Build Or Buy A Home ?

The market says that the simple answer is no and can not be. But all the same as the answer to this question? In fact, the demand for ready-made houses and construction contracts in organized cottage settlements is distributed approximately as follows manner. 30% of buyers for different reasons are looking for ready-made houses and about 70% ready to expect the construction of his cabin for some time. Having considered the reasons why buyers want to buy a house built, we saw two directions: 1. These are people who believe that life goes too fast and they do not want to miss a single day, in other words they are not willing to wait two to three years and want to buy already-built house.

2. This category of customers, not less respected by us, is not ready to buy a pig in a poke "(construction contract), and used to pay for finished goods. Usually an additional argument is the idea that buying a finished house without finishing they save 5-6 months (and indeed it is!) We will talk only about the segment of suburban real estate market in which we operate "JI-13 Invest, namely the construction and sale settlements on highway. In itself, the construction of cottage settlements in the New Riga "en masse began only six years ago. Ready to move in homes are not so much as the demand is great enough, as usually happens when demand exceeds supply, prices are unreasonably high.

More should be aware that "development" of the territory has developed as normal from the center to the periphery, ie from Moscow to the region. And this led to the fact that most of the homes that are ready to Living in a cottage village surrendered, are within a 30 km zone, the distance from Moscow. And the cost of such homes in the last 4 years increased in 8-10 times and now stands at 2000 000-4 000 000 U.S. dollars. We're talking about homes ready to Living in a cottage village surrendered to highway within 30 kilometers from Moscow. Needless to say, not many customers can not afford such waste. Although this segment was not "worth it", as a consequence shortage of proposals. There is also an opportunity to purchase homes under the finish was put in the cottage. In this case, you will pay up to 1.8 million dollars depending on location.