Buying Land to Combat a Crisis

Buy land it no longer produces (Mark Twain) "a serious decline in land prices can not be, by definition, since it is a liquid product – commented founder AN'Zagorodny Petersburg 'Alexei Mironov A Because the land is not a short-term attachment, are long-term investment for people who now want to preserve their savings. After stabilizing the economy land assets start rising again in value. Experts forecasting price cuts are geared to the real estate market in general, not considering that it is divided into several sectors, each of which has its own statistics. In this averaged form, of course, can see the decline in prices. But currently sector land market has a stable position, since supply is limited by administrative and legislative formation of our country. " This view is supported by many companies that staking on the ground, hoping not only to save their money, but also increase them. "The world after the crisis will never be the same place irreversible qualitative change in the device market, including market Real Estate. There will be some rearrangement of forces in favor of developers, who still adhere to a more conservative line of action and did not conduct an aggressive investment policy by attracting a large the number of credits.

And in this case to talk about destabilization of the real estate market and the more the crisis is no reason. " Undoubtedly, this option is beneficial to large companies and the oligarchs who have the opportunity to invest in the land of considerable amount. And how do other people who want to preserve their "blood"? We found that this "life-saving straw" can take advantage of anyone whose savings will be enough to buy at least one hundred square meters of land. For individuals there are two ways of investing money in the ground. Option One: just buy land and leave it as is, or a little to invest and take of communication.

A year later, the land is guaranteed to rise in price, and the owner will receive a considerable profits. It is much safer than putting money in the bank: first, there is no risk that a couple of months, the bank simply cease to exist – the earth will not go anywhere. Secondly, if the bank you get from your deposit is not more than 7-8%, then land in the same time may increase in price by 30-50%. The benefit is unquestionable. Option Two: a few buyers can come together and buy land in several hectares. After conducting communications that land line up and sold "at retail" is 2-3 times more expensive. If a responsible approach to the question, "burn" the ground is impossible. " Thus, it remains only to choose the right place and navigate the real market prices. Of course, it's best to bring the matter to a specialist, but there are general guidelines that you can use when buying. If you are planning to eventually sell his land for housing, we must advance assess its aesthetics. After all, your future buyer decides where he will live, which means that 90% of them will manage emotions.