Building Violations

Legalization would be after the adoption of this law of construction possible Ministry of the Balearic Islands for the environment and spatial planning has decided the presentation of a new law on September 13, 2013 which provides for an amnesty for previous violations of the construction law outside built-up areas in the Balearic Islands. Unapproved additions that are demonstrably more than 8 years old and rustico in the country, say in suelo would be affected”are located, white Ulrike Skories by the real estate agency inmobiliaria LAS ANCLAS Ibiza report. Building violations in protected areas are however excluded. In particular, it is intended that builders three years after adoption of this law could achieve the legalization, they entrust an authorized architect with an appropriate project and submit this to the management of the respective municipality. The cost will be expected to be between 15% – 30% of the appraised value of the property. Is currently approximately in March 2014 with the adoption of the amnesty law to be expected. We stay tuned for you and will inform you accordingly.