Burj Dubai Lake Hotel

Burj Dubai – is the world's tallest tower. It is expected that the full height of the tower is about 700 meters. To date not yet announced the height to which it rises the majestic structure, but its foundations were designed and filled with the expectation of the possibility of reaching 950 meters high, and given the fact that the world plans to build several more such facilities, the data can again change the direction of increasing. Some sources even refer to height slightly less than one kilometer. After work in the skyscraper will be 160 floors, 56 elevators.

The complex will house facilities such as Dubai real estate, luxury apartments, boutiques, swimming pools, aquatic centers procedures and even the first hotel of Giorgio Armani. 124 floor will be located observation sites. Burj Dubaj, however only the central part of the complex $ 20 billion, which is called Downtown Burj Dubai, and located on the main thoroughfare UAE – Abu Dhabi highway Dubai. The complex, sprawling over an area of 500 acres, will include the following basic objects in the real estate investment in Dubai: directly tower itself; Dubai Mall, the world's largest shopping center, residential skyscrapers Residences; made in Arab-style low residential apartments Old Town; Office Park, a hotel Burj Dubai Lake Hotel. Burj Views and Boulevard, to be whimsical twist of 3.5 kilometers in the international settlement of man-made lakes and lush gardens delightful. In addition, in the complex will be built eight boutique hotel owned by famous hotel corporations.