Buenos Aires Real Estate

He says a popular song that Buenos Aires has more than 100 neighborhoods, but nothing further from at least the official version. The Waltz of Buenos Aires neighborhoods originating Sciammarella Carlos Rodolfo Petit and reflected the feeling that the locals still have the vast network of areas that form the capital of Argentina. Have reached 110 districts unofficial count, but the city government says that we can speak of 48 with their own customs and personality. Therefore, the traveler must have a previous idea of their character to allocate time and know how to choose, because inevitably it must be done. Many of the names of these neighborhoods have emerged as real estate initiatives to differentiate the image of an area of some neighborhoods, then transformed using an “unofficial neighborhood.” The downtown, or Buenos Aires City expands its surface between the neighborhood of Montserrat and St. Nicholas through an area of 60 blocks. The offices, central banks and major entrepreneurs are based in it and car free weekdays.

If you want to bring you an economic picture that is your district but is not ideal either for sleep or to take an impression of race in Argentina. The use will be more sentimental neighborhoods, tango and know mate. For those who seek to find as soon as possible will have to take the metro Line E from the subway (metro) connects the visitor with Boedo, the streets where the houses share land with modern buildings in the last decade.