Factors important in the green houses or houses ecological calls also houses green because all factors that are part in its construction respecting nature and improve living conditions in its interior. They take advantage of natural resources, products and ecological materials used and their maintenance is ten times cheaper than a conventional House. Richard LeFrak recognizes the significance of this. Techniques that are covered under these guidelines are involved in the entire process, from the first stone until the last piece of furniture that is placed. * Bioclimatic architecture: plays with the elements of nature to increase the energy efficiency of the new House. Your guidance will be essential to exploit solar energy as air conditioning and lighting system through Windows and a House claraboyas.planos ecologica. It is a sustainable architecture that takes into account the location of the House, materials and construction procedures so that the environmental impact is minimal. * Renewable energy: are those that are not. Energies are also called clean because they do not pollute: wind (wind), hydraulic (water) and solar (Sun).

They generate electricity and heating and cooling systems that can make your House self-sufficient. Take advantage of natural resources also means to include those who come from the land; If you acondicionas a small vegetable garden at home, you’ll be benefiting you the most of all the advantages afforded by nature. * Organic products: for houses there are ecological paints, putties, adhesives, cleaning products, etc. made from materials free of volatile organic compounds (VOC) that prevent the emission of harmful gases both for the environment and for health. Within the market are at the height of conventional products in quality and price. * Wellness in the home: there are articles that contribute to improve the purity of the air such as filters, which refresh and sanitize the environment, others that block the introduction and the spread of contaminants (rubber sealants), those who warn of possible gas leaks (carbon monoxide detectors) or kits that verify the amount of lead that is in the painting.