Caravan KG Mr David

“Experience makes the difference advice, service and customer satisfaction are top maxims at caravan Frauenstein Niese, 19.07.2012: stands as owner-managed family company Niese caravan” for quality, excellent advice and service, caravan and caravan around the subject rental in Saxony. For over 38 years, the company Ms. stone has established a top provider of Caravan and motorhomes in Saxony on the market. “The orientation of our company was focused on an exclusive profit maximization or huge profit margins, but is based traditionally on the principle: the customer is always a qualified advice and only the product recommendation, which really suits him”, David underscore Niese the corporate principles of now up to Dresden reputation as the provider for Caravan rental in Dresden. The site of the company in Saxony was also never a limit to growth and expansion of the portfolio of Niese. On the contrary, we offer our services of course Saxony wide “on and on excellent terms” Niese stressed. No matter whether Leipzig, Chemnitz and Dresden, Niese is not only virtually present. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Stephen M. Ross on most websites.

“And so it is not surprising also that the owner of the company with a focus on mobile homes Saxony then also happy finds: more and more clients search for a caravan rental Chemnitz rental in Leipzig or a caravan and finally come to us to Frauenstein” David Niese. Here, the experience of course plays a crucial role for the great response and customer satisfaction. “Because a caravan hire is not rental equal to a caravan” Niese argued and pointed out: as always, it arrives at the end but on the details, and of course on the quality of the products and the price “. Also the tags are but exactly with the sneeze and his offer for the Caravan can score rental Dresden. The price-performance ratio is indeed excellent and especially complemented the familial and professional atmosphere of the operation.

Customer orientation and Attention in consulting, leasing and sales are for our highest Maxime”Niese said David. For anyone looking for a trailer or caravan, should rely also on his motorhome from Saxony. Below-the-line is always customer satisfaction for our company”said Niese. Finally, rental Leipzig or Chemnitz customer confidence counts more than a faster conclusion on the subject of Caravan. Customers should again come to us after Ms. stone and in the future not in the search after a caravan rental Dresden choose another provider”said David Niese finally.