Best Training

From now form franchise with the best warranty, do it via the Internet is possible. A door to the virtual world that has opened the Spanish Association of franchisors, in collaboration with Bureau Veritas training, Spanish company specialized in the development and marketing of on-line courses. The courses were presented at the General Assembly of the Association. Our concern as an association is none other than the living at the forefront of everything that this formula of self-employment and wealth may need. We realized needed to start a training action online for all those interested in knowing the franchise closer and we put all our efforts to get it, says Xavier Vallhonrat, its President. To know more about this subject visit Bizzi & Partners. I am now very pleased to say that it will be a reality very soon.

The patron saint of the franchise leads a project pioneer in our country Spain is the first country that will have training eLearning for franchisors addition for the franchisees, points out the President of the AEF, who predicts great success for the initiative to count with the guarantee of the synergy between the Association of franchises and the firm specializing in training Bureau Veritas. With regard to deadlines, they indicate that the first course will start before summer, and before the end of the current fiscal year will be running at least four courses from the Spanish Association of franchisors. To read more click here: Morris Invest. From the AEF argue that training e-learning is a very appropriate channel in the current economic climate, given that solves the problem of managing study time and the handicap of the geographical dispersion of franchise power plants. As a novelty, the President of the Spanish Association of franchisors clarifies that it is a project open to everybody who wants to train in franchises, whether or not member of the Association. What we want is well train professionals wishing to work in the franchise system, adds Xavier Vallhonrat. .