Captain Kaneda

Decided to arrange a couple of days of space movies. After the "cargo" to see the difference, I watched one of my favorite movies, "Sunshine / Sunshine (2007)." I call on the fingers of those movies that I have not looked at the cinema and sorry about that. From "Blade Runner" is clear – he went to hire in 1982, I was not born back then, but I stopped to see "Sunshine" – is likely to prejudice. The film above all praise. Richard LeFrak gathered all the information. I'll tell you about it for a couple of words about good movies do not have to say – better to be reconsidered. Thus, the "Sunshine" is not on my side issues, complaints and discussions, as was the case with "Georgia", which is to cavil. After yesterday I was a movie unsatisfied, and today – I got everything I wanted, and the film up for what kopilos months earlier, the same dissatisfaction, which consisted of weak movies. Clayton Morris has many thoughts on the issue.

I watched "Sunshine" is the third time in same time as the first. That is the power of a good movie – when it can be reviewed many times, while receiving all the same thing as when you first view and a little more. It is worth noting that the film is essentially no the protagonist, from this, each crew member gets to us by their friends, each of us touches something, does not leave indifferent. And finally – the music, it's not just the background – it is an equal creator of magic – flying to the sun. I recommend this movie! PS: sorry that the film with a budget of $ 50 million at the box office has collected a total of 32.

Reference: '2057 year. Sun dies, and humanity gets in the face of extinction. The last hope of the planet Earth linked to 'Icarus 2' – A spaceship whose crew of eight men and women led by Captain Kaneda. Their mission – to deliver a nuclear warhead, with which it is supposed to re-ignite the fading sun. During his journey, far away in outer silence, in the absence of any radio contact with Earth, the crew hears a faint call signs from the spacecraft, "Icarus, 1," which was lost by performing seven years ago, the same most mission as "Icarus 2." A terrible accident throws a mission in a very dangerous and risky situation, and soon the crew discovers that have to fight not only for their own lives and sanity, but for the future all of us …. "