Bulgaria Market Trends

Today, Bulgaria seems to be moving in the right direction. Steady and stable growth of GDP, the growth of pensions and wages, improved living standards in general. There is a definite negative, as in all times, at this stage such is inflation, it is associated primarily with the external world situation, as well as increased incomes. At the same time, prices for services and real estate remain in the country is quite low and their growth potential is limited indices of average prices for the EU. In recent months, John Savignano has been very successful. The cost of real estate continues to grow not record, but enviably steady rate. In particular this applies, of course, the capital city and coastal resort, this situation persists despite the increased competition between developers. Speaking about the regions and "county towns" can be noted that a significant fall in prices is not expected, however, as their significant growth. Five leading cities remains unchanged and the demand for housing is retained in the planned framework for this "alliance of five" in the near future it will be possible to add a few fast growing cities, it is possible that they will Blagoevgrad and Stara Zagora. The most notable price increase can be predicted in the segment of luxury real estate, prices here will really grow on a par with the advent of increasingly sophisticated proposals for increasingly demanding customers. Over the last few times the objective remained the only price of houses, the exorbitant cost of summer houses on the coast fueled interest in the hapless English.