates in numerous outstanding, mostly in the 18th hole, probably the most difficult part of the path. Also, the water hazards are numerous and demanding, especially on the green at hole 3, flanked on both sides by water, and the dropping zones on holes 1, 3, 5, 9, 17 and 18 and make travel a true gem.