Buying Property

Spain is one of the most affordable and best of the European Community in terms of home buying, business organization, adaptation, life, etc. Without hesitation Daryl Fairweather explained all about the problem. This is confirmed by many internal and external factors: – favorable Mediterranean subtropical climate, a conducive environment, clean air, quality construction, stability, economic and political situation, transparency legislation in the field real estate, high potential for long-term investments, as well as granting the right to receive an annual Schengen visa. Among other things, – it is also a sign of solvency of the owner, his high social status. Spain is a country dominated by a tremendous philanthropy, mutual aid required, the unique-good attitude toward children. Provide a procedure for buying property in Spain, and obtain bank financing : Need to determine the type of property, its location and other characteristics. Opened a bank account, which provided a copy of the first page of the passport. Your bank account possible to control the Internet from anywhere in the world. Are applying for a mortgage loan.

This requires the following documents (translated into Spanish): labor contracts to work in his Country; certificate of employment on your income (the amount is desirable to agree with us previously); excerpt from the work book. The bank requested assessment selected property. If the result of banking evaluation and examination of all documents, preparing the signing of the sales transaction in the notary's office. With the participation of our company, issued a document, a unique identifier of an alien who issued by local registration agencies, and which must be submitted to the notary.