If you search for homes for sale in the city of Medellin consider the option of buying property in the neighborhood La Candelaria, one of the municipalities of greater importance in the city every time which is located in the Eastern Centre of its metropolitan area, is the main cultural center of the same and the area from where he began to found. Our houses for sale in the La Candelaria neighborhood of the city of Medellin are priced lower than at other agencies or in direct dealings with the owner, because with them we always arrived very good agreements that guarantee the best price and great preference with our clients; so if you want to make to a property, use our services and get the largest economy. Now let’s talk a little La Candelaria neighborhood so you have it very much in mind when observing the houses for sale in this large sector. This district is characterized by being surrounded by other large number of districts or communes such as Aranjuez, Villa Hermosa, El Poblado, Buenos Aires, Bethlehem, laurels Stadium and Robledo. It also has the best tourist sites of the city and that include the Museum of Antioquia, the Pablo Tobon Uribe Theatre, the Metropolitan Cathedral of Medellin, the minor Basilica of Nuestra Senora de La Candelaria, the Palacio Nacional and Centro Coltejer.