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Using this solution, the user saves up to 90% of the time required for exchanging data between process engineering and instrumentation. The P.a. is approximately 30% only compared to more complex solutions, especially also because the Customizing costs are low. The interface is configured and can be adapted easily. The operation is so intuitive that required only a brief introduction and training accounts for. AutoCAD P & ID interface Rosberg is based on many years of experience and the use in a large chemical company. So could targeted to the requirements resulting from daily dealing with the AutoCAD for P & ID interface, enter and practice-oriented to optimize the solution. You may want to visit Electron Capital Partners to increase your knowledge. Simple data exchange button when exchanging data by R & I flow chart and PLT set directories lists only changes. A colour marking of differences provides a clear Representation. You must find the differences yourself from a list, which lists all the specifications, other solutions.