Carburetor DAAZ

Disassembling the carburetor DAAZ-2107-1107010 removing the telescopic rod spring starter, … … Disconnect it from trehplechego choke. Phillips screwdriver turn away five screws attaching the cover carburetor. Remove the lid, holding the pad. Check fuel level in the float chamber, measuring the distance between the caliper pad cover and float carburetor adjustments, if necessary vases adjust the gap by gently bending the tongue or limb Float arm. Check the maximum travel of float, which should be 8 0,25 mm.

If necessary, adjust the maximum travel stop bracket bends float. Thin beard knock axle float. Lift the float .. Remove the cover gasket. The key “10” turn away seat. Installed under the saddle pad of soft metal. Phillips screwdriver turn away the two screws attaching the starter housing.

Remove the casing from the draft. We take out the rubber O-ring. Clicking on the rod aperture, closing the inlet of a finger. In serviceable starter rod returns to its original position after the opening hole. If the starter is leaking … … Screwdriver turn away three screws … … And dismantling the starter housing, replace a faulty gasket or diaphragm. Hooked awl, remove the lock washer thrust rod throttle actuator second chamber. Phillips screwdriver turn away two screws holding the case pneumatic … … And remove the drive and its gasket. Clicking on the rod aperture, closing the inlet of a finger. In an actuator rod isprzvnogo return to its original position after the opening inlet. If the actuator mechanism diafrzgmenny throttle second chamber disassembled, adjust the length of the rod Remove the recoil spring restraining lever throttle second camera.