Barnaul Dream Apartment

On their own housing is not only dreams the one who already has. Is it possible today to buy an apartment or easier to manage removable housing? Most of the apartments offered for sale in Barnaul, a secondary housing, but can also be found for sale in new buildings. Prices for apartments in new buildings ranging from 502 000 rubles per 1-bedroom total area of 11.8 sq.m. up to 3 million rubles. for 3-room apartment, total area of 106 sq.m. There are new buildings (the announcement of sale) and in villages located in the urban domination. For example, in Chernitsky can buy 1-room apartment for 400,000 rubles.

As for the secondary market, there is a choice, and the difference in prices is much greater. For a one-room apartment asking an average of 400 to 750 rubles depending on the type of building and district. One bedroom will cost between $ 770 thousand to 2.5 million rubles. One Bedroom – from 1.5 to 4 million. As you see, buy an apartment in Barnaul is realistic, Real estate for sale and missing on the Internet and media. But in a situation where a mortgage is not easy to get (with the beginning of the crisis banks have tightened the conditions for its issuance), own home (even relatively inexpensive) to many becomes an unattainable dream. Not hoping to save enough money to buy an apartment, people are increasingly elect rent.

Demand creates supply. Simply enter the phrase in a search engine for rent in Barnaul, to make sure what was demanded this service. Therefore, how much is to rent an apartment in Barnaul? Rental housing – for a day or longer as in any other cities in Barnaul, there are two variants of rent of apartments: through an intermediary (ie real estate agencies) and directly with the owner (through advertisements in the media or the Internet.) In agencies, you can offer a lot of options, but in this case the price may be much higher because of the payment services firm. If you decided to rent an apartment in Barnaul, without intermediaries, the prices are as follows: one-bedroom apartment – from 6 to 12 rubles a month, two-bedroom – 10 to 17 thousand, three bedroom – from 12 000 rubles and higher. Do not forget to add here more and the cost of utilities, which you invariably have to pay. You can rent an apartment without any legal formalities, but if you dwell on long-term period, we recommend you consider signing a contract with owner. There is another option rent – rent. It is for those who calls in the city for long. Apartment on the day – a good alternative to hotels: cheaper than a hotel room, and the conditions did not worse. Typically, companies who give rent in housing, and provide the opportunity to remove it for a long time. Thus, in circumstances where housing loans are still available to the few, rent is the only alternative.