An example evidenced in the quarter of New Discovery is the dispute of the pedestrians with the automobiles of an establishment of laudering of automobiles, that in the days of intense movement find difficulties of to transit for the sidewalk. These problems are recurrent in the called locality, Eye D? water and Eucaliptos. The difficulty becomes visible in the entrance of the Stream of the Arcanjo, later the fact if it repeats in the opposing side of the way until the known locality as Visgueiro that is the entrance for the Vasco locality of Gamma, from there for ahead the same occurs until the confluence with the ascent of the Betinha access for the High one of the Progress, in its ascent of esquina with the street studied in the cited stretch before, exists a bar that it takes the space destined the people that way they pass through. Of the entrance of the locality called Stream the Sand until the bifurcation with the Avenue Councilman Otaclio de Azevedo the problem becomes bigger, therefore great number of ambulant salesmen is concentrated there thus also as the patio of the free fair of New Discovery, in this place the passer-bys and vehicles literally divide the spaces destined to the automotora circulation. The diversity studied in its dynamism occurs in some quarters, however in the studied clipping these facts correlated above they allow perceives the lack of manages of the public agencies, what the established institutions in its education insert there. 4.1As institutions in the formation of the quarter Knows that the institutions in the area of the research are diverse, all in distinct ways had collaborated and collaborates for the development of the quarter and of the searched stretch, oldest they had contributed with the perfectioning of the citizens of the locality, however guiding with regard to its rights, however educating in formal way, contributing with its formation citizen, In these institutions the population searched aid for everything when it needed mainly when the subject was the land for housing.